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Product Information
Fypo Dog Grooming Glove, Deshedding Tool For Long & Short Hair Care Pet Horses Cats Dogs Bunnies Rubber Tips Remover Unchewable Massage Mitt (Pet Glove)
4.55 / 5   (11 Reviews)
Price: $7.49


Right-Handed Pet Grooming Glove: Size 9.4\" x 7.6\",Adjustable wrist band strap fits all hand sizes
Material: high quality silicone and rubber made, comfort brushing, anti-chew & wear, no peculiar smell
Multi Suitable:Perfect for all types of hair-short, medium or long, dry or wet, straight or curved,It removes and traps loose pet hair easily and provides your pet a great relaxing massage
Rubber Tips:These tips provide gentle relaxing massage when bath the pet
Gripping: The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw away hair after dog and cat grooming



10 Jan, 2018
I have a basset hound that is constantly shedding and leaving hair everywhere. Now I can wipe right over him with this glove and it removes all the loose hair. Perfect for what I needed. https://... more »


04 Jan, 2018
I don't have to worry about as much shedding in the house now that I have this glove! Having allergies to dogs is hard, but this helps!  more »

shedding dogs best friend

28 Dec, 2017
I have 3 dogs 1 big 2 small. They all shed! Put this glove on and pet them down from head to tail and it keeps alot of the shedding hair confined. Then just wipe the glove off and into the garbage. Th... more »

Grooming glove

27 Dec, 2017
Its so hard for me to get me cat to let me brush him so i usualy try and sneek in when hes eating, but with this glove he thinks im just petting him and he actually lets me. Its not to much to where i... more »

Didn’t work as well as I expected

24 Dec, 2017
I have small hands and this fit comfortably. I used this on my Pekingese dog who sheds all the time. I tried for almost 10 minutes and barely got any hair. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #fypo more »

My cats are a little scared of it

19 Dec, 2017
My cats are a little frightened of the large gloves but once I start petting them with it, they're like hey this is nice! Haha. It collects the hair very nicely. Wish the glove was just a little s... more »

Fun groomer for dogs

19 Dec, 2017
This pet grooming glove Is amazing! I bought it for my daughter to use on my pit bull and 2 chihuahuas. The dogs will sit for hours while we pet and brush them at the same time. The pit bull loves it... more »

Oliver the cat approves!

19 Dec, 2017
The grooming glove works wonderfulfully. The glove wrist is adjustable so I can wear it and my son can too. My cat loves it. He was skeptical at first but then he jumped on the sofa and took all the g... more »

dog grooming glove

14 Dec, 2017
We love this glove!  I keep it on my porch entering my house and I brush the dogs with it before they come back in.  It definitely reduces the amount of extra hair they bring in the house.&n... more »

Dog Grooming Glove

13 Dec, 2017
This product was exactly what I needed.  I have two dogs, one long haired and short haired.  I have been looking for an easy way to groom both of them without putting them under any str... more »

Works great

13 Dec, 2017
I'm loving this new grooming gloves I'm actually using it for my rabbit that has been shedding alot and it's amazing I simply pet him and he loves it and the hair just sticks right on to t... more »