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Product Information
Lodabodkin Fidget Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety for Children and Adults, Anxiety Attention Toy (Black-green)
4.83 / 5   (30 Reviews)
Price: $6.87


☆ HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT - We want to help all fidgeters with restless hands to increase focus and attention in the classroom or workplace. Hence we are offering them a fidget dice that is sure to promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, relieve anxiety and keep boredom away.
☆ DURABLE - Unlike the cheaper knockoff versions that get broken in days, you can fidget with this dice without fear of destroying it, as our fidget cube is made of extra durable nonplastic silicon. It is sturdy and safe for both kids and adults alike.
☆ PERFECT ENERGY RELEASE GIFT- This is the perfect gift for children and adults with high energy, high stress, high anxiety levels, Autism, ADHD, ADD, OCD, etc. to find some form of energy release by merely using this fidget toy.
☆ PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Worried about loud clicking sounds? Our high-quality desk toy is professionally designed for discrete use in your workplace or classroom without disturbing others.
☆Backed With 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! If You Don\'t Love It, Return It and Get a Full Refund! Simple!


Fun for fidget

12 Jan, 2018
Better than fidget spinner for me. Prefer the different options more »

Great for Fidgeters

20 Nov, 2017
I got this for my son who loves his fidget spinners and was looking for other cool toys to play with. This has provided him probably more things to do than the fidget spinner, as there are many differ... more »

Best way to make hubby nuts, fun to play with.

01 Nov, 2017
I ordered this fidget cube to see if it really could help with stress relieve. How surprised I was to find how small it is, easy to fit in my pants pocket. The roll buttons are fun I can stand in a cr... more »

Great for relieving stress!

30 Oct, 2017
I currently have this with me throughout the day and I can say for myself it helps me relieve some stress. Especially as a college student. Being able to fidget with this helps me a lot. The plastic i... more »


22 Oct, 2017
Ive been looking for one of these for my daughter but wasnt sure if paying $10 for something like this was worth it. Hands down this is worth every penny. My daughter loves this so much. She hasnt sto... more »

My son loves his new toy!

21 Oct, 2017
I gave this fidget cube to my son for his birthday and he loves it. He has ADHD and this fidget cube has helped him so much. He's able to sit still for long periods of time now. Everything on the... more »


18 Oct, 2017
I have been using this cube to keepmy anxiety down with all that we are going through with the aftermath of hurricane Maria and not having power and the challenges of finding internet connection, whic... more »

Not what I was expecting

16 Oct, 2017
I remember fidget cubes being advertised as quiet means of fidgeting as an alternative to clicking a pen or tapping fingers. This is just as noisy and not as satisfying. Others who tried it seem to li... more »

A cube that actually works smoothly

15 Oct, 2017
I bought several of these cubes and thy were all epic fails. This one was very well made no siezed up parts everyting works flawlessly love it. more »

Works well

13 Oct, 2017
Lodabodkin Fidget Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety for Children and Adults, Anxiety Attention Toy Product link: https://www.amazon.com/Lodabodkin-Relieves-Children-Attention-Black-green/dp/B06... more »

De-stress yourself!

11 Oct, 2017
When I decided to purchase this product, I did not think it was going to work but I wanted to give it a try. Everytime I felt stressed and anxious, I would play with this fidget and somehow it will ta... more »

Keeping Hands Busy

11 Oct, 2017
REVIEW...Lodabodkin Fidget Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety for Children and Adults, Anxiety Attention Toy (Black-green) PACKAGING: Comes in red small cardboard box. The company name and logo are o... more »

Keeps your hands busy

02 Oct, 2017
I wish I would have had one of these while I was in high school! I was always tapping, moving, chewing only pens, this item would have been perfect for me to fidget around with. I particularly like th... more »

Very nice

01 Oct, 2017
I am really enjoying this new fidget cube stress relief and anxiety relief  for my self I am a full time of student so I always have a lot on my mind. I never get enough time for myself I am alwa... more »

Great Fidget Cube

30 Sep, 2017
This fidget cube is great!.   It comes in a nice box, and you can tell riht away it is quality made. The buttons and switches all feel solid and sturdy. It is very entertaining. I pla... more »

Son loved it!

29 Sep, 2017
So helpful!  more »

Fun item

29 Sep, 2017
Love it! Arrived in it's own cute box. The color is great! Feels good in hands. Thanks so much! more »

I love this thing!

28 Sep, 2017
I love this thing! Both myself and my 7 year old daughter have anxiety and tend to fidget our hands a lot. When the fidget spinner was a big thing we tried it out but didn't feel it helped at all.... more »

My 6 year old loves this

27 Sep, 2017
I purchased this lodabodkin fidget cube for my 6 year old son and he loves it. He has adhd and it's about impossible to get him to pay attention to anything. However since purchasing this fidget c... more »

Perfect tool for school

25 Sep, 2017
This cube is great. Busy hands require this very useful cube.  more »

Keeps me busy!

25 Sep, 2017
This little fidget cube is very entertaining.  It helps me with stress and anxiety.  It also helps when I have to think about important things. I like that it has 6 things to do on it.  ... more »

Great fidget cube

24 Sep, 2017
This is a great little fidget cube. I love these tiny little cubes. They help people deal with stress, anger, and many other things that can cause panic attacks. They are great to help deal with stres... more »

Perfect for Christmas

24 Sep, 2017
my 12yr old collects fidget spinners now he will have a cube for his collection. more »


23 Sep, 2017
I liked the colors the most, the colors kept my attention more than the button pushing,  the switch clicker, the roller. It's a great idea but there was just too much going on at once to enjo... more »

Fun Little Fidget Cube!

23 Sep, 2017
Recently we ordered a Lodabodkin Fidget Cube from Amazon.  My kids love fidget toys like the fidget spinner.  They had been asking me for a fidget cube to try out.  They really enj... more »

Play Time

23 Sep, 2017
My kids both have OCD and have a hard time focusing on task at hand. They already had the spinners so I thought I would try something different and bought this fidget cube. They absolutely love this f... more »

My child loves it

20 Sep, 2017
I purchased the fidgit for myself. I got to use it for about 5 minutes and my son took it. For the brief time that I had it to use I enjoyed it. I really like the clicking. But there are buttons to pu... more »

Best Fidget Cube

19 Sep, 2017
Best Fidget Cube ever #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Lodabodkin   https://www.amazon.com/Lodabodkin-Relieves-Children-Attention-Black-green/dp/B06VW8GWG4 more »

Great for keeping hands and mind busy.

17 Sep, 2017
First off no one that uses these have any forms of autism or ADHD. My son does play with it when he has gotten frustrated with something like homework. This fidget cube is made of extra durable non pl... more »

Fidget Cube

09 Sep, 2017
I love these little Fidget cubes and so do my kids.  This one is pretty colored and great quality.  The fidgets on the cube are fun to do and work well to keep anyone busy while doing homewo... more »