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Product Information
Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors 12ml Tubes & Free Acrylic Brushes - Acrylic Paint Sets for Artists - Craft & Canvas Paint - Best Quality Acrylic Paint Set Beginners, Kids & Professional Artist
4.89 / 5   (37 Reviews)
Price: $19.99


ABSOLUTE BEST QUALITY ACRYLIC PAINT AVAILABLE - Vivid colors and highest quality pigments were selected to create a paint palette with this acrylic paint set artist quality. Includes white acrylic paint, black acrylic & professional artists choice, Payne\'s grey, a dark blue-grey colour used in painting. Less intense than black acrylic paint. You get the right shade when using it as a mixer. Includes offer for free set of best selling 10 acrylic paint brushes - no catch, no postage.
PERFECT FOR CANVAS, WOOD, CLAY, CERAMIC, FABRIC & CRAFTS - The absolute highest quality paint available on Amazon. Vivido Arts Acrylic paints do not dry flat and dull like cheaper brands. Creativity comes alive with the stroke of their paint brushes or paint pens. High quality acrylic paints bring your canvas to life with lasting color and depth, shapes and textures. Use your favorite color technik. Not your basics acrylic paints. Pinturas acrilicas juego de la blanco.
THICK CONSISTENCY AND GREAT COVERAGE, PERFECT FOR BLENDING -Professional artists set includes popular colors as well as important blending colors like Paynes Grey to create lush Bob Ross landscapes and sky scenery. Happily paint a cerulean blue apple barrel acrylic paint scene with depth and texture from a paint that is buttery and developed to stay wet until it is on the canvas, not slimy, watery and translucent like most set for beginners. Works well with free acrylic paint brushes synthetic
GUARANTEED SATISFACTION - OR WE WILL CUT OFF OUR EAR - We deliver the best quality acrylic paint available, not another cheap acrylic paint set. If you don\'t love our very high quality paint, please let us know! We will cut off our own ear or refund your purchase at the very least. In addition with this purchase, you will receive an offer for a free set of the best selling acrylic paint brushes scruffy to use w/ these paints & your paint kit easel and acrylic paint tray and tools
IDEAL GIFT AND ULTIMATE ART SET - Professional color palette of 24 count 12ml tubes of premium acrylic paints PLUS Free 10 piece acrylic brush set w/proof of purchase - no catch. ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 (CE) certification makes this the perfect gift for artist of all levels. Any artistic level will find satisfaction in the creativity inspired by this all inclusive paint palette. Inspiration in a tube of paint. Paint tubes of bright color acrylics and ideas with this acrylic paint set and canvas.


Great set for beginners!

31 Mar, 2018
These acrylic paints are vibrant and good consistency they came in 24 lovely colors and the brushes were nice too. I wish they were bigger but overall a great set for the value! more »


17 Feb, 2018

Acrylic Paint Set

11 Feb, 2018
This is a wonderful set of acrylic paints. 24 different colors. Also comes with brushes. Great for all crafting.  more »

Absolutely wonderful paints!

11 Feb, 2018
If you are thinking of picking up painting with acrylic or have been at it for years these are the perdperset if paints for you. There are all the colors that you not only would want to use in their o... more »

Awesome set

17 Jan, 2018
Perfect for a small projects, beginner or simply give painting a try with the benefit of having 24 colors. Lovely saturated and well pigmented hi quality paints. #RankBoosterReview, #Sponsored, #Vi... more »

Nice array of colors

14 Jan, 2018
I got this set of acrylic paints for my daughter because she likes to paint on canvases. She was excited about this set as it has 24 different colors and saves her from having to mix so many to make s... more »

Smooth bright paints

26 Dec, 2017
Thus paints were nice smooth and the color was nice. Paint didn' clump up or look fade. Works great ! more »

Great quality paint set

13 Dec, 2017
I got these for myself & my little boy whom Loves to paint. He loves painting and putting his lit paint apron on. He really enjoyed painting with this set and it made him feel... more »

Nice & Creamy

08 Dec, 2017
This paint set is wonderful! The paint have a nice and creamy consistency and glide onto surfaces very well.  The pigment to the color is also very brilliant. The paints mix well and dry nicel... more »

Great quality

28 Nov, 2017
Excellent quality! Love the variety of different colors, just wish the tunes were a bit larger.  more »

Ordered Canceled

22 Nov, 2017
Sorry - I canceled this order trying to get the free brushes with it & the code did not work again. more »

Great Paint even for kids!

18 Nov, 2017
My 9 and 11 year old were able to use this and did a great job painting! Very bright and vivid colors. Goes on smooth as well.   https://www.amazon.com/Acrylic-Paint-Colors-Tubes-Brushes/dp... more »


16 Nov, 2017
These paints are a nice set for new artists to experiment with on the canvas without having to spend tons of money. They are not messy and easy to clean up after finished using. They are good quality... more »

Artist Quality!!

16 Nov, 2017
There is 24 colors in this paint set. It's artist quality paint that is also great for beginners. I like to keep wooden figurines in our craft bin.  This paint is perfect for that craft. ... more »


15 Nov, 2017
Absolutely love this paint set! Super pigmented very high quality  more »

Wonderful set of acrylic paint.

15 Nov, 2017
This is a wonderful set of acrylic colors.  It comes with 24 colors so you have lots to choose from.  The paint is made from good quailty.  It has a really nice look to it when it drys.... more »


15 Nov, 2017

Great paint, but didnt come with everything

14 Nov, 2017
So I ordered this pain set, that also was supposed to come with paint brushes.  So the paint arrives but no brushes.. I contacted the seller and was told they shipped separetly.  After 2 wee... more »

Brilliant Colors!

14 Nov, 2017
Got me some new color today! Cant wait to create a masterpiece! Very nice and perfect size tubes. more »

24 Color Acrylic Paint set

13 Nov, 2017
This is s a very nice beginner set.  With this many colors, you can paint about anything and see if you  really enjoy working with Acrylics.  It would be a good set for anyone whos chil... more »

Acrylic paint set

13 Nov, 2017
Perfect starter kit for acrylic painting more »

Love the colors

12 Nov, 2017
The colors are absolutely beautiful. For a more subtle look I water them down. A little goes a long way. you can more »

Awesome assortment of paints

12 Nov, 2017
Me and my girls love to paint on canvas and this set of acrylic paint was awesome and had all the colors we needed to make our pictures masterpieces. The paint was vibrant and worked smoothly. They bl... more »


12 Nov, 2017
was nuceky packaced nice paint beauitful colors nice paintbrushes more »

24 ubes Acrylic Paint Set Has Many Colors

10 Nov, 2017
The Acrylic Paint Set with 24 tubes has many colors. The tubes are 12 ml. They can be used on canvas, wood, clay, ceramic and fabric. These acrylics are thick and go on smoothly and easily. They also... more »


10 Nov, 2017
Outstanding set of acrylic paints. 24 colors, comes with free brush set. Great quality. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #AVIDO more »

Great Item, Looks Nice enouh to give as gift, too.

10 Nov, 2017
I was very happy with the quality of this item.  i am actually going to give it to somebody as a Christmas present.  I am really excited about it.   #rankbooster, #acrylicpaint24colo... more »


09 Nov, 2017
This high quality acrylic paint set with 24 colors to use it perfect for youngest starting off or a dig craft you've been wanting to do.  Also comes with a great set of paint brushes.  A... more »

Beautiful colors

08 Nov, 2017
 I am really enjoying this Acrylic paint set. The paints are vibrant and blend easily giving them a watercolor look. Whether you are buying these paints for an adult or a child, this paint s... more »

Beautiful acrylic paint set of 24 colors

05 Nov, 2017
Gorgeous set of acrylics. Excellent for Christmas, Birthday or any other holiday. I just happened to buy these for myself as i am an avid painter. A+ more »

Good assortment.

05 Nov, 2017
Great assortment of colors and includes brushes. 24 different smaller24ml tubes. Works well on canvas and the colors look great. Nice set. more »

Great paint!

05 Nov, 2017
I love this paint! It is smooth and very rich in color. The set is well put together and the packaging is presented so nicely that it would be a wonderful gift set! I cannot say enough good about the... more »


04 Nov, 2017
This kit is worth every penny. The set looks like the same set you’d buy at micheals or any other craft store for $35 or more dollars. The paint is great and easy to mix if you decide to mix it... more »

acrylic paint set

04 Nov, 2017
I love this item not only is it perfect i got it for a great deal. bought this for my daughter who loves art and when she saw it she automatically said she loved it i would definatly get more of this... more »


03 Nov, 2017
The paints in this set are bright and really colorful.  Very simple to use.  The paint brushes are not the best in the world.  The bristles are forever coming off in the paint but they... more »