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Product Information
Pecute Dog Nail Grinder Safety 2 Speed 6800 RPM Powerful Motor, 240 Minutes Battery Life, Less Than 50dB Ultra Quiet
4.76 / 5   (17 Reviews)
Price: $18.99


🐾 【SAFE & QUICK GRINDING】: Especially thick diamond grindstone cut head adopted, durable, can quickly and safely trim pet nails, ensures safe cutting for your loved pets.
🐾 【ULTRA-QUIET & LONG BATTERY LIFE】: DC3.7V mute motor adopted with less than 50 dB, pets dear to use; high-quality brass shaft with running speed of 6800 RPM, super power and long service life. USB portable charging with over-charge protection, supports quick charge of 1 hour, full charge ensures 240 minutes using.
🐾 【2 ROTARY SPEEDS】: 6,000 RPM for trimming pet nails accurately, 6800 RPM for quickly grinding pet nails. The rotation speed can be appropriately selected according to the hardness of pet nails.
🐾 【WIDELY APPLICABLE】: Pecute pet nail trimmer with security cover, you can choose a suitable grinder mouth according to the pet size; Suitable for large, medium and small pets.
🐾 【1 YEAR GUARANTY】: Providing our customers with high quality products is always our promise. If you have any questions with us, Pecute will provide one year guaranty for our customers from the date of purchase.


Great tool!

16 Jul, 2019
Although I have yet to successfully trim my pup's nails as he is deathly afraid of the device despite my hours of prepping and trying to get him used to it, I'm 100% confident that, with time,... more »


02 Jul, 2019
works good and is quiet and doesn’t scare my dog (she is a big baby) more »

Dog nail trimmers

23 Jun, 2019
These trimmers are unbelievably awesome.  They make little noise nor vibration.   It trimmed my dogs nail quick. I tried it on my nail first to know what's expect.   Im ve... more »

Very quiet and works great!!

10 Apr, 2019
My senior dog hates having her nails done! She sleeps through this filing!! Has been a lifesaver! more »


05 Apr, 2019
It's not as fast grinding the nails as I would leak, which means I have to fight with my dog longer. But it does do a good job. more »

Very handy!

04 Apr, 2019
One of my dogs is scared of traditional nail trimmers, so I decided to give these a try. The experience was much, MUCH better than usual! They were easy to charge, not noisy enough to scare her, and t... more »

Compact and functional!

04 Apr, 2019
This Pecute dog nail grinder is compact and functional!  It's not scaring the dog when using it to frinding the nails on it. it has 2 speeds to choose from.  Once charged fully allows ab... more »


02 Apr, 2019
I got this for my sister who has a pitbull who is terrified of nail clippers. We had tried for so long to clip his nails but he would become anxious and would begin pulling away. I found this for her... more »

cute little grinder

28 Mar, 2019
This grinder is quit small but functions well. My friend's cat has a split nail/claw so they needed this device desperatly. Glad it worked great for them. I start liking this brand a lot. #R... more »


16 Mar, 2019
This works great for my small dogs. Easy to put together and easy clean up. Highly recommend  more »

Easy use

16 Mar, 2019
the box is smaller than expected but great product. My big puppy hates getting his nails clipped. He still doesn’t like it done but this is a little easier for him. It’s easy to use and wo... more »

Super quiet

04 Mar, 2019
 this is extremely durable and super quiet. My dog gets afraid when we do his nails but it is much easier when we use the grinder. The grinder helps quickly trim the nails by sanding them down to... more »

Works pretty well -- dogs are not fans (yet)

11 Nov, 2018
While the dogs haven't gotten used to it yet, the Pecute Dog Nail Griner seems to work well. Not noisy at all (at first, I didn't know if it was on), seems to grind away at the toe nails witho... more »

Works good!

29 Oct, 2018
I got this for my mom's dogs because their nails are always so long. It works good and the battery lasts a long time. The dogs aren't scared of it either so thats a plus.  more »

Ottimo anche per i gatti

03 Aug, 2018
Ho acquistato questo prodotto per utilizzarlo con il mio gatto. E' una smerigliatrice molto delicata a differenza di altro che ho provato e non irrita l'animale- Ne consiglio l'acquisto more »

Lima unghie cani

03 Aug, 2018
Provata su cane di taglia piccola e devo dire che il risultato è stato soddisfacente in pochi secondi l'unghia è stata limata molto bene more »

Utile per cani agitati

17 Jul, 2018
Il mio cane è sempre molto agitato. Quindi è difficile farlo stare molto tempo fermo. Usando questo oggetto riesco a limargli le unghie in poco tempo. Ottimo more »