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Jasontric Snorkel Mask Full Face with Detachable Mount Pivot for GoPro Arm Large View Free Breath Dry Top Set Leakproof Fogproof for Adult (Blueblack)
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Price: $38.99


SNORKEL FULL FOGPROOF WATERPROOF FACIAL MASK: makes it easier than ever to breathe naturally through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling. Our mask provides a 180¡ã viewing area- the biggest of any snorkel mask on the market today guaranteeing that you will see more fish and sea creatures than ever before.
REPLACEMENT FOR GoPro ACTION CAMERALMOUNT INCLUDED: easily attach your GoPro camera for awesome underwater shots.
180 Degree FULL FACE PANORAMIC ROUND LENS DESIGN- makes it easier than ever to get the paranamic view under seawater.while you are snorkeling.
DRY SNORKEL TECHNOLOGY stops salt water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging. Spend less time worrying about water in your mask and more time snorkeling!
NO CHOCKING WATER: A ball at the top of the tube will automatically seal the air valve to prevent water from entering the mask when submerged, no bad experience of choking water. if water somehow enters the mask, it is held in a chamber away from your mouth and nose and the water drain at the bottom of the chin area allows the mask to drain completely just by raising your head out of the water


Just in time for our next snorkle adventure!

16 Sep, 2018
We were looking for an alternative to the standard snorkle masks especially since 2 of us wear contacts and this makes it easie so we can see without worrying about the contact lens getting washed out... more »