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Product Information
KingCamp Portable Outdoor Solar Shower 20 L / 5 gallons with Temperature Gauge
4.76 / 5   (25 Reviews)
Price: $24.99


WARM WATER SUPPLIER: Requires no batteries or electricity, without fire, without butane gas, you can also get warm water just because of the great SUN. The solar shower is great for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn\'t available.
ENJOY YOUR TIME: Just fill it with water, lay it on plat surface, and expose it to direct sunlight. Then enjoy your outdoor life! After enjoying your outdoor activities, take a shower or simply wash your hands and face, you will feel the gentle water flow and suddenly relaxed.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: With polyester + PVC + PVC three layer structure, this solar shower bag is really durable and can help you get the warm water faster. And it has a switchable shower head and with a temperature gauge for safe using. Mesh pocket for your toiletries like shampoo, soap, toothpaste or toothbrush. Strong wide carrying handles for reliable hanging and carrying. Velcro on both sides can fix the bag perfect with the hanging cord.
EASY OPERATION AND CLEANING- Large filling valve with twist-off cap for easy filling water. The flexible shower hose with handy on/off valve makes showering a breeze. You\'re supposed to mix baking soda and warm water together and swish it around in the bag/run it through the hose.... then hang it up to dry out. It comes with a mesh bag for easy storage.
TEMPERATURE LABEL AND HOLDS 5.28 GALLONS: Enough water for multiple showers. Ideal for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, barbecues, picnics etc. With the temperature label design, this solar shower bag is really stylish and useful, please read it before get burnt.


Works great

17 Aug, 2018
Finally got to use this and it worked great. Filled it up early in the day and hung it. By the time we were ready to use it the water was nice and warm. Definitely recommend. more »

Holding strong

15 May, 2018
i bought this awhile ago and its still holding strong. We take these out on trips to feed the homeless twice a week. They are so thankful for the quick wash up to just have water hit their body. We wi... more »

Nice to take a hot shower when camping

03 May, 2018
We've only used this once so I can't say how it will hold up to multiple uses over time.  Out of the box it appears to work as described.  The hose was a little tricky to install at... more »

I actually bought this for my miniature horse

03 May, 2018
I actually bought this for my miniature horse. I live on the east coast. It’s freezing outside and I have. I hot water outside. This isn’t super sturdy, but it does the trick. It lets me s... more »

Works great

02 Apr, 2018
Love this new portable shower it works great it was a great hit at our last campout. It was very easy to use and the flow was nice and steady and the temperature guage was awesome it was nice to have... more »

Really great

13 Mar, 2018
My step dad took this on his annual camping trip for a week he absolutely loved it. It was easy to use and  fit his needs! Definitely will recommend to another person  more »

Warm Shower Outside

12 Mar, 2018
I have to say this is handy. We own a camp by a creek, thats very cold. Well no more. It holds 5 gallons, and by laying it in the sun we can get cleaned up with warm water. This is very durable, and s... more »

Great product!

11 Mar, 2018
Love to camp, hate to stink! Warms well and no leaks. Decent pressure for light soap removal. Need a bigger one or 2 more so the whole fam can shower. Too many water hogs! **Hint, take a stock po... more »

great for when you have power outages

09 Mar, 2018
ok i know this is for a shower but i used this one a little different when we had a power outage.i was able to warm up water for my coffee and to wash my hands and to wash a few dishes like the s... more »

Perfect for Pool Season!

09 Mar, 2018
Pool season is just around the corner and every year we talk about coming up with some solution for rinsing the chlorine off after a swim.  When I saw this I thought it would be perfect!  I... more »

Really like the idea....

07 Mar, 2018
I really wanted to like this King Camp Solar Shower. My daughter was interested after her week of primitive camping and after having no power for nine days after Irma, some warm/hot water would have b... more »

Very nice solar shower bag!

06 Mar, 2018
This is a great looking solar bag.  Ordered blue and got orange, but no problem the orange looks nice. This bag has a cool temp gauge so that you won's scald yourself when out in the woo... more »

Great Camping Solar Shower

04 Mar, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/KingCamp-Portable-Outdo…/…/B01N0X11ZB I bought this portable shower for camping season. I am very pleased with this product, it is made of very sturdy and durable... more »


03 Mar, 2018
 This solar shower bag is made out of very thick material which lets me know that it's strong enough to carry the amount of water you're supposed to put in it. There's also no areas f... more »

will be nice in the summer

02 Mar, 2018
I was looking for something that I could rinse my feet off after working in the garden and this will be perfect for that purpose.  The hose is always too shocking for me to do that with so this w... more »

Love it!

27 Feb, 2018
What a genius product!  We go on weekend long camping trips and this is perfect!  Way better than the old school way lol more »

I like this!

22 Feb, 2018
I am not one who likes to camp without running water.  We normally camp where there is a shower, but with this solar shower, I can have warm running water at the campsite.It warms up pretty quick... more »

Warm water shower

19 Feb, 2018
This is great  when I go camping Don't need yo take a cold shower anymore.Just fill with water lay it on a flat surface Expose  it to the sunlight #RANKBOOSTERREVIEW #king... more »

Works great for Camping needs.

16 Feb, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #KingCamp  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N0X11ZB/ref=twister_B01JKORJO6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I have used one of these in the past during a long pow... more »

Portable Shower

15 Feb, 2018
Quaint & easy to carry. Personal shower. Great for camping, hiking, & just to have around the house or at the beach. This bag comes in many colors. It's simple to read. more »

It is going to be a fun summer

09 Feb, 2018
Winter is my time to prepare for camping in the summer. I got a hold of this solar gauge. Nice protable water heater and shower head that you can enjoy showering while enjoying the nature. It holds en... more »

Kingcamp solar portable shower

17 Jan, 2018
I'm astounded by this shower!!! It is powered by solar to heat up the water you put into it! It can hold over 5 gallons. Such a unique idea. Its larger than expected and very durable. I haven'... more »


11 Dec, 2017
nice more »