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Product Information
Universal Vacuum Attachment,As Seen on TV 2018 Brush Cleaner Remover - Air Vents/Keyboards/Drawers/car/Tools/Crafts/Jewelry/Plants
4.67 / 5   (9 Reviews)
Price: $11.99


Get rid of all the dust you couldn\'t reach before Great for vents, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, furniture, cars and so much more.
Easily Attaches to Any Vacuum ,such as Dyson vacuum hose ,shark vac and so on
Made with flexible, micro-size suction tubes,0.16 prounds weight,total lenght 13 inch.Suitable for: 1 3/8 inch inner diameter vacuum cleaner hose
It is the best cleaning tool ever,Dust around tiny objects without removing them first!
Your experience with the products is our pursuit. Have no worries, MONEY BACK GUARANTEED if you are not satisfied with the product.


Nice tool

01 Sep, 2018
Works well especially for reaching into our lint bay in the dryer. My only complaint is that the holes are so small that they clog fairly easily more »

Vacum attachment

13 Aug, 2018
Works well, but doesn't like bird feathers. more »

Doesn't fit my Dyson, but wow it does work!

16 Jul, 2018
This didn't fit my Dyson, but I made it work to try it out. It does a great job getting dirt and dust out of small ares like around the bottoms of the cabinets, in gaps in the tile, and my compute... more »

This is genius!

12 Apr, 2018
I hate cleaning in general.  It seems as soon as I am done and the room is nice and tidy, the kids go in and destroy it in a matter of seconds.  What's worse is cleaning out kitchen and... more »

Can now get in nooks & crannies.

07 Apr, 2018
I don't just use this on my keyboard... I use it on my artificial plants,,, On my picture frames... And I am now able to do my shot glass shelves in my curio cabinet. Attaches right on the hose of... more »


05 Apr, 2018
I can clean now every part of my monitor without having a hard time more »

Best dusting vacuum I've ever had!

04 Apr, 2018
I purchased this awesome vacuum attachment after I saw it online on rankbooster.  I'd seen the commercials and as all infomercials go I was skeptical that it was really as great as the ad sai... more »

I love this and think everybody should have one

03 Apr, 2018
I had just seen an infomercial for this and really wanted it.  However, I did not buy it at the time I saw tjhe infomercial.  Luckily, I didn't because less than 24 hours, I saw it on Am... more »

This is the Help I've been looking for!

28 Mar, 2018
This nice attachment has helped me clean areas of my home that I thought would always be dirty and dusty! The adapters made for a perfect fit and the suction is really strong. Overall. this product is... more »