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Product Information
Raskyee Pro Kitchen Chef Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel Knife With Razor Sharp Blade & Ergonomic Handle - 8 Inch Cooking Kitchen Cutlery For Chopping & Slicing with Luxurious Gift Box
4.84 / 5   (43 Reviews)
Price: $25.99


THE QUALITY OF GERMAN STEEL: Raskyee has designed this 8-inch professional chef knife with rust resistant German 1.4116 stainless steel. The sleek, high carbon kitchen knife is a must-have cutlery that everyone should have in their kitchen equipment! Cooking will be so much easier with this chef knife!
THE SHARPEST, SLIMMEST BLADE: The Raskyee chef knife has a super slim (2.5mm) and incredibly sharp blade that can cut, slice, chop and dice any food and ingredient you want! The blade of the stainless steel knife can be sharpened, but, trust us, you won\'t need to do that anytime soon.
LARGE YET EASY TO CONTROL: Even though the stainless steel chopping knife is large, it is very easy to control. Thanks to the ergonomically designed ABS handle, you will have the most secure and comfortable grip and you\'ll be able to handle the cooking knife like a professional chef!
COMES IN A LUXURIOUS GIFT BOX: The professional kitchen knife comes in a beautiful box, so you can give it as a gift to a friend or family member who loves cooking! They can then keep the gift box so that they can store the steel chef knife, to keep it clean, protected and away from children.
A 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE:our goal is to ensure that you are happy with Raskyee sweet kitchen knife,there is no risk for you with our 100% Satisfaction and Money-Back Guarantee ! If you have any question or concerns about Raskyee chef knife ,don\'t hesitate to contact us ,we\'ll work with you till you\'re satisfied !


Was good....until it wasn't

08 Nov, 2018
I was super excited to use this knife, I used it the first time and LOVED it. It cut so precisely! By about the third time I used it I noticed the cut wasn't as clean and it didn't glide throu... more »

Every kitchen must have!

20 Sep, 2018
The material was good and the price very inexpensive, I recommend this knife to everyone. more »

Superb knife

31 Aug, 2018
Excellent knife. It looks great and works even better. It has a very sharp and finely honed edge. It is easy to hold and handle. Great for slicing and chopping. It comes in a real nice gift box too. A... more »

Awesome Chef Knife for Chopping

18 Jul, 2018
As a busy mom who needs to prep meals when the opportunity arises, I always hated when I couldn't get the knife to cut.  That ended when I ordered this #Raskyee #Knife.  It is #sharp and... more »

I feel like a real chef....

11 Jul, 2018
Raskyee makes incredible knives and this one is no different.  The weight and heft of this knife is great.  I truly makes me feel a little more like a decent chef.  Thanks Raskeye. #... more »


29 Jun, 2018
super nice more »

Great knife

27 Jun, 2018
This knife is well balanced, good weight, extra sharp and chops/slices very well. It has a very sturdy one piece design. Easy to clean and store. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview  more »

Very Sharp!

27 Jun, 2018
Sharp knife! A must have in any kitchen! more »


21 Jun, 2018
Need to improve quality more »

Excellent Knife

19 Jun, 2018
This knife came well packaged in a nice magnetic closure box with a cloth for wiping it off. I've been using this knife for awhile cutting up meats and it has been wonderful. It is very sharp and... more »

Excellent knife!

14 Jun, 2018
This is by far the best kitchen knife I have ever owned. The knife is super sharp and has a great edge that is easy to keep sharp. It cleans up great, there is no way for food to get into the handle b... more »


13 Jun, 2018
super sharp very great quality.  more »

Raskyee Pro Kitchen Chef Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel Knife With Razor Sharp Blade & Ergonomic Handle - 8 Inch Cooking Kitchen Cutlery For Chopping & Slicing with Luxurious Gift Box

11 Jun, 2018
I just got my 8" Chef Knife from Amazon! It was sent to me in a very nice gift box also, so if I wanted to send one as a present! Perfect weight balance, Very sharp, good price! more »


08 Jun, 2018
fast shipping and good quality!  more »


06 Jun, 2018
easy to use and sharp but i cant say how long it will stay sharp will uodate more »

Slick design

02 Jun, 2018
Love the slick design of this knife, it's extremely well made and very comfortable on the hand. It's very sharp and it came in a fancy box that makes it perfect for a house warming party or a... more »

Quality knife

18 May, 2018
Love this knife. The handle and blade are a single piece no rivets holding it together. It’s weighted handles and shape make for easy gripping and use. Blade is extremely sharp. Will have to... more »

Sharp Edge; Great Weight; Many Uses!

13 May, 2018
My spouse and I both enjoy cooking, although under different circumstances, so I am always on the lookout for new kitchen tools. We decided to try this Raskyee knife simply because we did not have a k... more »


05 May, 2018
My husband and I have been wanting some nice knives, but they can be really pricey. I thought o would give this one a shot and I'm so glad I did. It's really big, sturdy and heavy and SHARP. I... more »

Great German Knife

22 Apr, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Raskyee-Pro-Kitchen-Chef-Knife/dp/B0791G6LTY This German Steel knife is very high quality and durable. I am simple thrilled with this knife and it's addition to my kitchen.... more »

The Best

18 Apr, 2018
The is by far the best knife I have ever owned. Packaged nice. The handle is so comfortable to hold. Great designing feature. The blade is sharp and handles so well. Love love love this knife.. Highly... more »

Cutting meat is a breeze with this chef knife

17 Apr, 2018
With all of the cooking and baking we do, knives get used a LOT around my house. I have a drawer full of different styles and sizes of knives for all of our culinary needs. I have so many, I can&rsquo... more »


15 Apr, 2018
This knife is sweet. It fits nice in the hand. Sturdy but not heavy. Comes with  a nice storage box also. It slices and chopps with ease . It is very sharp. #Rankboosterreveiw #Sponsored #Raskyee... more »

Chef Quality !!

13 Apr, 2018
This knife is very very sharp right out of the box !!  I LOVE it !  I made a Roast Pork and when I sliced it, it glided through the meat like butter !  It is a heavy duty quality knife... more »

My First Experience with a Quality Knife

13 Apr, 2018
I’ve always wanted to do the tap tap tap type of cutting you see the professional chefs do. I couldn’t master it. After using this I figured out why – you have to actually use a knif... more »

#rankbooster #knife #sharp #kitchen

12 Apr, 2018
Very sharp nice knife more »


07 Apr, 2018
This is a great knife. IT is very sharp and cuts so smooth. I use is most for my fruits and veggies and it does really well with that.  more »

Very shape and durable knife must have

07 Apr, 2018
Raskyee Pro Kitchen Chef Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel Knife With Razor Sharp Blade & Ergonomic Handle - 8 Inch Cooking Kitchen Cutlery F https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0791G6LTY/ref=cm_s... more »

Carve it up

06 Apr, 2018
This has got to be over of the best knives that I have ever had. It's nice and Sharp and has a good weight to it. It's not too heavy and not one of those flimsy  knives that you use a few... more »

Excellent knife, awesome design.

04 Apr, 2018
I bought this knife for me (not for my wife, he, he,he). One of my passions is cooking. It is a must for me to have nothing but the best tools and gadgets in my kitchen. A good knife is one of the mos... more »

Tonny Rank 358, Pro kitchen chef knife

03 Apr, 2018
I like this knife, it is useful and duarable. more »

You're gonna love this!

01 Apr, 2018
When this knife arrived I was first amazed to see the meticulous packaging like I was receiving a regal prize.  The sharpness of this knife is unrivaled by any that I have used.  B... more »


29 Mar, 2018
this is very nice and cuts good    more »

Excellent knife

29 Mar, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #raskyee this is such a nice knife. It would be great for a gift. Looks nice and works perfectly.  more »

Perfect Quality Knife

29 Mar, 2018
This is the sharpest knife that I have ever owned. To future buyers out there, don't say you were not warned. This knife is seriously sharp, which makes it perfect to handle all types of cutting a... more »

I absolutely love this Chef Knife

27 Mar, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Raskyee   https://www.amazon.com/Raskyee-Pro-Kitchen-Chef-Knife/dp/B0791G6LTY Perfectly balanced, comfortable handle, extremely sharp long lasting... more »

Excellent blade.

26 Mar, 2018
This is and excellent quality chef kitchen knife. Sharp blade smooth comfortable handle and chops and slices like a pro model. Great addi4ion to my cutlery.  more »


24 Mar, 2018
https://www.instagram.com/p/BgsKFoTgZns/   Raskyee Pro Kitchen Chef Knife - High Carbon German Stainless Steel Knife With Razor Sharp Blade & Ergonomic Handle - 8 Inch Cooking Kitchen C... more »

Love it

22 Mar, 2018
I really impressed with the quailty of this Kknife, nice easy to hold handle, very sharp plate,  more »

Raskyee Pro Kitchen chef Knife

22 Mar, 2018
What a beautiful knife!  This makes a great addition to my kitchen knives.  I am not a professional chef and cant cut like the professionals, but it works great for everything I use it for.... more »

Gorgeous knife

21 Mar, 2018
This is a very sharp, very beautiful, well balanced knife. The handle design is gorgeous and curved to fit great in the hand. The blade cuts through both meat and veggies like butter. It is very well... more »