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Product Information
FabricMCC Magnetic Screen Door, Magnets Snap Shut Automatically, Heavy Duty Instant Mesh Screen Door for Any Household
4.80 / 5   (5 Reviews)
Price: $22.99


GO THROUGH FREELY: Magnetic screen door can keep bugs off while letting gentle breezes in. And it is easy for toddlers & pets to walk through freely, it do not hurt kids or pets. Even if your hands are full--just push through the center slit, the magnets snap shut automatically.
PERFECT QUALITY: The magnetic door curtain is made of fiberglass and magnetic stripe. Full Velcro sewn around outside edges, 14 magnets + 12 magnetic strips sewn inside middle seam.
HEAVEY DUTU AT BOTTOM: By adding weights at the bottom, it can be wind-resistant and speeds up the closure process. It is different from other ordinary screen door, it provides a perfect seal from top to bottom, leaving no gaps for bugs.
AVOID NOISE: Magnetic strips sewn inside middle seam, it can close door more quickly, quieter and closer. And t is much better than plastic snaps, because magnet screen doors can avoid noise when you through the screen door.
EASY TO INSTALL: It fits all door sizes up to 36x82\" . Installs without tools or in about 5 minutes. It will not damage to your door frame. We will send a roll of velcro and a box of black nails(20 nails) Full Velcro sewn around outside edges, you can paste directly.


screen door

07 Nov, 2017
Really durable and reliable mesh screen door. I love how the way it looks. The mesh screen is heavy not some cheap flimpsy kind that I have bought before this one. It rip easily and this one is much b... more »

Bug Free Home

20 Oct, 2017
I have had this for a few months and i must say it is holding up better than i could have dreamed. I am using the screen door on on the front dooo frame of a moblie home. I enjoy looking out the door... more »

Keeps the Unwanted OUT!

14 Oct, 2017
Once you get this set up, it works perfectly. Our dogs can go in and out, closes automatically. All those pesky flies are not bothering us anymore. Great for our RV too, just add additional velcro to... more »

Magnetic Screen Door

11 Sep, 2017
I find this magnetic screen door very sturdy and beautiful. I like how the screen is see through without extra seam and obstruction. It is easy to install and the look makes looking outside really nic... more »

Quality screen

31 Aug, 2017
A really durable quality mesh. I have an old one and it ripped easily. The mesh was so thin compared to this heavy duty mesh screen. I was able to put it up pretty easy. It comes with a roll of velcro... more »