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Product Information
Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector, Apple MFI Certified for iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding)
4.85 / 5   (96 Reviews)
Price: $63.99


✔ With USB 3.0 and 128GB: OMARS iPhone USB Stick offers an easy and speedy way to transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad and computers. Let you free up memory on your mobile devices without using a cable or iCloud.
✔ Fancy and Streamlined Body Design: Extended connector, suit to most thick cases. The anti-lost and convenient sliding cap provides full protection to the connector
✔ User friendly App with more features: 1.Take photos, videos and audios directly to external storage; 2.Backup and manage files easily; 3.Encrypt single files in the flash drive; 4.Backup and restore contacts at one click; 5.Share files with social medias and other Apps.
✔ Speedy transfer performance: You can transfer a 3GB HD video or Photos in less than one minute. Support FAT32 and exFAT (enables you to transfer single files larger than 4GB). IMPORTANT NOTE: You could not transfer Music and Video files in iTunes or downloaded by the 3RD APP to the flash drive, as they are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected.
✔ User manual and FAQ are available under \"Settings\" of our App. Quality Guaranteed by CE, FCC & MFi. 12 Months Worry-free Warranty & dedicated email customer support.



15 Jul, 2019
seems like a cracking bit of kit so small and versatile more »

Little good one but

24 Apr, 2019
If you need this items please contact the seller for more promotion, And this is a great solution for a min storage iPhone.It make your phone storage more larger so that you can install more APP fr... more »

Super handy

26 Nov, 2018
Little pricy, but a life saver. This flash drive is such a useful device, only reason for 4 stars is the price point. more »

Im inlove!

03 Oct, 2018
im in-love with this! I dont need to worry about plugging in my phone to computer when i dont have space or transfer something ! This is fantastic! Thank you very much! more »


24 Sep, 2018
This really makes transfering photos off your phone a whole lot easier. more »

Very good product and good price.

20 Sep, 2018
Thanks to this website,  always find a good product and useful. This one my nephew  always use. I recommend to everyone must have! more »

A must have for any Iphone user

08 Sep, 2018
Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Connector, Apple MFI Certified Compatible with iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding)   Great little item good I you can’t... more »

Very cool drive and multiple connections

05 Sep, 2018
This is great for backing up photos, keeping extra data and documents off of your phone but at hand ready to access from a pc or a phone. It has decent speeds and has a nice hole to hook a lanyard on... more »

Review incomplete at this time

29 Aug, 2018
I was impressed with how nice lookng this product was.  However, I followed the instructions and installed the app.  Unfortunately, I was unabe to transfer my photos. Each time, I tried to m... more »

Saves Space

22 Aug, 2018
i recieved this 128 gigabyte external flash drive from Omars. It easily plugs into your iPhone, and can store your documents and photos without using up all of the memory on your phone. The downloaded... more »

effective device

19 Aug, 2018
very easy to use it, just download an app and it will automatic connect. absolute extending space to save stuff. more »

Great product !

14 Aug, 2018
small and handy.. this is great way to transfer your photos and videos.   love it more »

Free up space

13 Aug, 2018
Hubbys phone never has enough storage and this took care of it. Nice quality also more »

Love this!!!! Files from my PC to my Iphone in a flash!!!

13 Aug, 2018
You are cheating yourself not buying this! This is the best item I’ve bought in a while!!!! more »


11 Aug, 2018
it is a great product. It is very smarth and convenient to use. Totally love it more »


08 Aug, 2018
I've always ahted buying music specifically for my iphone... so, this drive let's me easily add any song I can find off the internet, or even tv shows and movies to the drive and then pla... more »

Handy flash drive

07 Aug, 2018
With technology so important these days storage devices are needed. I take a lot of pictures and videos on my iPod and I know lots of people who use their phone a lot and you use up your storage well... more »

Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector, Apple MFI Certified for iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding)

07 Aug, 2018
I have never seen a flash drive like this that works on both Apple and android systems.  It is really handy and I am enjoying the convenience of this product.  My daughter who is a real comp... more »

The iPhone Flash Drive That Everyone Needs!

03 Aug, 2018
Omars iPhone Flash drives are truly quality gadgets. After having gone through issues with a relative who doesn't have a computer it was clear there had to be a better way to save contacts an... more »


03 Aug, 2018
good memory stick to store my photos and can be safe as I can take off from phone more »

Decent Product, Makes You Download Sketchy App.

02 Aug, 2018
This iPhone flash drive is very nice. It has a whopping 128 GB of storage space, and comes with a 5mm extended lightning connector, plus it has USB 3.0. With all of these connections, it's easy... more »

The Fastest Flash Drive for Your I-Whatever

01 Aug, 2018
If you want  to transfer music or a large movie or even move copius amounts of pictures off your limited space on either your Iphone or Ipad..Omar's Iphone USB 128G Flash drive is the right o... more »

Awesome Seller....

01 Aug, 2018
Works great..... #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Wellmade Brands more »

Easy to use

01 Aug, 2018
An easy to use memory stick. Increases the capacity of the device by a lot. Only few issues are that you cannot discover the flash drive in the files of iphone.  Connects immediately ot the ri... more »

Very nice flash drive

01 Aug, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #omars This is a very nice flash drive to have for your iphone.  I use it to free up space for my photos. more »

Baddest little flash drive.

31 Jul, 2018
By far the coolest flash drive ever. No extra crap to worry about. Fits nice and snug in my IPhone X. Back ups are easy.  more »

Great item to have for any iPhone user!

31 Jul, 2018
This is the second Omars brand flash drive I have bought. The first one I gave to a friend, this one I save for my self.  It was awesome clearing some space off of the Ipad.  Works like a ch... more »

Very easy to use!

31 Jul, 2018
i have bought other flash drives to keep photos stored so I don’t need extra Apple storage. I have had nothing but trouble from them, loosing pictures, hard to understand apps, not working in ge... more »

Great product

31 Jul, 2018
This product is the absolute best. It stores everything from my phone perfectly. Easy to use and durable.  more »

Always back up your files.

30 Jul, 2018
And always back up your phone files.  You never know when it will just make all your photos and contacts disappear.  This flash drive is a great item to have handy. It is very easy to use ju... more »

Cool gadget

30 Jul, 2018
Never used one of these before but it's pretty cool. Loads of memory space to it and it comes with an app that lets you do other things as well. Its also very descriptive on instruction s making i... more »

This little thing is huge!

30 Jul, 2018
Have ditched my hard drive because of this little thingy. the 128GB is more than enough to store huge files from my travels and documentaries. What a convenience bringing a slim 2-inch tech with a hug... more »

Works well

29 Jul, 2018
I bought this for my sister's iPhone and she said it works well and she is very happy with it. It arrived fast with Amazon Prime in a nice box without any damage. #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored#O... more »


29 Jul, 2018
Amazing.  This flash drive is absolutely incredible. It’s extremely durable, comes with its own app for easy use. 128g!!! The transfer speeds are incredible. 35mb/s. Just plug and follow th... more »

Where has this lightning stick been all of my life!

28 Jul, 2018
  Where has this lightning stick been all my life! I can't count how many times I have run into problems trying to get things off of my iPhone onto my computer. Either my computer wasn'... more »

works well

27 Jul, 2018
This is a review Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector, Apple MFI Certified for iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding) it works well and has good fea... more »

Great lightning flash drive

27 Jul, 2018
Great lightning flash drive with high quality feel and smooth sliding. Feels super premium! more »

Another Great Buy

26 Jul, 2018
Of course, Y'all know I had to get bae one of these iPhone flash drive and I’m a tad bit jealous that he has more space than both of mine put together. This too can be kept on a keychain for... more »

Enough memory to store all kinds of data

25 Jul, 2018
After visiting New York with some girlfriends, we had the problem of efficiently sharing our photos.  We texted them, set up an account to upload and share, and posted on Facebook.  None of... more »

Love it

25 Jul, 2018
What a great product. It just work. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Omars more »

Love it

25 Jul, 2018
Love thus flash drive it has a sleek modern really kool metallic look and it's nice and compact and so easy to use its made my transfering of files and photos so much more easy and efficient and w... more »

The best heavy duty Flash ever

25 Jul, 2018
This thing is built to last a lifetime. The outer cover is actually machined aluminum with a brushed finish that even the perfectionist machinist will love  not to mention its lightning fast and... more »

Nice and slick looking

25 Jul, 2018
I got this for my iPhone 6 S Plus since I have a lot of pictures of my family and kids and wanted to have it safely stored in one place. I have them saved on iCloud as well but what if something to ha... more »

great storage for your iPhone

25 Jul, 2018
I am an Android user but all of my family use iPhones.  Their number one complaint is the storage capability. This iPhone Flash Drive can transfer your photos from your phone and store them anywh... more »

A great and impressive tool if your phone runs out of space all the time.

25 Jul, 2018
I just have one word to say WOW!. This thing really works. I was little skeptical when I ordered this that how would it work with all restrictions put by apple on the iPhones, but to my surprise, this... more »

great flash drive

24 Jul, 2018
Awesome flash drive. It holds a lot of pictures, videos, and music. I can easily transfer all my stuff on my IPhone to my laptop with ease. Can even save my contacts from my phone in case something ha... more »

Works pefectly!

24 Jul, 2018
Perfect! Works as described. You MUST download the witstick app, once you've don'e that it's a no brainer. You can use it on your lightning products or your pc. Came nicely packaged.... more »

slick design and impressive performance.

24 Jul, 2018
So, I bought This "Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector, Apple MFI Certified for iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding)" from amazon.com and... more »

Great Flash Drive

24 Jul, 2018
This flash drive is the ultimate in flash drives.  It's sleek design is perfect for all occassions, for the collage student, high school student to the teachers and professors.  This mem... more »

VIP Flash drive

24 Jul, 2018
I was never thought about having this flash drive for my iPhone.  You know you can't bet 3.0 USB with 128G fast transfer feature which allows you to take a photo or recording much easy and fa... more »

Great way to Protect Pictures and information!

23 Jul, 2018
This is such a great way to protect your pictures from your iPhone aside from just using the cloud method.  You can store the pics easily and quickly on this external flash drive and move them be... more »

Great flash drive

23 Jul, 2018
This was a gift the person loved it they were beyond excited and the price was great as well very good quality worked great very happy with product would recommend more »

Great flash drive

23 Jul, 2018
 This iPhone flash drive is small and handy it works great highly recommended #RankBoosterReview  more »

Easy to use

23 Jul, 2018
So far the iPhone flash drive does exactly what the listing claims. I downloaded the app and used the memory stick to download my photos. I then plugged it into my laptop and the photos transferred wi... more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

23 Jul, 2018
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #Omars http://a.co/1uXXr8k more »

Time Saver !

23 Jul, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Omars Out of the box the USB feels well-made and has a little weight and has a nice look to it which matches my phone. Once you slide the unit back it pulls out the I... more »

Perfect flash drive

23 Jul, 2018
This flash drive is everything I needed it for. It has plenty of storage room. I was able to back up my whole iphone simply through an app and this flash drive. It is also very compact but very durabl... more »

Plenty of space

23 Jul, 2018
Finally a device where I can store or my iphone photos once the memory on my phone is full so I can free up space :) more »

The gadget that I've been looking for!

22 Jul, 2018
Value: 63.99 for 128GB is a great deal. Appeal:  Nice Silver finish.  Looks very professional. Durability: Very durable.  Great build quality!! Performance: My iphone was r... more »

Flash drive

22 Jul, 2018
This is such a space saver loaded all my video and pic to this and free up space. iPhone will run smoother  more »

Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector

22 Jul, 2018
Works very well for everything I've needed it to do. The iPhone app is very simple to use and it works pretty quickly. Highly recommend this to others. more »

Work's like a charm to keep my photos backed up!

22 Jul, 2018
I have been looking for a soultion to backup the photos on my device for a few months now and this product makes it so much easier with a somple plug and play device I am able to install the software... more »

Far beyond impressed

22 Jul, 2018
This thing is amazing. Speeds are good and lots of space but what impresses me the mose is the build quality. The metal frame feels very strong and the "locking" mechanism has a solid click.... more »

Perfect On the Go~

21 Jul, 2018
Love the extra storage that I get to carry with me on the go for my iphone!  Never need to worry about not enough storage on my phone when I am taking pictures or videos.  This falsh drive &... more »

This will work for my needs

21 Jul, 2018
Need this for iphone. more »

Another Awesome Product from Omars

21 Jul, 2018
Another Awesome Product from Omars! I have purchased a few Omar's products and all have been great.  I followed the instructions and it was simple to move pictures and movies from my phone on... more »

Super cool drive

21 Jul, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Omars iPhone Flash Drive https://www.amazon.com/Omars-Extended-Lightning-Connector-Certified/dp/B072J3ZMZQ more »

compact yet powerful

21 Jul, 2018
Love the fact that it is small but capable of containing a large volume of information. Worth every penny. more »

Solid & Convienient!

20 Jul, 2018
This flash drive is very easy to use. Plug it in, it's ready to use. It's very user friendly. I backed up my iPad (very full iPad I might add) in less than 5 minutes. I can even plug into my l... more »

Great flash drive

20 Jul, 2018
I love this flash drive, It has a little weight to it and seems sturdy. Easy to use, had no issues at all. You do have to download an app to use with Apple products. I like the attached sliding cap so... more »

Bes iPhone Flash drive ever !!

20 Jul, 2018
I have 2 adorable babies and my hobby is to take their pictures so i was looking for iphone flash drive to save all beautiful memories .i got this flash drive in 128g and it&r... more »

Very good

20 Jul, 2018
I like it very much. It's very easy to used. more »

Excellent Product

20 Jul, 2018
This is an great device. I used it right away when I got it. I can hook it up to my iphone and transfer all my pictures and videos on it and then transfer them all to my computer. This is the easiest... more »

Love this!

20 Jul, 2018
This is my first flash drive for an iPhone and I love it. So great to have some extra storage without having to pay more for iCloud.   #RankBoosterReview   #Sponsored  #OMARS... more »

Works great!

19 Jul, 2018
I’m in love!!! I don’t need a computer to back it up or online storage plug this bad boy in and I’m good to go! Works fast and no issues so far! more »

Does the job well

19 Jul, 2018
You plug it in, install the app, follow the instructions to format the drive (very easy and fast) and then you back up your contacts and your pictures/videos as the first step. - you can backup you... more »

Easy to use, great to have if you take a lot of pictures and want to free up space

18 Jul, 2018
This is a must have device; a iphone flash drive, especially if you love taking pictures. I am overloaded with pictures on my iPhone and I wanted to free up some storage space. It is very easy to use... more »

Omars iPhone Flash Drive 128GB Memory stick

18 Jul, 2018
Just got Omars iPhone Flash Drive 128GB Memory stick and I have had a chance to give it a go! I can sucessfully say that it works as advertised. First before I plugged in the memory stick into my... more »

#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Omars

18 Jul, 2018
When I travel, I hate to bring along my notebook if I don't have to. I usually try to work form my phone or tablet. What makes this HooToo iPhone Flash Drive USB 3.0 Key so awesome is I... more »

Easy fix for iPhone storage issues and more.............

18 Jul, 2018
This is a fantastic tool to have for your Apple device or any device really. If you have an iPhone with storage issues. #Omars iPhone flash drive is the easy fix. Compact, easy to use and convenient.... more »

Efficient effective and convenient

18 Jul, 2018
This memory stick is so easy to use. Install the app that is free to access and use the memory stick and its ready to use. It is durable and works well. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored https://www.am... more »

I love this!!!

18 Jul, 2018
super easy to use! #rankbooster #sponsored #omars more »

Perfect for storing files and able to carry around

18 Jul, 2018
Slim and lightweight 5mm USB flash drive that be used for both your computer, laptop or apple device. Durable build with an aluminum like finish to give it a nice aesthetic look and the passthrough ho... more »

OTG Flash Drive that you should never leave home without!

17 Jul, 2018
This Flash Drive from Omars is excellent for use with my iPhone. This USB drive is 3.0 so it is immensely faster than the previous 2.0 platform. This is a great option to have on your USB Flash drives... more »

Works great

17 Jul, 2018
Works great, easy to use, lots of storage more »

Super fast, Super small form factor

17 Jul, 2018
I love the size of this USB, smaller the better, and it's of a good solid metal construction. more »

A nice USB Drive with a lightning connector and can be used as an extended storage of your iDevice!

17 Jul, 2018
First thing I noticed after plugging it in into my iPad was that it prompted me to download the app which is convenient because I won't have to search for the app to get it working. Really solid m... more »


16 Jul, 2018
Second one I brought and love it. Does what it was design to do. Easy to install and operate. Provide ample amount of extra storage for my device. more »

Expandable storage for your mobile phone

15 Jul, 2018
Very small and portable USB flash drive with a huge capacity of 128GB of storage to store all of your documents, files, music, pictures and more. Durable build with a lanyard hole for safe keeping and... more »

One of the BEST products!!!

15 Jul, 2018
WOW! This is one of the BEST products I've purchased!!! I was able to download about 4,000 photos from my phone to transfer it elsewhere and free up my phone!!! I am highly impressed!!!! If I want... more »


15 Jul, 2018

Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector, Apple MFI Certified for iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding)

15 Jul, 2018
  Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector, Apple MFI Certified for iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding). Download the App, follow directions, This th... more »

128 GB iPhone Flash Drive

13 Jul, 2018
I will be honest, I did not know a product like this even existed.  I have always wished that there was a product like this to expand the memory of the iPhone that is cheaper than upgrading to a... more »

Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector, Apple MFI Certified for iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding) Price: $63.99

13 Jul, 2018
Omars iPhone Flash Drive,64/128G 3.0 USB Memory Stick with 5mm Extended Lightning Connector, Apple MFI Certified for iPhone, iPad (128G Sliding)  Price: $63.99 more »

Great for transferring to iPhone from PC and Viceversa

13 Jul, 2018
This is a huge 128GB flash drive with both Apple Lightning and USB connectors. It has a sliding hood to protect the Apple connector, the USB conenctor is part of the case itself. It allows you to tran... more »