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Carejoy Microwave Home DIY Baked Potato Chips Maker Roaster Snack Maker Set Baking Tray Kitchen Accessories Kitchen
5.00 / 5   (3 Reviews)
Price: $14.99


〖Carejoy Microwave Chips Maker〗Deep fried potato chips have high heat, high fat content and high sodium content,which all will make you fat day by day,but you can\'t refuse the temptation of potato chips.Why do not try our DIY microwave chips maker?Simple operation,non frying but delicious
〖Easy to Use〗Step 1,cut the potato (pumpkin, carrot or other vegetables) into slices with the clamp and the slicer;Step 2 Immerse the potato and seasoner in water before cooking to obtain better tastes;Step 3 Insert the chips into the baking basket (Note: Prevent the slices from sticking with each other);Step 4 Put the basket into the microwave oven and adjust the baking time
〖Multiple choices〗Do you tired of single potato chips? The microwave chip maker not only can make multi flavored potato chips but also suitable for Apply,Sweet Potato,Pumpkin,Banane,everything you want to try.Give you more choice on your snack time.
〖Suitable for〗This Microwave Potato Chip Maker is great for those who are having movie night attheir house but only have a bag of russet potatoes, or for those who like to have everything homemade.
〖Warranty〗Comes with 12 month warranty. 30 days money back guarantee.If you have any problem with this item, please contact us directly, and we\'ll provide help for you.


enjoy the magic

21 Jul, 2018
A perfect healthy snacks makers!!!  Came with three easy and workable set in one.,this is a wonderful snack making tool for my son after school treat. All I need to do is to cut potato, carrots,... more »

Love It!!!

19 Jul, 2018
I have heard about this potato chip maker.  It doesn't have to to be just potatoes!! Carrots and apples work.  A different seasoning would have to be used.  It took me a bit to get... more »

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