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Menstrual Cup with Free Bag - Reusable Period Cup - Tampon and Pad Alternative - Period Cup No Leaks, No Odors - Menstrual Cups - Purple - PRE-Childbirth Small
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Price: $14.99


Be Over The Moon During Your Period!These difficult days will no longer be so difficult, start using our excellent reusable silicone cup. The menstrual cup will remove the hole in your pocket. Many people use the menstrual cup, which is common on difficult days, and smaller on lighter menstrual days. This irreplaceable menstrual cup - everything a woman dreamed of! With the period cup you can perform all the actions that you usually do on ordinary days, with great confidence.

This Menstrual Cup Will Become Your True Lifesaver! We are sure that with the menstrual cup you will not find yourself in an awkward situation. Say goodbye to the menstrual periods when you turn red, the menstrual cup will absorb your blood flow! Our reliable menstrual cup protects you from any blood leaks that could ruin your date or an extremely important day. Just try this menstrual cup if you are tired of bad capacity tampons!

Let Your Period Go Like A Clockwork! Thanks to our menstrual cup, you will be fully protected every 12 hours! With the menstrual cup, you do not have to use the toilet every hour. Moreover, you will make a significant contribution to environmental protection with the eco menstrual cup, using this convenient menstrual cup, since you can use the menstrual cup as many times as you like.

Be More Calm And Confident During These Days! Be calmer and more confident on your menstrual days! This high-quality wow menstrual cup is perfect for all women, use a menstruelle cup to enjoy comfort and make the most of everything. The menstrual cup will not allow the menstrual period to destroy all your plans and miss all the crazy adventures. Menstrual cup will not allow anything to happen to you! Adele`s Dream Menstrual Cups is definitely what you need to make your life 100 times easier!


Great idea

06 Apr, 2019
Great product. Wonderful for the environment.  more »