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Product Information
E12 led Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent Candelabra Bulb led E12 CA11 Dimmable 2700K Warm White 4.5W 450LM CA11 Flame Tip LED Chandelier Light Bulbs UL Listed (2pack)
4.88 / 5   (16 Reviews)
Price: $7.99


  LED Bulb, Candelabra LED Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent, Natural White 2700K Candle Base Chandelier Light Bulbs, Dimmable LED Lamp

Long lifespan
Long Lifespan - Last about 25000 hours, at least 22 years based on 3 hrs/day of use

Great E12 replacement:Soft white 2700K
Same size with traditional led light bulbs candelabra base, but with a sleek and neat design, producing a comfortable and relaxing warm white light.

Saving Electricity Bill: Replace 60W
Each led light bulbs E12 is 4.5Wonly but can replace your current incandescent fluorescent bulbs 60w, and you will only spend about 1.1 per year in energy costs.

Efficient illumination: 450Lumen
Each small base led light bulbs provides approximately 450Lumen brightness, improving ambiance, energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

Easy to Use: Standard Candelabra Base LED Bulbs
Installs into existing American E26 candelabra base light fixtures directly.

Best Lighting: Ideal for INDOOR household Use
Best light bubs for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, family rooms, bedrooms, hallway, etc.
Perfect as led chandelier light bulbs, ceiling fan bulbs, candelabra light bulbs, type b led bulb, 60w candelabra bulb, candelabra led bulbs 60w, 60w type b bulb, led candelabra bulb 60w, etc.

Medium Base: E26
Voltage: AC 120V
Color Temperature: 2700k
Light Color: Soft White
Brightness: 450 Lumens
CRI: >80
Wattage: 4.5W (60W Incandescent Replacement) 
Dimmable: Yes
Filament Quantity: 4pcs
Service Life: About 25000 hours
Certificate: UL Listed, CE, RoHS
Dimensions: About 4.21 * 1.38 Inches

Package Contents:
2* 1pc/box LED light bulb


Bright and shiny

25 Feb, 2019
Look just like candle flames. Gorgeous bulbs. Small base. more »

Saves Money as These are Made to Last!

25 Feb, 2019
I po purchased these LED Candelabra bulbs By FLSNT to replace some in my chandelier in my dining room. They fit perfectly and because they're LEDs they dknt use nearly the same amount of electrici... more »

Beautiful bulbs

17 Feb, 2019
These bulbs fit perfectly into my overhead fan lighting. They are bright and have a fancy looking shape with the flame tip. Very happy with them. Want to check them out? Here you go --> E12 led... more »

E12 Led Bulbs 60 watt Dimmable warm white.

16 Feb, 2019
These fit the smaller socket type candelabras.  The give off a lot of light for a lot less money and energy.  The are a little more cost up front, but save me money in the long haul.  T... more »

Bright light while saving energy

06 Feb, 2019
These bulbs are 60-watt replacements that only use about 5 watts each, saving you $$$ over using standard filament-type candelabra bulbs. They are shaped like flames and have the standard E12 candelab... more »

Great LED Bulbs

05 Feb, 2019
These LED bulbs are great, they look wonderful and to make it even better they are dimmable.  Give them a gtry if you need a candelabra bulb and want something that looks good and doesn't use... more »

Look Really Nice!

28 Jan, 2019
I Really like My E12 led bulbs for My Candelabra- but I wish they were sold in A 6 to 12 pack- more »


23 Jan, 2019
  E12 led Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent Candelabra Bulb led E12 CA11 Dimmable 2700K Warm White 4.5W 450LM CA11 Flame Tip LED Chandelier Light Bulbs UL Listed (2pack) The light bulbs are 60 watts a... more »


23 Jan, 2019
not overly bright but works fine more »


20 Jan, 2019
Bright and crystal clear. Fits great and has held up well. Great price and cheaper than local retail stores. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KQG4DG3 #RankBoosterReviews,#Sponsored,#FLSNT more »

Super bulbs!!

19 Jan, 2019
These are very bright and not harsh to the eyes like some LED lights. My only problem is height. Bulbs are a bit tall, and don't fit most of my lamps, but fit fine in my now brighter dining room.... more »

Unique design

17 Jan, 2019
Refreshing to see a light that shows some flair while remaining efficient and effective. more »


16 Jan, 2019
perfect size with a lovely design! Works exactly as stated! #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #e12 #chandelier more »


14 Jan, 2019
~ What ~ This pack contains 2 LED light bulbs that are tapered and fit in chandeliers or candelabras. The dimmable lights that measure 4.2-inches long with a base of 1.38-inches have sockets that fit... more »

A Pretty LED Bulb

14 Jan, 2019
We recently ordered the FLSNT E12 led Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent Candelabra Bulbs and I was very impressed with the amount of clear white light that these bulbs emitted from my fixtures. Last... more »

Great buy

13 Jan, 2019
These E12 led candelabra light bulbs are amazing! They produce so much more light without being blinding. The shape and design really makes the light fixture look elegant. The glass and metal bottom a... more »