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Product Information
The Wolf Moon® Children Safety No Finger Pinch Foam Door Stopper. Colorful Cartoon Animal Cushion - Ramdom Bundled Baby Child Kid Cushiony Finger Hand Safety, Curve Shaped Door Stop Guard 5 PCS Set
4.93 / 5   (46 Reviews)
Price: $5.98


★ Childproof Door Stopper - These door stoppers work great for not letting doors slam shut and pinch fingers, and they also won\'t dent the door frames because they\'re foam.
★ Simple To Use - Simply slide stoppers onto the door you want to protect little fingers from and forget about it. It\'s easy to take them off and put them on. They are flexible and durable.
★ Cutest door stopper can protect your little one\'s fingers.Can fit your small doors as well as your large doors (it can stretch a bit). Adorable designs AND extremely kid friendly soft and cute with the cutest colors!
★ Made of foam but they are sturdy stretchable.Suitable to put the stopper in any door even with vary thickness.Easy to use, just pop on, pop off and mount to the door.
★ Finger Safe Door Stopper is a great quick fitting child finger protector that stops doors slamming protecting fingers from painful.It is made of flexible, lightweight, and non-toxic material that is soft to the touch yet durable enough to prevent the door from slamming and accidentally squeezing those tiny delicate fingers.Can also be used for the door hinge (door and door frame connection) available taped at the hinge.



05 Sep, 2019
A+++ more »

Exactly as described and good quality

03 Sep, 2019
My neice is a new mom and she is preparing the house for her son that is starting to become active. She was thrilled when I gave her these as a gift. The density of the material is strong enough to wi... more »

Children Safety No Finger Pinch Foam Door Stopper.

02 Sep, 2019
Cute little finger protectors for children.  Purchased for our grandson and he likes the animals and enjoys not geetting his fingers pinched.   #rankbooster #Thewolfmoon https://... more »

They work great

12 Aug, 2019
They are adorable and they work great.   more »

Even cuter than the picture

31 Jul, 2019
These are very solidly built which is good because our little guy just loves to open and close the door. The are think enough to protect his fingers. The designs are actually pretty detailed, and the... more »


27 Jul, 2019
So far I use these on almost every door . My little boy isn't bad about shouting  his finger s in them but locking us out is a different  story so I got these and place them at the top o... more »

Great idea!

24 Jul, 2019
I sure wish they had things like this when my children were growing up! What an awesome idea! When I saw it I had to grab it for my new granddaughter, my only grandchild! She's only 4 months old n... more »

GREAT peace of mind!!!

20 Jul, 2019
With a little one just learning to crawl and walk recently...these are such a huge peace of mind!  You always worry about those little fingers being slammed in a door.   You get a set... more »


19 Jul, 2019
these are just what I was looking for. I havw a toddler who is into closing doors and this stopper is great! You can literally put it anywhere on the door it doesn’t make sound when the door clo... more »


17 Jul, 2019
These are just too cute. Great shower gift and a really important part of home safety and baby proofing. I've seen first hand what a door can do to little fingers and I wish I'd had these when... more »

it works

15 Jul, 2019
very high quality made. not a cheapy foam door stopper. colors are vibrant and bright. it works as expected more »


13 Jul, 2019
~ What ~ Made of environmentally safe EVA and PVC foam, this set includes 5 random colorful door stoppers in animal shapes. Measuring 4.1 by 4.1 by 0.5 inches, they fit on standard door handles, prev... more »

Pinched Fingers are a thing of the past

09 Jul, 2019
Love these.  My nephew loves to play with these.  Even better is he isn't getting his fingers pinched in door anymore. more »

Like it

09 Jul, 2019
It's very good, now I don't have to worry about my toddler and my door anymore  more »

good quality

09 Jul, 2019
Ive been looking this kid of door stopper because i have 3 years old girl always in and out all door inside our house playing hide and seek and she always slum the doors and I worried that one day she... more »

Super Cute

07 Jul, 2019
RankBoosterReview   #Sponsored  The Wolf Moon Children Safety No Finger Pinch Foam Door Stopper  These are super adorable and work fabulous. Kids love em. Price is great. more »

Cute and soft

06 Jul, 2019
These are very cute little door stoppers that help with the little ones that try to get into the cupboard doors or, any other door.  I use them on the cupboards and, they work wonderful prevents... more »

Door stopper

03 Jul, 2019
A++++ more »


03 Jul, 2019
These are super cute! They're all adorable and distinct. They're a perfect size. Love these!  more »

Best purchase yet

01 Jul, 2019
LOVE THESE THINGS! I gave some to my daycare, I've got them all around the house, she chews on them and my husband (somehow) shut the door on one and it bounced back. I really don't know how h... more »

Safety at it's finest

26 Jun, 2019
These wolf moon child safety door stoppers are cute and practical.  They are easy to attached to any door and are soft so as not to scratch up the door or door frame.  They are cute, all mad... more »


25 Jun, 2019
I bought these for my home as I have 2 dog and one cat.  If I had a dollar for each time the cat locks the dogs in another room I'd be rich.  Getting up and down all day and th... more »

Serves it's purpose very well

22 Jun, 2019
This is a must to every household that has a child at home. I needed this and i am happy i found this in s very cute design. The rubber is a good quality.  more »

its a gotta have it item

20 Jun, 2019
you cant go wrong with this cartoon character set of door stoppers.  they are great for kids or adults  more »


19 Jun, 2019
I actually love this product!!! They keep my kid safe when he plays with the door!!  more »

Cute and durable

13 Jun, 2019
This is an adorable set of 5 door stop guards. These are for saving little fingers from being smashed in doors. Plus they won't dent the door frames because they are made out of foam. They are cut... more »

Perfect item to save those little sausages

13 Jun, 2019
Perfect for doors that you want to keep partially closed that are used often such as closet or a play room.  more »

Super cute and super handy!

10 Jun, 2019
These foam no-pinch door stoppers are actually very cute. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they were made and of good quality foam that w... more »

Great gift

10 Jun, 2019
These are cute and a great option for toddlers to make sure theur fingers do not get smashed     #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #dealsbyella #thewolfmoon more »


09 Jun, 2019
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #The Wolf Moon Children's Safety No Finger Pinch Foam Door Stoppers are adorable!! great shapes and colors not to mention safe for little ones. more »

Works great

07 Jun, 2019
My baby is at the age where she is walking around opening and closing every door and cabinet so these came in so hand where she is unable to squeeze her fingers more »

Cute but pop off the door

06 Aug, 2018
These are adorable and very bright but I would not recommend them as they tend to pop off the door no matter what position they're placed and this could be a safety issue for choking if a small ch... more »


09 May, 2018
bought these for my 1 and half yr old granddaughter because she like to open and close the door to pretend she is leaving .. these are the perfect thing to keep those little fingers from getting smash... more »

Great way to stop finger JAMS!

16 Apr, 2018
Easy to install and love the fact that it prevents the little ones or even the big ones from jamming their fingers. Every house needs these! more »

Great for childproofing and saving little fingers

12 Apr, 2018
My son loves to hold the door jam and will open and close the door over and over.  I purchased the No finger pinch foam door stoppers and i am so relieved he will not have anymore smashed fingers... more »


07 Apr, 2018
I keep this on my youngest door so he can not shut it and close his fingers in the door. He likes the fun designs on them and it keeps him safer. more »

Very cute!

01 Apr, 2018
I'm glad I bought these! My toddler daughter is in a phase where she wants to swing doors shut behind her before anyone else can get in. Because her hands are so small, she's always trying to... more »

Cute and serve their purpose

29 Mar, 2018
These doors stoppers are made of foam, and my concern was that they would be too soft and would break easily. However they seems pretty sturdy and even if my 3 years old tries to slam the door really... more »


28 Mar, 2018

Children Safety No Finger Pinch Foam Door Stopper

24 Mar, 2018
These work splendidly as doorstoppers. I put them on the middle hinge in our doors and haven't had one problem. Even at first when I'd forgotten they were there, I could not break them by repe... more »

Very Cute

20 Mar, 2018
Prints are cute and you get enough for 5 doors!!  more »

No pinched fingers in our home!

17 Mar, 2018
I have never worried about doors with the foster babies because most left them alone and I had no reason to consider babyproofing them. I have always had the door knob covers to help keep them from op... more »

So cute and so clever!

20 Feb, 2018
These door stoppers are adorable! And they are simple to use and save so many tears! Nothing worse than seeing your little one hurt and this is such a simple solution! Highly recommended! https://w... more »

Cute Safety

12 Feb, 2018
These work well in preventing a door being shut. Just open a door and hang one of these on the inside door handle (the side where the door would shut). These provide a cute barrier, which helps in pre... more »

perfect for any toddler or child safety

10 Feb, 2018
Ordered this for my daughters bedroom door as she likes to shut her door, Which is unsafe. Not only are they cute, but they work well also. i definantly give these a 5 star rating and will recommend t... more »

Cute door stoppers

03 Feb, 2018
These adorable foam cushions hug to the door and keep it from closing on little fingers. Ouch, I've done that to myself! Kids are rambunctious and get careless with doors so this is a great way... more »