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Product Information
The Wolf Moon® Garlic Cube Chopper Slicer Hand Press Garlic Grinder Crusher and Magic Silicone Garlic Peeler set
4.55 / 5   (31 Reviews)
Price: £10.87


made of Stainless Steel and food grade PP,Non-toxic and odorless, safety and healthy
It used to grind the ginger and garlic.dishwasher safe
Remove the lid ,put into a clove of garlic,next ,close the lid, friction back and forth,and then you will get minced garlic
It will allow you to cut any soft vegetable
Your hands will no-more smell like garlic or onion when you cook.


Great addition to any utensil collection

04 Nov, 2018
I'm a lover of gadgets and often think I buy unnecessary products but this isn't one of them! Makes life so much easier, especially when you have a recipe which requires many chopped garlic cl... more »

Making garlic easy!

27 Oct, 2018
So the worst thing about using garlic in my cooking is the smell it leaves on my hands. This little beauty puts and end to that! It's has a garlic peeler, then either a chopper or a grater. It'... more »

Brilliant kitchen gadget

18 Oct, 2018
Very good gadget very happy wow i love it   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #wolf more »

Good at the intended job

14 Oct, 2018
  The chopper is very difficult to open but once it is open it is easy to use, I particularly like that the garlic is contained in the pot which pulls out with a firm tug. The grater is good as y... more »

Wolf Moon® Garlic Cube Chopper

20 Apr, 2018
Wolf Moon® Garlic Cube Chopper Efficace pour couper les ails et les éplucher. Un produit conforme à la description  Très bien pensé donc facile a nettoyer... more »


14 Apr, 2018
Ottimo prodotto,molto utile ,multifunzionale facile da utilizzare more »


26 Mar, 2018
Questo kit mi permette di pulire, sminuzzare e  grattugiare , in uno spazio piccolo e con molta semplicità È fatto interamente di Acciaio inossidabile e plastica , lavabile in lava... more »


23 Mar, 2018
Straordinario strumento ,molto utile in casa! more »

molto comodo

12 Mar, 2018
Questo kit mi permette di pulire senza problemi di sminuzzare e di grattugiare , in uno spazio piccolo e con molta semplicità e senza cattivi odori sulle mani È fatto interamente in Acc... more »

Un ottimo set.

18 Feb, 2018
L'articolo è arrivato rapidamente e ben confezionato. Si tratta di un set molto utile in cucina, un valido alleato che mi ha davvero soddisfatta. Il set è composto da 3 accesso... more »

Appareil pratique

12 Feb, 2018
Cet appareil est très pratique il est assez compact mais permet de broyer une bonne quantité d'ail. Très bien pensé donc facile a nettoyer! Je recommande ce produit vu... more »

Super completo

11 Feb, 2018
Me ha encantado, los materiales, colores y diseño, son geniales, la funcionalidad del aparato es correcta, es así mismo muy versátil sirve para icsr o rallar diversos alimentos, c... more »


08 Feb, 2018
The Wolf Moon® bellissimo e utilissimo set macina aglio   Lo potete trovare qui: https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B01LMPAHCC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 #RankB... more »

Great set

08 Feb, 2018
Great little set for odd use wouldn't recommend buying if it's for a daily use as the material is a bit flimsy but other then that a really handy cooking aid  more »

Three in one!

04 Feb, 2018
Or maybe four... the box lets you slice/dice garlic, while the peeler is very convenient and the mini-mandolin is very useful not only for garlic but other ingredients too.  Cleaning seems easy e... more »

pack perfecto

04 Feb, 2018
Un pack perfecto para los que echamos ajo para todo, viene un pelador, que con introducir un diente de ajo y amasar sobre una superficie dura, tenemos nuestro diente de ajo peladito en cuestión... more »

Poor quality item.

04 Feb, 2018
The Wolf Moon garlic cube chopper comes together with a hand slicer and a silicone garlic peeler. On first sight , i was impressed with the look of the design. On one side of the cube it dices... more »


01 Feb, 2018
Grand consommateur d'ail, je voulais investir dans un produit complet pour permettre moins de temps dans sa préparation.  Ce produit se compose de trois produits différents :... more »

Toute petite boite

01 Feb, 2018
Toute petite boîte qui ne prend pas beaucoup de place more »

3 set per aglio

01 Feb, 2018
Piccolo nelle sue dimensioni ma davvero efficente e di qualità ottima nel.suo materiale di costruzione non è per niente delicato.Ho utilizzato tutti gli accessori e sono davvero stupefat... more »

Nifty kitchen gadget

22 Dec, 2017
Really great item does what it says on the box. Easy to use and easy to wash. more »


06 Dec, 2017
Does the job, nice quality product and comes in handy all the time.   i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #TheWolfMoon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wolf-Choppe... more »

Handy little things to own.

13 Nov, 2017
I use a lot of garlic in cooking (most days infact) so these are very useful.  The silicone peeler works great with a bit of practise.  A couple of times the garlic pinged out of the end but... more »

No more smelly hands

11 Nov, 2017
  Peeling was always a chore but now the silicone peeler takes the hard work out of it, it makes my cooking so much easier and quicker. I like the size and design and very easy to take apart... more »

No more mess and smelly hands!!

22 Oct, 2017
Genius little contraption that I gave as a pressie to my hubby as he has been doing a lot of cooking lately more »


18 Oct, 2017
great litter helper in kitchen as we use garlic very often and i didnt like the small of my hands before now i dont have to worry :) 3 sets works great  more »

Garlic press

13 Oct, 2017
Fantastic I have problems with my hands lot of pain. This is fantastic little tool more »

Made my life very easy

03 Oct, 2017
This product is amazing , it made my cooking life so easy ... It used to take me so much time grinding crushing garlic and ginger but with this , it takes me minutes. more »

good quality

28 Sep, 2017
I bought this Garlic Cube Chopper Slicer Hand Press Garlic Grinder Crusher and Magic Silicone Garlic Peeler set, for my husband who has a thing for garlic , i personally can't stand the stuff , bu... more »

Great item

26 Sep, 2017
Perfect for kitchen and pressing garlic. Savea me using knife thanks  more »