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Product Information
Nikka Notto Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof Black, Precise Wear, All Day
5.00 / 5   (6 Reviews)
Price: $14.99


NIKKA NOTTO SPECTACULAR EXPRESS WATERPROOF Liquid Eyeliner. Quick Dry in 10 Sec! Stay All Day Wear, Smudge-free Intense Black - Extremely Easy to Apply - High Precision Flexible Makeup Brush Tip Draws from Very Fine Line to Any Thickness - Turns a Woman Into a Divinity! Does not go away with tears, eye drops, water, or while you sleep. (Hot weather and high perspiration does affect it and will stay for less time). Take a quick shower or swim, without a re-touch to your makeup.
LONG LASTING Eyliners from Nikka Notto Cosmetics line stay all day. Take a long overseas business flight and arrive to destination beautiful and with a real perfect eye beauty makeup. Best technique is to avoid contact with the natural skin oils, by using a BB, will last longer. Great for parties after work, or an unexpected stay overnight out of home.
QUICK DRY within 10 seconds after application, for 21rst century business women always in a rush. Deposits the right amount of color, with the slightest pressure being the most precise eyeliner in the market. Application is fast and smooth.
SMUDGE-FREE. Doesn't run on wrinkles. Intense Black Color. If brush dries up, wetting it with 1 DROP of WATER will turn it to normal. Remains active 2/3 months after first use
PARABEN-FREE: No allergies have been reported with this eyeliner. However, if you experiment redness or itching, stop using it and seek medical advice. ANIMAL CRUELTY-FREE



17 Sep, 2017
I like this more »

This works as well as the expensive brands I usually buy.

09 Aug, 2017
I normally use Benefit or Dior black liquid eyeliner.  However, this eyeliner was just as good.  I was very impressed and surprised.  Plus, it stays on all day long. more »

Nikka Notto Waterproof Black Eyeliner

08 Aug, 2017
The Nikka Notto Waterproof Black Eyeliner went on my eyelids very easily and made a fine line with its' very small pointy brush. The eyeliner dries on your eyelids in 10 seconds. It applies very e... more »

Great eyeliner

07 Aug, 2017
Great soft tip liquid waterproof liner. It goes on smooth and even and does not smudge. I tried it on my hand and even after washing my hand the liner still looked about the same. If you are look... more »


13 Jul, 2017
I loved this but one of my teen daughters stole it ! Now she loves it she shares sometimes lol. Beautiful full color in one application no need to go over an over it to get a solid color on your lid t... more »

Amazing sleek eyeliner

06 Jul, 2017
Amazing sleek eyeliner  thin and precise felt tip. Compact enough to carry in purse on the go.  Smudge proof. Long lasting. Stayed on face 17 hrs with no smear or smudge. Highly recommend th... more »