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Product Information
Safe Cut Can Opener / Manual Side Cut Can Opener/ Ergonomic Smooth Edge /Anti-slip Grips Handle Design /Food Grade Stainless Steel for Kitchen and Restaurant (Easy to open ) (Black)
4.70 / 5   (44 Reviews)
Price: $10.99


▶EASY TO USE: Best can opener are extremely durable and heavy duty,the stainless steel blade.The easy to turn non-slip turning knob makes it easy to use for everyone.
▶ENVIRONMENTAL and HEALTHY: Side cutting blade never touches the food and leaves no sharp edges. Eliminates cross contamination risk. Premium quality,food-grade stainless steel that won\'t rust or break over the time.
▶ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED:Upgraded ergonomic anti-slip grips handle design,much more comfortable and safety ,Hanging hooks for convenient storage so you can easily hang it up to save space.
▶EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE :Restaurant can opener is made of high-quality, kitchen-safe, rust-resistant chrome, simply wash to prepare it for next use.
▶100% REFUND GUARANTEE: If you\'re not satisfied with this product, just contact us directly for a full refund.


Good can opener

18 Nov, 2018
This is a good can opener.  It is easy to use and leaves no sharp edges when finished.#Rankboosterreview#sponsored more »


24 Apr, 2018
I'm sorry, I dont like to leave bad reviews, but this item was terrible. I couldnt get it to work at all, neither could my kids or my husband. Just threw it away unfortunatly.  more »


01 Mar, 2018
This canopener was great! I had no sharp parts and didn’t get cut.  It was a little hard to use at first but I figured it out.  I would highly recomened  more »

Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

28 Feb, 2018
This is an OK can opener. It's nothing to write home about. I feel you need a degree in engineering just to get it to work. It’s tough to turn and is not arthitis friendly by any means. My h... more »


10 Jan, 2018
I LOVE THIS CAN OPENER! It has to be the greatest one ever. Who ever thought of this is #1 on my kitchen wall of fame. No sharp edges and safe for kids to use and open their own canfoods.&nb... more »

Great buy

10 Jan, 2018
Got this at a extremely cheap price and loved it #rankbooster  more »

Very nice can opener

07 Jan, 2018
The can opener is very well made and easy to use. It fits comfortably in your hand and removes the lids perfectly.   more »

Easy to use can opener

26 Dec, 2017
This can opener is fairly easy to use compared to similar products. Not much force is needed to turn and it makes a nice clean cut. more »

Can opener

14 Dec, 2017
Very cool item to own! Arrived in a very timely fashion, packaged to perfection and free from any damage during the shopping process. So far, I am pleased with this item and would definitely recommend... more »


07 Dec, 2017

Best Invention Ever

02 Dec, 2017
Easy to use and does not leave a sharp edge behind! A Great invention and a high quality product. more »

best opener ever!1

28 Nov, 2017
llove this handy little can opener...works fantastic and takes up so little space in the kitchen drawer....opens  cans safely and fast with no problems....can't say enough good stuff about th... more »

Safe Cut Can opener

27 Nov, 2017
I absolutly love this can opener. I have a name brand hand held one that is so hard to turn and take the risk of getting cut opening cans with it. I was kinda skeptical at first getting this can opene... more »


25 Nov, 2017
So..I gave this can opener a 5 star, even though I struggled in the beginning. User error, I will admit! This is a super simple can opener and since I have been needing one I figured I would try this... more »

I love this product

24 Nov, 2017
I love this product. It works grate. It is easy to use and i love that the way it cuts the can open you can clean the can and reuse the can. I use then for crafts after i open the can with this produc... more »

#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Safe Cut Can Opener

23 Nov, 2017
No more rough edges, no more cuts on your hands. If this sounds good this is the can opener for you more »

Safe and easy to use can opener

23 Nov, 2017
It seems like I'm always looking for a can opener that works, and usually they just don't last. I just bought this Safe Cut Can Opener  Manual Side Cut Can Opener and have been using... more »


22 Nov, 2017
works great for me more »


22 Nov, 2017
I LOVE this can opener!! I hate my regular automatic opener. This one is SO much easier. And very easy to store. Recommend especially for the elderly.  more »


21 Nov, 2017

Great Can Opener

19 Nov, 2017
The can opener is made of nivce heavy materials. It is very easy to hold because the shape is a lot thinner and less cumberson than most of the other manual can openers. It does not bend when trying t... more »

Nice and smooth

19 Nov, 2017
It took me a while to figure this can opener out but once I got it going it cut very nicely and completely removed the top of the can leaving a smooth edge like it said it would, so it's definitel... more »

Unravels the edge instead of having sharp edges

18 Nov, 2017
I needed a new can opener as mine is old and rusted. Sometimes I would cut my hand on the sharp edges my old can opener would leave. So when I went to get a new one I wanted one that unraveled instead... more »

I like it better than the old fashioned style can opener!

18 Nov, 2017
When looking at it, you'd definitely think that there's no way this can work well. But it does! I like it that it cuts the side of the lid. So you can close the can again if you want. Since it... more »

Side cutting can opener

16 Nov, 2017
Nice side cutting can opener leaving no sharp edges behind. Instead of just opening the lid, it just cuts the top lid entirely allowing you to get all the contents inside. Has a very ergonomic design... more »

I love this can opener

15 Nov, 2017
This can opener is black.  It is durable and easy to hold on to and use.  It is awesome because it cuts the can at the side and it doesn't leave any sharp edges.  It is made of food... more »

can opener

15 Nov, 2017
small and basic wish it came with directions on how to use or what angle to use it on  more »

Safe for Little Hands

14 Nov, 2017
I had my doubts about this can opener because it has a plastic handle. We have had really bad luck with plastic handles breaking when we were trying to open lids on cans.  I was pleasently supris... more »

Great can opener!!

14 Nov, 2017
this can opener is easy to use, and opens cans easily without much effort! My kids can even use this one and they’re 4, 6, and 8! This is great to reduce those sharp edges and make it safer to t... more »

Awesome Can opener

13 Nov, 2017
This a great can opener  easy  to use and no mess cant cut yourself  like  most  great product and would highly recommend to all my family and friends  more »

Awesome safe can opener

12 Nov, 2017
I am in absolute love with this can opener! It is so easy to use! Smooth and strong. I like that it opens the cans in the side so they are not sharp. I can run my fingers on it and not get cut. It is... more »

Works great

11 Nov, 2017
I am always going through can openers cause the blades get dull, or just not durable so I was looking for something stronger, that's when I found this Safe Cut Can Opener / Manual Side Cut Can Ope... more »

Sharp Can Opener

10 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Ergonomic-Anti-slip-Sta…/…/B074Z2W7XT This can opener is very sharp and is made of sturdy and durable materials that is dishwasher safe. This can opener is easy to... more »

Can Opener

09 Nov, 2017
I needed a can opener that my young children can use.  Not only is this easy to use, the aluminum tops on the cans are not sharp and they will not cut themselves.  I also recommend this for... more »

Easy to use!

08 Nov, 2017
I have been using this can opener for a while and I really like the way it works. It safely opened the cans I needed to either start or finish a meal without leaving a mess. I have not had any issues... more »

Easy use can opener

07 Nov, 2017
The can opener almost does all the can opening work itself. Easy to use and quick to open.  Very durable and has hand slip grips. There is also a bottle top function on it as well. #rankbooster #... more »


10 Oct, 2017
This can opener is great. No squeezing to puncture the can. No squeezing to continue pressure and cut open the can. Just place this 1 handeled opener on the can and twist. With a smooth action this op... more »

Very nice can opener.

10 Oct, 2017
This can opener is very nice. It has a wonderful ergonomic handle so its easy on my hands and it really grips the can so I can turn it easily to open. I love that its anti slip also. Its also easy to... more »

Safe cut can opener

09 Oct, 2017
The greatest can opener EVER, the safe cut can opener is so easy to use,I know everyone has cut there finger on the original Manual can opener, but this one is a no brainer and it work flawlessly, if... more »

Great if you have kids!

08 Oct, 2017
I'm so glad that I got this can opener. I've been wanting one for a while now. We have grandchildren and one is a toddler who loves to stick her fingers into everything. She's already cut... more »

Safe and Secure

05 Oct, 2017
This manual side cutter is amazing.  It takes the top right off without any sharp edges and it is super easy and fast to do.  Opens can right away, no problems.  Handle is easy to hold... more »


30 Sep, 2017
good more »