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Product Information
Bellamei All Natural Activated Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder Gently Removes Tabaco, Coffee and Tea Stains - Mint Flavor
4.57 / 5   (23 Reviews)
Price: $19.99


【Protect on sensitive teeth】Our food grade ingredients are excellent for gum health and sensitive teeth. Perfectly safe and healthy for your teeth, gum and enamel, without any toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals.To ensure the most sensitive tooth and gum won\'t suffer.
【Improve health and fresh breath】Our activated charcoal teeth whitening powder was infused with a touch of mint flavor ,it helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis by eliminating germs & bacteria and freshens your breath and improve your gum health so as to ensure your healthy and confident smile.
【Warm Tips:】This charcoal toothpaste powder is a very fine black powder. You can start to see a difference after your first use! Use twice daily and your teeth will be noticeably smoother, brighter and whiter.Be cautious when opening the jar, and during use. If you experience any problem, discontinue use immediately and contact us.
【Natural and Organic】Our premium formula is Healthy and Safe for sensitive teeth, gums and enamel. There are no artificial colors or flavors, no harmful chemicals, no bleach and no preservatives. Organic activated coconut charcoal can be used as a toothpaste replacement OR in addition to your toothpaste, helping your teeth and gum stay healthy. Whiten your teeth without the use of any chemicals or harsh bleaching techniques - Activated Charcoal Powder makes use of scientifically proven ingredien
【Effective stain & plaque removal】Coconut activated charcoal powder helps to pull teeth stains off your teeth naturally, including coffee stains, tea stains, wine stains and smoking stains over time!The ultra-fine coconut teeth whitening powder does not damage tooth enamel and has the highest absorption rate, removing stains more effectively. This natural activated charcoal powder for teeth also contains orange seed oil, sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil and mint. Carbon coco teeth whitening makes


like it

05 Jun, 2019
i like the charcoal powder for cleaning properties but it didnt whiten my teeth at all.  more »

Beautiful Teeth

03 May, 2019
This has improved my smile. It doesnt have a taste which is great! I like that its natural.  more »

Charcoal teeth whitening

06 Apr, 2019
Love! You feel so much cleaner when you use this. & It naturally whitens. #rankboosterreview #blogboosterreview #bellamei   more »

Good product

26 Dec, 2018
Ive been using this for a couple days now and it dies leave my mouth and teeth feeling a lot more cleaner than using regular toothpaste it has a charcoal taste I didn't taste the mint but the tast... more »

Work very good

20 Dec, 2018
So, far it has worked for me . I bought it , because  a piece  of chip cut my gum & it got swollen . And it was even causing jaw pain & ear pain. When I got the charcoal  powder... more »

Great item

09 Dec, 2018
great item more »

It is effective

08 Dec, 2018
I used the activated charcoal paste before and it was not as effective as this one. Tho it makes a mess but I tell you, IT IS EFFECTIVE more »

as described hope it works

06 Dec, 2018
 #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #bellamei more »

Works well

04 Dec, 2018
works well,  great minty flavor   more »

Great for Once a Month Usage

03 Dec, 2018
I have used activated charcoal for dental hygiene for years, but I have learned to use it wisely. If used too often, you can scratch the enamel off your teeth and even remove cavities and bridges. Onc... more »

Better Than Expected

03 Dec, 2018
Item arrived in a timely fashion boxed nicely. I was expecting a chalky nasty tasting substance. It was a bit chalky but had a subtle hint of mint that made it not so bad. I did notice a slight differ... more »


02 Dec, 2018
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Bellamei Works great! Good size and well worth the price! No bad taste! I can already see a difference!   https://www.amazon.com/Bellamei-Natural-Activ... more »

Effective at first glance, but messy!

28 Nov, 2018
Like many of you, I have recently seen a lot of ads for the charcoal based teeth whitening on Facebook. So, when I saw this product by Bellamei on Amazon for only $14.99, it seemed to be worth giving... more »

All Natural Teeth Whitening

23 Nov, 2018
This All Natural Activated Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder is so great I used it the first day I've received it. I brushed my teeth with toothpaste first then I used the charcoal powder al... more »

Daughter loves this!

21 Nov, 2018
My daughter wanted to try this product, and loves it! more »


21 Nov, 2018
I like it more »

Whiter Teeth

20 Nov, 2018
My teeth are significantly whiter after using for just 1 week! The tooth powder is not as messy as I thought it would be, but it is better to wet your toothbrush fully before dipping into the powder.... more »

Tooth Whitening Excellence

18 Nov, 2018
I have been using charcoal powder to brush my teeth daily now for a few months and LOVE it. I have decided to try a few different brands, though, to see if some are more effective than others. This on... more »

Love this!

16 Nov, 2018
I've been using Charcoal and Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder for years but this is the first mint flavored one. It removed stains, especially important to me as a coffee and tea only drinker.&nb... more »

Tastes better than it looks

16 Nov, 2018
With a minty taste, you almost forget that your brushing your teeth with charcoal, until you spit a black stream into your sink.  I thought it was working well, unfortunately my time with this pr... more »

Seems to work.

15 Nov, 2018
I have only used this a couple times since I have gotten it. It appears to make a slight difference. Over time I would expect to see a bigger difference. It's a great item for use between... more »

I like the minty smells

11 Nov, 2018
The smell of this Teeth Whitening Powder is very minty which I liked the most. I used it once in the morning and once in the evening it feels like my teeth are so clean and coffee stain free... more »

Teeth whitening

29 Oct, 2018
Great taste, works great more »