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Product Information
Tohsssik Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover Sticky Roller for Clothes Carpet Sofa, 3 Rollers 90 Sheets (270 Sheets Total)
4.82 / 5   (11 Reviews)
Price: $9.99


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great value

05 Jun, 2019
nice value for 3 rolls, works great on dog hair!  more »

Very good product and good price.

13 Mar, 2019
Works great and they stand behind their product. I definitely would recommend this! more »

Tohsssik Lint/Pet Hair Remover

13 Mar, 2019
Lint, lint, lint, it's everywhere. Dogs shedding, lint from the dryer, picking up stuff by static cling, sometimes it seems like I'm fighting a losing battle. I forever have lint and/or pet ha... more »

I might win the battle of the hair!

05 Mar, 2019
We have a new puppy and he sheds SO MUCH! There is hair everywhere and it has been a real pain to get out the door without him wanting attention. Now we can remove the hair easily with this sticky rol... more »

Perfect for traveling

01 Mar, 2019
This is great for traveling. I got this for my husband for his business trips and he loves it. The case is great. He no longer was to worry about it getting stick to something or putting it in a ziplo... more »

will last forever and very sticky

25 Feb, 2019
These are good lint rollers. The sticky sheets that are on the roller pick up human hair, pet fur, dandruff, loose threads, and general dust particles off of clothes, furniture, and pillows pretty... more »

Excellent handle design!!

08 Feb, 2019
Finally.... a lint roller with the handle perpendicular to the roller! Sounds like nothing, but it makes the rolling process SO smooth! Love these!!   more »

Works very well

06 Feb, 2019
I purchased these because I have 2 Golden Retrievers and they shed a lot. I use these to get the dog hair off my clothes and our furniture. Works very well.  more »

Great buy

06 Feb, 2019
This was a pleasent experience I was very happy with the lint roller and the xtra refills provided  more »

Daily use must have item

02 Feb, 2019
The rollers are really nice and sturdy. It came with multiple replacement rolls to. It removed lints really well. Quite happy with the purchase. more »

Gets the hair, lint, and fuzzies off with ease

01 Feb, 2019
When you have pets, you have a lot of hair. I thought that having short haired dogs would be better than long haired dogs because they didn't need as much grooming, hence less hair. WRONG. I feel... more »