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Product Information
Fireproof Money Bag for Cash 10.2\"x6\"Non-Itchy Silicone for File Holder, Passport,Jewelry, Important Documents,7-8 inch Sleeve Bag Gray
4.81 / 5   (27 Reviews)
Price: $12.99


🎁【FIRE PROOF & WATER RESISTANT】:Made of newest high quality Liquid Silicone Coated Retardant-fiberglass exterior,which can withstand temperatures as high as 1200°C/2192°F , liquid silicone also has the very high resistance to water, so we fire the envelope will ensure that all valuables are 100% safe.
🎁【Security Steward】This fireproof bag safe envelope protects your documents & files including legal contracts, passports, licenses, USBs disks and CDs deeds, certificates, coins, cash, autographs, letters, heirlooms, precious photos,marriage certificate, money and more.
🎁【Easy To Carry】Envelope shape, lightweight design, can be classified to manage your cash, photos, passports and other items, travel carrying is very convenient and does not take up space.It looks like a handbag for both men and women and is the perfect gifts.
🎁【Casual Design, More Suitable For Life】A stylish handbag design,suitable for both men and women. It is also the best choice for gifts.
🎁【After Sales Service】: RUBUN promise to give you best friendly customer service and 1 year warranty service.Any further problems with your items, please feel free to contact us.



18 Dec, 2018
I use these in our business to hold checks and cash. I love that it has the Velcro closure, and this one is a great size. Fast shipping would purchase again.  #rankboosterreview #fireproofmone... more »

Keep Items Safe

18 Dec, 2018
I received this fireproof document bag from Engpow. It measures 10.2” x 6”, and helps protect your documents from fire or water damage. Perfect for: photos, documents, ID’s, passport... more »

Holds stuff

16 Dec, 2018
Well this holds stuff but I am not going to test it to see if it burns. I will assume it works welll. more »


13 Dec, 2018
Perfect money or document holder.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #ENGPOW https://www.amazon.com/Fireproof-Non-Itchy-Silicone-Important-Documents/dp/B078MP1695 more »

Really too small

12 Dec, 2018
Even though the size is listed it's really too small and too tight. If you have jewelry you need to put with your important papers, which I hope aren't much, find another bag   #Ran... more »

perfect for those small documents

11 Dec, 2018
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Fireproof Money Bag Perfect for small documents and money. more »


10 Dec, 2018
Perfect little envelope to keep important documents safe! Would reccomend for sure! more »

Very nice, but how can we tell if it works?

04 Dec, 2018
I like the bag and the concept, but I would like to see some "proof of concept" test data on how they survive heat. more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

03 Dec, 2018
 #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #engpow http://a.co/d/hrrUWbs   more »

Fireproof money bag

03 Dec, 2018
Nice, nice, nice.  This is one of the nicest bags I have gotten.  It looks quality, and has a zipper under the velcro closure.  It is large enough to hold  money and other valuable... more »

fireproof bag

01 Dec, 2018
This money bag is nice. It's by ENGPOW. It's fire proof and water resistant. This bag can withstand high temps up to 1200c/2192f that's freaking hot! This bag is made from silicone coated... more »

Fireproof bag

28 Nov, 2018
Very satisfied on this fireproof bag! more »

Never really want to find out if this works or not but a great piece of mind...

26 Nov, 2018
Never really want to find out if this works or not but a great piece of mind... I am here to do another product review for a product from Rank Booster and Amazon. I purchased this bag for a litt... more »

fireproof money bag

22 Nov, 2018
I bought the pouch for extra security for important papers and mad money that will be kept in my safe. The pouch is an extra layer of safety for important stuff. But I like the peace of mind of having... more »


09 Nov, 2018
this is very durable and appears to be quality. I won’t set it on fire to test it out but it appears trustworthy ;) #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #engpow more »

Fireproof Envelope

28 Oct, 2018
#Rankbooster  #fireproofbag #amazon   Nice, small fireproof bag for very small items.  more »

Fireproof Bag

14 Sep, 2018
This fireproof envelope safe bag is the perfect size for anything from cash to jewelry to documents.  It is over ten inches long and six inches wide, has room for several different documents such... more »

Fireproof Money Bag for Cash 10.2"x6"Non-Itchy Silicone for File Holder, Passport,Jewelry, Important Documents,7-8 inch Sleeve Bag Gray

12 Sep, 2018
Fireproof Money Bag for Cash 10.2"x6"Non-Itchy Silicone for File Holder, Passport,Jewelry, Important Documents,7-8 inch Sleeve Bag Gray. Good size for personal items, Withstands Temps. to al... more »


10 Sep, 2018
  This is a fireproof document bag, that keeps your essential documents safe incase of a fire.The document bag is big and roomy and can store a couple of things in here.The fireproof bag came... more »

Five Stars

10 Sep, 2018
Great product. Perfect size for what's needed.I believe it will protect my cash and  important documents. But hopefully will never test the fireproof aspect of this. more »

Fire proof bag

08 Sep, 2018
Bought this bag for my trip. Use it for my passport and money work great  more »

Fireproof document Holder

07 Sep, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Fireproof-Non-Itchy-Sil…/…/B078MP1695 I bought this fireproof document bag to hold my important papers, jewelry and money. In case of an emergency my things w... more »

Good feel

04 Sep, 2018
Has a good feel to it and durable  haven't tested it against fire yet but wouldn't the Velcro melt and fire would still get inside? Just curious more »

Very well made

28 Aug, 2018
This fireproof bag was even better than expected. It is very well made and exactly what I wanted to take with me when I travel. The velcro is secure and holds the flap down and there are interior pock... more »

Perfect size for small things!

27 Aug, 2018
Fireproof money bag is perfect for keeping smaller items safe and protected during emergency situations.  Sturdy and durable! fits perfectly in letter size safe or larger safe. Eaxy to identify.... more »


11 Aug, 2018
this is about the size of a medium envelope. It has 2 pockets on the inside that can hold cards or wallet size photos. This is big enough to also fit inside a small safe.  more »


09 Aug, 2018
I bought this fire bag for just in case a fire happened that I won’t lose my most important documents and it’s definitely worth it. I trust this brand enough that I don’t even have t... more »