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Product Information
Squishy Toys, Cute Squeeze Cactus Slow Rising Soft Stress Relief Toy Decorative Props
4.83 / 5   (96 Reviews)
Price: £5.99


Dimensions: 10.5 * 9.9cm
Realistic, soft and Kawaii toy
Material: Eco-compatible polyurethane foam
Anti-stress toy, slow increase and wonderful feel of touch
It\'s great as a gift, super soft, super cute. Your friend must love him


So handy for my little chihuahua

14 Apr, 2019
I absolutely love this product! Great amount of space for my little chihuahua and sturdy enough that I know he is safe inside.  Easy to flat pack and set up so handy for storage.  Easy to pu... more »

Fab piece of kit

29 Mar, 2019
This is an amazing piece of technology and one I am putting to full use, it connected no problem and was fast at helping me complete the tasks I was needing to do.  I would have no hesitation... more »


16 Mar, 2019
this has so many uses I can use it in all of arts of my life great product  more »

Top quality thick strong and comfortable

09 Mar, 2019
I bought these to use when decorating, as I have a lot of wood to sand.  I was surprised by how thick they were, much thicker and stronger than previous disposable face masks I have bought. These... more »

Great quality, fast, needed accessory

09 Mar, 2019
This device is great and it's really great build quality. It has a nice length of cable from the box so I can sit it where I want it to be and connect my hard drives, my phone, or any other device... more »

WOrks and a good price

09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too more »

Good quality, seems very well made, good price too

09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too more »

You will like this :)

09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too more »


09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too more »

Good quality, seems very well made, good price too

09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too more »

Best dust maks I ever bought

02 Mar, 2019
These are great quality dust masks, actually the best ones I ever bought (and I bought many from different brands over the years) Very comfortable (as much as a dust mask can be) and do the job PRO... more »

great product

21 Feb, 2019
this is brilliant, Actually brought for my digs, Put dog treats in the water and freeze, hours of great fun :) more »

Gorgeous Cutlery

19 Feb, 2019
  I love this cutlery. So nice to use.  Been after some decent cutlery for a while now. Everything we’ve bought in recent years always felt flimsy.  These are beautifully... more »

Awesome kid's love them...

02 Jan, 2019
Great headphones which is ideal for the kids playing games. They think there fantastic so your worth 5***** thank you very much.. more »

Lots for the ££££

21 Dec, 2018
Lots of cars for the money. Good quality kids will be happy on christmas more »

My best friend !!

18 Dec, 2018
seriously this has already become my best friend  i have a zafira and it fires up fine first turn of key even in the cold we are having my problem is getting the car to start after stop / star... more »

Lovely quality

16 Dec, 2018
My partner and I use this when we get the occasional breakouts of spots and whiteheads. A few drops and we find it disappears. I love how it has natural antibacterial qualities too. The smell is incre... more »

LOBKIN Bluetooth Foldable Headphones

09 Dec, 2018
I bought these as a stocking filler for my partner who is always losing or breaking his foldable headphones therefore I didn't want to spend too much. While I was browsing I came across these and... more »

Works a treat! Easy to set up.

28 Nov, 2018
Nice little kit for any car. My car didn't have an auxiliary input so I got this and am very happy with it. Just pick a channel to bind with on you cars radio and you can add your Bluetooth compat... more »

Awesome, Easy to use.

15 Nov, 2018
If you want a splash of colour and a delightful backlight for your TV or PC these will do the job. They come with a remote with a wide range of choices in colour combos. This set will fit between a 40... more »

Good quality wireless charger

15 Nov, 2018
this is a good size charger, no need to worry about your phone slipping off it. It charges fast and looks neat and tidy. more »


13 Nov, 2018
Bought this for a colleague of mine who is never out of the kitchen and she is nicely impressed with this. Very easy to use depending on what you wish to do just place you knives in at a particular an... more »

So eye catching!

30 Oct, 2018
Wow! Now this is a statement hoodie and ideal for an American/Eagle/Nature lover or someone who just likes to not be wearing the same as everyone else. The print is fantastic and so cear with the b... more »


15 Oct, 2018
This has jumped a 2.8L diesel Chrysler and a 2.0L Renault Scenic many times until we got round to replacing the battery. I look like a hero, wife happy - great! Friends have looked on in disbelief tha... more »

Not compatible to phones advertised

14 Oct, 2018
slightly disappointed as I purchased this for my son to use in an emergency at university  would be great if it was compatible with iPhones as advertised  but it isn’t  even... more »

Develops child imagination

09 Oct, 2018
Lovely toy. Easy to build, easy to push around , the wheels.moves easily. It comes with.some shipping items(veggies fruit red.) Great colours. Kids love it . more »

Fun for hours!

26 Sep, 2018
My Nephew is Obsessed with puzzle toys, ones that stretch the imagination. He is a typical little boy but he’s only little and so trying to find a toy that reaches out to his imaginati... more »

Does what it says on the box!

25 Sep, 2018
Does what it says on the box! Great little box to keep cotton buds etc in. Really nice to look at and great quality. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... more »

Doe's the job well

20 Sep, 2018
For a while now i have wanted to use a water filter on my shower , I use one in my drinking water filter in the fridge as I don't like to put impurities into my body so why shouls i put them on m... more »


20 Sep, 2018
Purchased these because my usual headphones broke and I was at a loss!! I’ll be honest I hadn’t heard of this brand before but it was recommended to me so I went for it  reviews we... more »

Works a treat

15 Sep, 2018
I received the jump starter very quickly. I charged the battery for 4 hours ready to keep in my car at all times. It holds a 95% charge for months. Ive used it a couple of times ov... more »

Superb quality

04 Sep, 2018
purchased this for my hubby as part of his birthday present from the dog!! There are many designs and I purchased more than one  The item itself is well made, of nice medium thickness quality... more »

Not as pictured

31 Aug, 2018
Not quite the ray of a beautiful rainbow as pictured however my son really likes it and that's what matters! Good price considering I would recommend !#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Amteker more »

Very Bright

30 Aug, 2018
So I purchased these for round the pond area of my newly built pond and yes the pong is awesome. There is a stream that runs along the back of a bench we had made for when farther passed and the water... more »

Solar lamp

29 Aug, 2018
Lovely solar lamp with owl pattern  battery lasts all night, its not really bright its more like a glow but its a nice glow as i dont like things really bright in the garden, its just beautiful l... more »

easy to use

27 Aug, 2018
nice device, easy to use, good results more »

eeco 5000mAh Portable Power Bank

26 Aug, 2018
This is a ideal mini power bank for people who like to travel light but need to know they can charge their phones or other devices in the go. This power bank has a 5000 mAh capacity which will give mo... more »

Great piece of kit!

22 Aug, 2018
Awesome bit of kit to give you that coffee kick whenever you need it!   Comes nicely packaged, however, I found the instructions not overly clear. Once I figured out how to set it all up... more »

HDMI extension connector

17 Aug, 2018
Together with an HDMI extension connector, it's ideal for the professionals which have to connect to various displays or projectors at their clients (especially when the setups in the meeting room... more »

Kawaii Squishys

16 Aug, 2018
These pack of 4 Squishy arrived well packaged. The quality of the squishiest was fantastic compared to other I have bought. They are a good size 2 white and 2 grey. They are on the bulky side compared... more »

Ordered for my sister

13 Aug, 2018
My sister is a very slim girl and we are always trying to find the right size of clothes for her. So when I saw this particular waterproof jacket on amazon, I decided to give it a try. It was the best... more »

Nice bed for animals

12 Aug, 2018
The dogcat bed is very nice quality it's robust and has a good build quality , not for big dogs as it's a medium sized bed. I'm very happy with the product. more »

Brilliant, great quality

10 Aug, 2018
This is brilliant, My daughter loves it. she has hours of fun with it. It also comes everywere with us more »

Ok car set

09 Aug, 2018
These little vehicles are cute and nice bright colours. Unfortunately a couple have broke  whilst being played with as I have a heavy handed 3 year old!  Not bad for the price but if y... more »

Fat Burners

08 Aug, 2018
Haven't been taking them long enough to see real results but they definately suppress my appetite so I'm happy to keep taking them. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Dub Nutrition... more »

Great Quality Hdmi lead

08 Aug, 2018
Very nice quality giving a crystal clear picture more »

car tent

30 Jul, 2018
very beautiful pink bright colour Easy to esamble, confy inside, all the pictures of ice cream is superb large an dwith open window The quality is very good #RankBoosterReview ii.&nbs... more »


24 Jul, 2018
this is as easy as put it in press the button and it’s dobe and it’s working great love it more »

Fold flat, don’t leak and even go in the dishwasher!

04 Jul, 2018
These folding cups by #LONGLISHENG are a great idea! I previously used a plastic one when camping but it leaked and was difficult to clean. These silicone ones are so much better in all respects - the... more »


19 Jun, 2018
Room Thermometer are Great product. Easy to set up. It Shows the time, date, humidity and temperature. Screen touch. Also i use alarm clock.  Goooood!!! more »

Deserve 5 star

05 Jun, 2018
I have used this phone for a couple months now and feel that it deserves a 5 star review.   Here are some of the things I like about it: - Good call quality Sleek look - Good functio... more »


27 May, 2018
Love this easy to use and lots of fun with my boys  more »

good value for money

25 May, 2018
When it comes to comfort of my pets I don't let them have just any old bed , I do actually look for how comfortable they will be along with how easy is the bedding going to be to clean , is the ma... more »

perfect set!

15 May, 2018
Very good quality pens more »


05 May, 2018
This is a mole propeller which is easy to install in to your garden as they only need to be stuck in to the ground. Overall this device works when it comes to keeping away pest as well as being solar... more »

Toy utensils

16 Apr, 2018
Got this for my granddaughter and she loves it, it good quality and quite strong not like the thin stuff what breaks, keeps her entertained for hours #RankBoosterReview #toyutensils #peradix more »

Squishy Toy

03 Apr, 2018
I bought this Unicorn Squishy for my Granddaughter's birthday and she loved it. It feels really squishy as described and then bounces back into shape.     #RankBoosterReview... more »

Amazing Colours

02 Apr, 2018
my children love this light it’s a nice size and portable my son uses at bedtime. Perfect for children. Good quality. more »

very pretty

29 Mar, 2018
appears to be good quality looks very pretty smart, delicate ear-rings, quite subtle with a beautiful finish nicely detailed appear expensive perfect gift more »


28 Mar, 2018
Really relaxing. ByWhittson 29 March 2018 I have been wanting a multi coloured light for a while but some of them are so expensive, so when I saw the price of this I had to give it a try . I wi... more »

Bought this a gift

23 Mar, 2018
The Moobom 10pcs was well received and the little girl was very happy for the present. more »

very impressive

18 Mar, 2018
Very easy to use and  I think we have had burgers every night for the last week as it we enjoy finding different fillings to stuff the burger with . The burger press is 3 in 1 and comes with 50 w... more »

Baby loves it!!

16 Mar, 2018
Bought this for my great niece who’s teething.  Everything goes straight to her mouth.  This little toy is brilliant for her, it’s soft & wipe clean.  Would als... more »

What a brilliant tool!

16 Mar, 2018
I did not expect it to be that easy to use. Great set of bits to go. Even my 5 years old daughter was making burgers without a problem. Main thing - all burgers comes same size which is a great bonus.... more »

Love love love

15 Mar, 2018
I’m so addicted to these fab little squishy toys that I have quite a substantial collection  this is one of the medium size ones that I have and squishing it to a pulp and then... more »

muat have charger for car

15 Mar, 2018
I have many in car chargers but none are like this one the fact it had two front charger porta meaning I can charge my Samsung whilst my daughter sat next to me can charge her iPhone also the extra le... more »

Love this Unicorn Squishy

14 Mar, 2018
Nice size as described my daughter loves this squishy. My kids love squishy this is her favourite one from all of them. more »

Great way to make cakes look professional

06 Mar, 2018
I have been looking forward to buying a cake turntable. I love anything to do with baking and cooking. I was surprised with everything that came with the kit. I was excited to open it and begin baking... more »


26 Feb, 2018
Son is so loving having this bag he's a very happy chat asah lives texhtgear more »


25 Feb, 2018
Love it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Organizer-360-Degree-Adjustable-Multifunctional-Boxalls/dp/B072F7ZG36 i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Boxalls more »

Ok glasses.

21 Feb, 2018
Well packaged. A little dissapointing as they do not seem to be very premium. The design is not as defined as thought and there are no premium markings on the glasses. They are heavy bottomed and s... more »

5 stars very nice earings

18 Feb, 2018
Looks amazing, very comfortable to wear even in the night. Very happy with my order. more »


17 Feb, 2018
  Stunning and elegant pearl earrings little studs for Women.  made with  925 sterling silver, freshwater cultured pearl and 5A cubic zirconia. Little stones that catches lig... more »

Nice Quality Musical Instruments

05 Feb, 2018
My daughter loves the musical instruments at school so I bought these for her. Lovely set enough to share when you have friends over.Very Good quality. more »

Unique Design!!

24 Jan, 2018
Bought this back pack for my hubby to use when we go in holiday in March, I was surprised with the unique design and the spacious capacity, really great. It will be a treat to use it in our travels fo... more »

Perfect for many different uses

24 Jan, 2018
Great wee things, take 3 AA batteries.  Bought to have hanging in a very dark cupboard.  Works perfectly.  Unfortunately my little boy has now snaffled it to have in his room, for emerg... more »

Great item

22 Jan, 2018
Great item made with superb quality. Very handy and useful would definately recomment to friends and family more »

Worth every penny

17 Jan, 2018
If you need a bag and you are reading this i will suggest you buy the Laptop-Rucksäcke Herren 15,6 zoll Schwarz, Mupack Wasserdichter Reise Rücksack Damen Stylisch It is simply amazi... more »

Fabulous, affordable low latency wireless gaming mouse

14 Jan, 2018
Fabulous, affordable low latency wireless gaming mouse Great mouse from fits well in the hand and the blue led lights are very cool. Buttons are responsive, and the DPI settings work well. At 2500... more »

Wonderful Variety With This Bag

13 Jan, 2018
I LOVE this bag! Its a great quality bag for the price. Its doubled stitched all around. The zippers are sturdy and easy to open. The material is pretty thick and sturdy. It is a great looking bag. I... more »

Love it

07 Jan, 2018
SImple, light and very nice more »


07 Jan, 2018
Look so cool and funky I cannot wait to see it up and start using it ... love it  more »

Mugig Kondensatormikrofone und Phantomspeisung

22 Dec, 2017
Really good quality works spot on the double usb plug alone is worth the money.  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mugig-Condenser-Microphone-Adaptable-Professional/dp/B071DQTYVW #RankBoosterReview&... more »

descaling tablets

06 Dec, 2017
These were ok, had to use 2 to descale some items, but did work. Long lasting fizz thanks more »

Does the job

26 Nov, 2017
Bought as a spare, but it does the job! I heavilly reccomend this item for phone owners. https://www.amazon.com/AOPETIO-360%C2%B0Rotation-Kickstand-Anti-slip-Smartphones/dp/B074557PRS i. #R... more »

5 star

18 Nov, 2017
Bought for my husband as he needed some more pedal connection cables and these seem like great quality . These have given no interference or crackles what so ever , they feel like nice qu... more »

Pedal Cables

15 Nov, 2017
Very fast next day delivery came instantly. These are great for setting up any pedals that you have for your guitar. You just plug them into your pedals and plug it all into your amp and guitar and th... more »

Ring Phone Holded

06 Nov, 2017
Have not yet used in the car, so therefore I can only base this review on the way in which I have used it. So far so good for me to have a better hold of my phone. I have not hit myself in the fa... more »

Great product

28 Oct, 2017
Great product can’t wait to get it outside works fine  more »