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12 oz Wine Tumbler Stemless Glass with Lid, Set of 2 Stainless Steel Double-Insulated for Wine, Coffee, Drinks, Champagne, Cocktails, Black, Comes with Bonus: 2 Straws, Brush & 2 Extra Lid Sealers
4.96 / 5   (27 Reviews)
Price: $19.90


We are excited to introduce you to this 2 pack set of the Schiipper Ultimate Stainless Steel 12 oz. Stemless Wine Glasses.

We\'ve taken your favorite stainless steel stemless glasses and given them benefits. The innovative Schiipper stainless steel mugs have a specially sealed lid with a sliding opening so you can keep the lid in place at all times and only open that little opening to drink.

The special double wall insulation with copper lining does its job really well and with the added protection of the closed lid - your drinks will stay at the perfect temperature for double the time.

Made with a black powder lining on the outside these cups are outstandingly attractive and can be used for intimate times together or for great dinner parties. Use indoors or out, the fact that they are virtually indestructible means you get to take them anywhere and they will always come back as good as new.

Wash on the top shelf of the dishwasher or with warm water and detergent. Couldn\'t be easier!

You can enjoy these cups yourself or else give them as gifts to friends and family. They are the perfect addition to your office, allowing you to keep your drink handy at all times. You can also take them in the car because of the special sliding lid (no wine please!)

Together with the important and fun bonuses we provide, this really is the perfect answer to all your beverage requirements. You receive, 2 stainless steel straws with their own cleaning brush plus 2 additional lid sealers for your total confidence!

Once you have these mugs you will never look back! This is outstanding elegance matched with complete practicality. What could be better.

Get yours now and avoid the Christmas rush! There is absolutely no risk with this purchase. If you are not 100% thrilled, simply return within 30 days for a FULL REFUND.



13 Aug, 2019
love the wine classes.  They keep it nice and cold.  Love the color on these.  Also think these will be perfect and easy to personalize later on.     more »

Very Sexy Looking

15 Jun, 2019
I love these tumblers mainly because there is no stem and it is double insulated so that means that my wine will stay colder without ice and I can enjoy the tast of the wine and not the water from the... more »

Love it

12 Jun, 2019
I use these for my glasses of wine and it works great in kerping it cold. Its a plus that these arent breakable like my glass cups and these have great sleek design! #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsor... more »

12 oz Wine Tumbler Stemless Glass with Lid, Set of 2 Stainless Steel Double-Insulated for Wine, Coffee, Drinks, Champagne, Cocktails, Black, Comes with Bonus: 2 Straws, Brush & 2 Extra Lid Sealers

12 Jun, 2019
Love these tumblers. Bonus metal straws, staw cleaner and rubber seal makes this deal even sweeter. The sleek finsh and nice color is really nice. Would make a great gift.  #rankboosterreview... more »


11 Jun, 2019
These tumblers came quickly and are top notch quality! These are as well built as ones that cost triple or more!    #RankBoosterReview #Tumbler more »

Great cups

09 Jun, 2019
Perfect for outside. Insulated to keep your wine at the perfect temperature. Lid keeps from spilling and keeps bugs out. more »

These are so wonderful!!!

08 Jun, 2019
We use these alot! we love them! we went on a trip to oregon and used these every day! They are wonderful!!!!! The wine stayed so cold!!  more »

Wine and more.........

03 Jun, 2019
Wine is a great choice of beverage for some so if that's your drink this is your tumbler! These tumblers keep your beverage hot or cold for hours. This is a nice gift, especially if you are a craf... more »

keeps drinks cold

31 May, 2019
These tumblers really keep drinks cold! I still had some ice in the cup after letting it sit for 24 hours. They are well made and sturdy. I like that it comes with the 2 lids, 2 extra seals, 2 stainle... more »

Excellent for camping

30 May, 2019
These will make an excellent addition to our camping trips. We like chilled red wine but do not like the bugs that get into our open top plastic wine glasses. This not only keeps the wine cold but als... more »

No Spills

24 May, 2019
I use these for myself since I have constant spasms and my drinks go evey where. I love the fact that it has a lid and a straw, is metal and insulated well. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored&nbs... more »

Needed wine glasses that were insulated for the summer!

23 May, 2019
I have seen these on many sites this last few months and always wanted to grab some.  The color of these the rose gold was the reason that I ordered them!  In person though they are eve... more »

Perfect Gift Set

22 May, 2019
Set of 2 Stainless Steel Double-Insulated for Wine, Coffee, Drinks, Champagne, Cocktails, Black, Comes with Bonus: 2 Straws, Brush & 2 Extra Lid Sealers These tumblers are fantastic. You can us... more »

Great tumblers! Keeps cold for hours!

22 May, 2019
Great gift for friends. Comes with kids, straws, extra gasket for lids. My new favorite cup!  more »

These are great!

21 May, 2019
These tumblers are great quality! Perfect to put my vinyl words on. Washed a few times already with no issues. Great item. more »

Wine Tumblers

20 May, 2019
Super Cute .. i love them  #Ranboosterreview #sposored  more »

Stainless Steel Tumblers

15 May, 2019
I bought these to use when sitting outside with a cocktail or a soda.  They are non staining and stay cold for quite a long time.  Love that they come with a lid especially with the bugs try... more »

Nice cup

06 May, 2019
Arrived quick, really pretty, great size, keeps beverages cool more »

Great item

20 Apr, 2019
These are great for crafting. I know they are really popular right now and so I grab then whenever I see a deal. They are easy to apply vinyl to. Not sure how they do with insulation as I have no... more »

Great stemless wine glasses

17 Apr, 2019
These stemless wine glasses by #Schiipper are terrific. I love the rich outer black color and I love the metal straws and acrylic tops . Keeps wine or any drink nice and cold..very stylish. You get 2... more »

12 oz Wine tumbler stainless with straws and lids

14 Apr, 2019
Love these!  They are the perfect size to take to an all inclusive resort for the drink of the day.  They always give  you those little plastic cups and the frozen drinks melt almost im... more »

Keep the tea hot

14 Apr, 2019
This amazing thermal cup keeps my tea warm all day. I username to use plastic cups for coffee and be wasteful at work. But since I purchased these I only use and reuse these. They are easy to wash and... more »

Classy tumblers

13 Apr, 2019
These tumblers are great for more than just wine.  I actually don’t drink wine and I wanted to use them for tea and coffee.  They are perfect for that! These Schiipper tumblers come in... more »

Nice wine tumblers

12 Apr, 2019
This is a really nice set of wine tumblers. Nice look. Great color. They are light in weight. I really like these. I love that they have a smooth surface and i can decorate them to my liking. I would... more »

Sturdy AND Elegant

10 Apr, 2019
I grabbed this pair of 12 ounce tumblers so I can decorate with vinyl sayings. These tumblers are exactly what I hoped for. They feel substainsal in the hand. They look great. These look amazi... more »

Great Wine Tumblers!

09 Apr, 2019
Insolated cups are all the rage right now thanks to Yeti.  They really stepped up and improved previous insulated cups to really create the ‘next best thing’ to have to keep your drin... more »

Must have!

08 Apr, 2019
If you are a wine drinker, these are a MUST. They keep your wine cold for HOURS. These are really well made and the extras that this set comes with are fantastic. I have paid $10 for just one of these... more »