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Product Information
SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Touch Control, Color LED Speaker, Bedside Table Light, Speakerphone/TF Card/AUX-in Supported (White), 7
4.83 / 5   (53 Reviews)
Price: $19.95


Bluetooth Speakers with Night Light Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker This SHAVA speaker lamp is an excellent product for both indoor as well as outdoor. Equipped with the latest bluetooth chip, it connects seamlessly with all bluetooth compatible devices and is great for speaker phone application because of the noise cancellation software. The different colour light change is also a fantastic feature whereby you have different colours to choose from as well as ambient white. The soft touch on the top on the speaker make its easier to turn on/off this SHAVA night lamp.


Neat Night Light Speaker!

12 May, 2019
Such a cool little speaker that is ideal for a night light. Great for kids room, bathroom, bedroom, office or any space you want to add a little touch of color and sound. Easy to setup and use. SHA... more »

Pleasing To Listen & Watch

11 May, 2019
This is a wonderful Bluetooth speaker by SHAVA that triples as a night light and a party light. It's equipped with Bluetooth wireless availability, Micro SD card slot, and 3.5mm audio cable c... more »

Beautiful speaker with night light in it

06 May, 2019
Beautiful speaker, bluetooth, with light inside. perfect for bedroom as nightlight while listening to music. A+ great sound quality as well. more »

Very Nice!

16 Apr, 2019
This is a great Night Light and I also love the sound, It's a great baby sitter for my Grand-Son. I can set this by his bed and turn it on and he's asleep in 5 ninutes! I would recommend this... more »

Another good speaker

11 Apr, 2019
This review is almost identical to the other Shava night light and bluetooth speaker because they function exactly the same. The main difference between the two is that one is tall and cylindrical, wh... more »

Love it

09 Apr, 2019
Awesome speaker and love the look. Great for childs room more »

Beautiful all in one, so useful

08 Apr, 2019
SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Touch Control, Color LED Speaker, Bedside Table Light, Speakerphone/TF Card/AUX-in Supported (White), 7 This is truly all in... more »

Nice speaker

07 Apr, 2019
This products some in a box with pictures and all needed instructions. The bluetooth was easily paired without any problems.  The colors are light and not real bright, would make a great night li... more »

awesome product.

05 Apr, 2019
Very great sound more »

These guys make great lights and speakers...

04 Apr, 2019
We have gotten a couple different look light/speakers from SHAVA and have loved everyone.  The sound is great and the reach of the Bluetooth is great.  This one works awesome as a night ligh... more »

Great Sound

04 Apr, 2019
I received this Bluetooth Touch Control Speaker from Shava. It has 5 different color settings and 2 light modes, and makes a great nightlight. It can connect to Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet away, a... more »

Great little speaker

31 Mar, 2019
It is a rechargeable speaker with plug and play or bluetooth. Turn power on and use mode button to pick how you want to play. It can be high, med, or low white light by pressing the speaker screen. Or... more »

Great as a night light

30 Mar, 2019
OK so the functionality of the light is a little complicated once you figure out how to use it it's pretty cool for a night light. As a speaker, it sounds a little tinie not much bass. Overal... more »

very nice

30 Mar, 2019
this item is very nice for the price it also works great my daughter loved it more »


30 Mar, 2019
I love this speaker it s my favorite. Its compact loud for a small speaker.  Dont let the size fool you . Its a great speaker more »

Not as advertised!!

29 Mar, 2019
Item is advertised as being "Wireless Bluetooth Speaker(s) (as if there were more than one speaker). . . Speakerphone TF card/AUX-in supported" THIS IS NOT WIRELESS, or Bluetooth!!  &n... more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

28 Mar, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Shava https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IEIRFAW more »


25 Mar, 2019
I have this bluetooth Speaker in my bathroom it's a nice night light at night so when the littles have to get up and go I can also listen to music when when the shower. It has great sound an... more »

Nice Style Bedside Lamp/Bluetooth Speaker. With Pretty Colors.

25 Mar, 2019
I received my "SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker" in the mailbox yesterday but didn't check the mail till about an hour ago. Not thinking I got any deliveries on Sunday this week. So I... more »

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

25 Mar, 2019
I do not have any kids at the moment, but if I did, I would place one of these in their rooms. This is one of the coolest Bluetooth speakers I have seen in a very long time! My wife really likes it an... more »


23 Mar, 2019
This speaker is awesome! It lasts all day at work and is really powerful. I work in a very loud environment and I can still hear the music. It's really easy to pair, just turn it on and scan for b... more »

Love it!

23 Mar, 2019
This is perfect. I use it when I shower. I use it when I go to sleep and want to listen to calming waves. I have my grandson visiting right now & he uses it for the nightlight. MANY uses! Great pr... more »

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

23 Mar, 2019
SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker is an all around bluetooth speaker that does it all. You can answer calls, play music by bluetooth/3.5mm cable also with a micro sd card, even works as a touchable... more »

big sound from a small speaker

21 Mar, 2019
This Shava Speaker can do it all! It is a nightlight, a bluetooth speaker, a touch control LED mood lamp, a hands-free speaker phone and a portable lantern. It has three levels of light intensity and... more »


19 Mar, 2019
Inexpensive speaker but great quality and awesome sound!!! I loved them, all my family and friends liked it. It's fun coz of the different colors. It's awesome specially at night, so cool! The... more »

Very nice bluetooth speaker and more

18 Mar, 2019
A rechargable bluetooth speaker. A variety of lighting choices from 3 brightness levels in white to several colors. Set it to change colors in loop or modulates with music. Just tap the top grill to s... more »


16 Mar, 2019
Where do I start?! In all honestly this product is AMAZING! Literally needed a simple nightlight/speaker for my daughter and godkids. This is perfect! The quality is great and I love the color LED!... more »

Sound and light = perfect together

15 Mar, 2019
Thank you so much for including lights and sounds together in one piece. Usually, what happens is that cool lights will be seen or nice sound will be heard, but in this price range,  having... more »

SHAVA night light bluetooth speaker with touch control light

15 Mar, 2019
I give this 5 stars and a big thumbs up!  Great sound and cool color changing ability.  I took it out of the box, plugged it in to charge, and immediately paired it to my iphone and played m... more »

Love it

15 Mar, 2019
I'm loving this Bluetooth speaker its very loud and clear plus the night light is touch sensitive so I love the ease of just having to push a button to dim the light or make it brighter and the mu... more »

Great Speaker!

15 Mar, 2019
This speaker is awesome. My kids are obsessed with the lights. Works great for a night light or just a light in general. The sound quality is great. Hooks up to bluetooth easily. Love the touch c... more »

Bluetooth/Night Light Speaker

14 Mar, 2019
I love my new Blutooth speaker.. I really wanted a night light for my room and a good Bluetooth and this is exactly what I've been looking for. I've had separate items before, but this is so m... more »

Beautiful lights!

13 Mar, 2019
Love this! Beautiful lights all in one as you are listening to your music! Its amazing! It can be hung on  a tree at night by the fire! Its great for the house as well when you are gathered with... more »

So many features!

11 Mar, 2019
I cannot believe everything this little light can do!  It has so many features and options. What a great item! more »

Super fun!

10 Mar, 2019
This speaker is a blast! Nice & loud. Clear sound. The lights are awesome! My 2 year old loves changing the colors & it doesn’t interfere with the music playing. It was really easy to co... more »

08 Mar, 2019
If you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker with a nightlight,  this is one to consider.  I love how bright it is.  It would be great for camping.  Not only that,  but I lik... more »

SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Touch Control, Color LED Speaker, Bedside Table Light, Speakerphone/TF Card/AUX-in Supported (White)

08 Mar, 2019
SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Touch Control, Color LED Speaker, Bedside Table Light, Speakerphone/TF Card/AUX-in Supported (White). Nice Soumd, easy to use... more »

Very Nice Lighted Speaker!

08 Mar, 2019
I got a discount on this Shava Night Light Bluetooth Speaker so I could give an honest review of it.  It's a nice little speaker and I love that it lights up.  It's easy to set up, e... more »

Great buy

05 Mar, 2019
Great speaker even better night light ...highly recommended  more »

Perfect for the teenager

05 Mar, 2019
I purchased this for my teen. She is always wasting her phone battery because she listens to music when she showers. Now that I purchased this speaker she can save the battery life and enjoy music on... more »


04 Mar, 2019
this is one of the greatest speakers ive gotten.  it lights up in multi colors and will light up accordingly to the beat  more »

Bright and Light

04 Mar, 2019
This night light bluetooth speaker by Shava is portable, wireless and has touch controls.  It is LED light so it does not get hot and changes many different colors or three different shades of li... more »

Great little speaker and light

04 Mar, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Touch Control, Color LED Speaker, Bedside Table Light, Speakerphone/TF Card/AUX-in Su... more »

Loving it while i work

04 Mar, 2019
I picked this up to sit next to my scroll saw so id have a better time listing to music vs the shop speakers. I love every second of it. the Volume was perfect at max little to no distortion. Granted... more »

Sounds Great!

04 Mar, 2019
Loving My Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker! Gets Loud & Love the Colors! Great For Party's & Cook outs!! more »


03 Mar, 2019
I love this night light Bluetooth speaker! It connects to my all devices without issues.  color LED makes it very festive and adds decor to the room.  Multi functional! Sound quality is grea... more »

An excellent addition to my kid's bathroom!

03 Mar, 2019
I bought this night light/speaker for my kids. That way they just get up at night if the needs arise and easily head to their restrooms. I love the wireless speaker feature because I either love to si... more »

this is a fun and functional speaker!

03 Mar, 2019
I am extremely happy with this speark. Not only is it a bluetooth, it lights up and becomes a great night light. This way me or the grandkids can listen to music and have a light to sleep by. This is... more »


27 Feb, 2019
Easy to operate. It's a very sleek design. It puts out good sound. I recommend it for purchase. #rank-booster more »

Nice Durable Speaker

27 Feb, 2019
I got this for my Granddaughter and she absolutely LOVES it! The 5 colors are beautiful and the brightness levels are a great addition. It is very easy to change the colors with just a press on the to... more »

Beautiful and great sounding too

26 Feb, 2019
This combines a great sounding rechargable bluetooth speaker with a nice night-light. It will play audio from bluetooth devices, a TFcard with MP3 files on it, and audio input using a 3.5mm audio cabl... more »

Great buy

23 Feb, 2019
This portable speaker by SHAVA is amazing. I love that it lights up and can be used as a nightlight and speaker. Just put on soothing music to help the littles in your house nap. Its wonderful. The so... more »