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Product Information
Sport Disc CFTech LED Flying Disc Light Up Frisbee Glow in the Dark for Night Games,185 Gram, Diameter 9.8 inch
4.73 / 5   (15 Reviews)
Price: $12.59


The 9.8 inch sport disc with multi illuminating colors that constantly change.
Great fun and entertainment LED lighting that makes your frisbee light up the sky at night.
Nighttime frisbee tournaments or family fun this illuminating disc will give the whole family something to do outside at night
This flying saucer with illuminating lights like a UFO will bring countless hours of games and fun to all ages
With over 16 hours of LED illuminating lights, Powered by two CR2016 long-lasting replaceable lithium batteries



24 Nov, 2017
This is a fun toy to play with. We have been playing with it non stop! The fact that it lights up makes it even cooler to throw around, and you can play with it later in the night. The kids love it, I... more »

awesome and fun to play with

12 Nov, 2017
I️ am so excited about this frisbee. We had a different light up one that the boys forgot in the park one day and of course it was gone. This on is way lighter because it is led!! So cool. Changes col... more »

Awesome fun.

24 Sep, 2017
This is a heavy duty disk with a led built in. Thereis a switch on the underside. Just turn it on and enjoy. Great fun for dusk or nighttime. Makes a fes different patterns of light. Flys as well as a... more »

Very Bright Frisbee Flies Straight and Swiftly

22 Sep, 2017
The CFTech LED Ultimate Frisbee is very bright at night. It does not bend and is 9.8" in diameter. It has multicolors with the LED lights. The frisbee is very durable and lightweight and water re... more »


17 Sep, 2017
my children love these and the lights are great more »

Never got my 4 frisbees

13 Sep, 2017
I would love to review them. Unfortunately I never received them. Therefore I have no clue as to what they look like what quality the material is . I wasted my money and got nothing on return. Just 4... more »

Cool for playing after dark

11 Sep, 2017
I am always on the lookout for cool products that also have a practical usage. My son goes on a lot of Boy Scout campouts. The boys are always looking for fun things to do in the evenings. I saw the C... more »

Unable to review

09 Sep, 2017
Unable to review because it was not delivered.  Amazon refunded my money. more »

A Light Of Fun

06 Sep, 2017
This LED Frisbee is so awesome! I actually got this for my grandson as a gift but i am not sure that i will be able to keep it a secret that long because it is way to cool to keep stashed away any lon... more »

Fun for kids

01 Sep, 2017
Great for children to enjoy to play with. It doesn't fly very even if you're an adult looking to throw an actual disc straight but my children love it and that's what matters most. ... more »

So much fun!

29 Aug, 2017
I bought this for my son's to toss around outside and I love the fact that it lights up, what a bonus. It's very heavy duty and not flimsy at all and it's easy to  turn on and off. Th... more »

Low and Glow

25 Aug, 2017
This sport disc, glow in the dark frisbee is easy to set up, switch in the middle on the back side turns it on or off.  Glides nicely, colors are amazing.  Looks really awesome gliding thru... more »

Fun way to play at night!

20 Aug, 2017
This Frisbee is neat. It has a power on and off knob on the back that you just turn to power on! Then the fun happens. Different colors of light in various patterns come from the disc. Makes it easy t... more »

Frisbee Disc

17 Aug, 2017
This Frisbee Disc is lighted with fun colorful LED lights. My Grand Boy has not put it down since I gave it to him he loves it so much! It is perfect for playing at dusk or dark. Well built lights up... more »