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Product Information
LED lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Oval Shaped with Touch Screen, Desktop vanity Mirror,with one Detachable 5X magnifying mirror
4.57 / 5   (21 Reviews)
Price: $29.99


ADJUSTABLE LED BRIGHTNESS : Easy to touch the screen of the circle on the mirror to adjust the led brightness.
Lighted Make up Mirror-16 durable LED light beads -lasting up to 5 years of continuous use.
LEGANT OVAL SHAPE Make Up Mirror: With built-in rechargeable battery, you can take it around your house
Detachable 5X Magnification Mirror- Was a plus to use for making up .
SPACE SAVING: This unique storage design can put your jewelries or other small objects on the base. and it is non-slip and detachable with 4 rubber feet on the bottom .


I use this everyday

25 Dec, 2018
I use this everyday! more »

Make up mirror

03 May, 2018
Very beautiful make up mirror. Long life battery to. The button is soft touch and can change the mode of the light just by tapping it. more »

Helps Create More Natural Light

08 Apr, 2018
I got this mirror because my bathroom has soft yellow lighting. Whenever I got outside, I found that my makeup didn't match or blend correctly because I couldn't see it fully with the weak lig... more »

Great Light

02 Apr, 2018
I love this like! I got this for doing my makeup and it works just as described! Highly recommend!  more »

Bright and stylish

15 Mar, 2018
I love it. It is much better now to do my make-up. The light is very bright and very helpful. Easy to charge. Recommend. more »


07 Jan, 2018
We purchased this for our daughter and she loves it. She loves having two mirrors in one. One side features standard magnification and the other side is 5x magnification. The LED's a... more »

Love it!!

28 Dec, 2017
The mirror works beautifully. I love the brightness and the magnification mirror hidden on the back. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a small, but bright vanity mirror. more »

A beautiful, lighted, oval-shaped, rechargeable LED makeup mirror.

21 Nov, 2017
This is a beautiful, lighted, oval-shaped, rechargeable LED makeup mirror by ZoiyTop.  It came with a small, magnetic, 5x magnifying mirror attached to the back.  The main mirror i... more »

works as expected. Fair price. decent quality.

11 Nov, 2017
works as expected. Fair price. decent quality. more »


09 Nov, 2017

Bright lighted mirror

06 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/lighted-Vanity-Desktop-Detachable-magnifying/dp/B075STYLKV Really liking my vanity mirror its very durable. I like that I can carry it around without all the cords in the way... more »

zoom in

05 Nov, 2017
Great product. I have been super excited about this mirror. It has everything I could possibly need. My favorite part is that its easy USB charge. The mirror easily swivels and the little mirror makes... more »

The Amazing LED Mirror.

03 Nov, 2017
Oh my god was I amazed with this mirror. Yes. I have two ti y mirrors that i have gotten through reviewing which inlove. But they do drain my battery. I use more batteries than my kids do in their gam... more »

Love it

03 Nov, 2017
everything I need in a mirror. Needed a new one and I’m highly satisfied..packaged very secure and delivered fast more »


02 Nov, 2017
LED lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Oval Shaped with Touch Screen, Desktop vanity Mirror,with one Detachable 5X magnifying mirror Pros: light is very bright attractive USB charger  sm... more »

not shipped- amazon cancelled order

01 Nov, 2017
not shipped- amazon cancelled order more »

Great mirror

31 Oct, 2017
Thhis makeup mirror is absolutely perfect the light really helps to apply my makeup perfectly or pluck my eyebrows as needed. I am much more pleased with this mirror than the one it is replacing. I am... more »

This lights up my life <3

30 Oct, 2017
I absolutely love this mirror! I can do my make up and do my eye brows while I’m sitting down now, instead of standing in the bathroom! It had bright LED lights so your able to see everything ve... more »

Perfect for My Space

28 Oct, 2017
I have very limited space on my desk for the traditional "vanity" items, so it was very important that I find a powerful mirror that fit both in esthetic and space. This mirror is perfection... more »

Lots of light with this makeup mirror!

27 Oct, 2017
I like to get comfortable and do my makeup in my bedroom but the lighting in there is low and I have to move to another room most of the time.  I saw this makeup mirror and wanted to try it. ... more »

Very bright

24 Oct, 2017
I have been looking for a nice lighted makeup mirror and I am very happy with this one. It is an oval shape and large enough for me to see my whole face plus it comes with a stand that you can store s... more »