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Product Information
Keland New Rare Dwarf Banana Tree Seeds Mini Bonsai Fruit Exotic Home Garden Plants (50)
4.00 / 5   (2 Reviews)
Price: $48.99


Great gift for you and your friends
Be sure to place your tree in an area that doesn\'t receive high winds
Planted indoors, place it by a large sunny window
Application scenarios: Courtyard, Home Gardening, Flower Nursery Production
Potted banana seeds are directly sown, cover the soil to see the seed-based, do not dry, focus on nursery, sowing need to use shade or straw cover shade and moisturizing, and it need illuminate 12 hours a day


As advertised

06 Jul, 2018
I received the seeds and have just planted them and am using artifical uv led to sow them and grow them. Will take some time to see if they germinate and grow. more »