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Product Information
Rigma Mens Suspenders - Suspenders For Men - Adjustable Solid Straight Clip (Brown)
5.00 / 5   (1 Reviews)
Price: $11.99


ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR SIZE - You can adjust the suspenders to whatever style and/or size you are looking for, stay comfortable and keep your pants on, shift the back two piece to your comfort and design.
UNIQUE DESIGN & COLOR - The unique design will go with anything, including a tuxedo, jeans, and any other outfit. Including many different colors like green, red, blue, black, brown, tan, grey, and more. Great for fashion.
EXCELLENT MATERIAL - One of the best materials in the market. Our elite woven suspenders are made out of extra strong spandex fabric with 75% polyester and 25% elastane fiber with strong clips.
FANCY BOX - If you are planning on buying this as a gift or want to keep it clean, unlike our competitors our suspenders come in a fancy brown box, which gives the elite feeling.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS KEY FOR US! if you are unsatisfied with the product or if you have any questions about it, message us, and we will do our best to assist you. ENJOY YOUR SUSPENDERS!


Rigma Suspenders

19 Nov, 2018
Suspenders are making a big fashion comeback. Once used mostly for practicality they now are more of a fashion statement. Rigma Suspenders are available in a variety of colors and designs on Amazon. T... more »