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Product Information
Kegel Weights Balls, LEPO Ben Wa Balls Kegel Exercise Weights Bladder Control Device for Women
4.88 / 5   (16 Reviews)
Price: $25.99


QUICK EFFECT--keep doing kegel exercise 15 minutes a day help you keep away from those incontinence pads, poise impressa, vaginal relaxation and back to girls of compact
SAFE SILICONE--medical grade silicone, most soft and comfortable, 100% waterproof, & easy clean, BPA-free, no worry about allergenic or bad smell
PROFESSIONAL ERGONOMIC DESIGN--progressive and ergonomic design, apply to different level meet different needs, you can exercise step by step, and feel the improvement each time. We have a high quality steel ball inside which will collide transmit tight sense when you do the exercise, which will strength the muscle
WIDE RANGE of DIFFERENT PEOPLE--wide range for the one who will be childbirth/just had been childbirth/sedentary in daily life/no longer compact, ect
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF PURCHASED FROM LEPO: we provide lifetime support with a 30 day money back guarantee, if you have any other issues, pls let us know and we PROMISE to solve it ASAP.


Its so big, never tried

10 Aug, 2018
Its so big, never tried more »

Weird at 1st

25 Apr, 2018
This is a little weird at 1st, but I needed something for bladder leakage. I didnt want to use those weird eggs. I have been using these for a few months now and WHOA! I forgot about some of the muscl... more »

Great for a novice

16 Nov, 2017
I'm new to kegal excersises, so I really love that you not only work your way up to the higher weights, but, that they're also 1 ball each regardless of the weight. I'd seen other set a, b... more »


15 Nov, 2017

Best Kegel weights

09 Nov, 2017
Have you had children? Wanna impress your mate with your Kegal strength? Do you pee when you cough or laugh? I DO! The five Kegal weights are awesome! Start out with the lightest one, the white one, w... more »

Great product

08 Nov, 2017
These came really nicely packaged, nice feel. more »

I love that this set has a gradual 5 step increase in weight, unlike most with only 1-3.

26 Oct, 2017
Most of the reviews I have seen about this type of product, are mostly written by women who have used the weights to help speed up their body's recovery and healing process after childbirth. My st... more »

Kool Kegel Weight Set

24 Sep, 2017
What a nice set of Kegel Weight Balls! Starting from the nice packaging which I will say is very discrete when being delivered, no worries about anyone seeing what you are receiving because of an... more »

Super nice

24 Sep, 2017
These are great different weights makes excerising comfortable and isnt hard to do. These are easy to clean and store overall a great product i highly recommend more »

Vaginal strength

18 Sep, 2017
These are great because you can feel your muscles toning as you use them.  more »

Great way to increase kegal wall strength

18 Sep, 2017
This set is a great way to increase kegal wall strength It has 5 different balls so you can gradually increase the weight to strengthen your kegals gradually but effectively. Great Product! 5 St... more »


17 Sep, 2017

Something That Looks Good and Is Good To Use, Put Those Kegels To Work!

16 Sep, 2017
I am one of many upon many women that have problems with bladder control. Mine started like many of ours did pregnancy/birth. There are many other reasons it can happen too, but as long as you are cle... more »


15 Sep, 2017
After having kids, I was in need of help. I remembered back when I was pregnant with my first kid how they talked about Kegel exercises to help with bladder control and such. They come with 5 differen... more »

Bladder woes be gone

12 Sep, 2017
This is a neat set of graduated kegal weights. They slide in easy and allow you to work the muscles progressively to improve bladder control and sexual satisfaction. They are made of durable materials... more »

Help My Bladder

12 Sep, 2017
Since having my daughter, my bladder isn't in the best shape. I suffer from embarrassing leaks when I sneeze or cough. I'm only 24, so I don't want to have ths problem for the rest of my l... more »