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Product Information
Ring Stands with Hand Fidget Spinner Knob Portion Function for Smart Cellphone Mount (Silver)
4.44 / 5   (18 Reviews)
Price: $12.99


1.Material and Size: Made of high-quality Zinc alloy steel and plastic, the dimensions of the ring is 1.6 inch(4 cm), suit for most size of Smartphone.
2.Craftsmanship Awesome Image: The spinning part is between with the revolving ring and the adhesive cover´╝îconnect by the bearing, rotating ring have 3 holes above the adhesive cover in order to enjoy the inside beautiful landscape picture.
3.Multi Ability: Perfect for mobile user prop up the cellphone just hold the round ring, and good for stress people as a relieves anxiety toy when through your finger to flicking the gyro it will calm and concentrate.
4.Reusable: Durable and super strong adhesive on Smartphones and Tablets, no sticky residual after detaching, dust can be washed out using clean water to restore strong adhesiveness.
5.Special Support: Stand your cellphone up at different whatever angles, no fear of dropping phone, when you are bored with something and you can spin the rolling ring for entertainment and take relax.


Not recieved

06 Nov, 2017
Amazon lost parcel more »


04 Nov, 2017
Bought for my daughter she collects these as she does phone cases . She uses this musically app and says she can use her phone while doing music actions at the same time , she likes this one as it... more »

Cute and fun!

01 Nov, 2017
I was looking for a good quality ring holder for my Samsung S8. I was thrilled to read it was a fidget spinner also! It attached to my phone easily and it's very sturdy! It also can be used to st... more »

fidget ring stand for mobile

01 Nov, 2017
This is made of high-quality Zinc alloy steel and plastic, the dimensions of the ring is 1.6 inch(4 cm), suitable for most sizes of Smartphones.The rotating part is between with the revolving ring and... more »

Interesting thing

25 Oct, 2017
My kids are obsessed with fidget spinners so when I saw this I knew they would love it and I was right, straight away playing with it, its also doubles as a stand so they can prop their phones up and... more »

very happy

04 Oct, 2017
this is smart, got a good sticky on back, makes great stand or to hold it. feels expensive metal rather than cheap feeling plastic ones on market, got a great quality to it, and bonus its a fidget spi... more »

Great gadget

28 Sep, 2017
I’m afraid it's true -  these things are truly addictive! since someone invented those fidget spinners I haven’t been able to put my sons down.. Having recently giv... more »

It's neat

19 Sep, 2017
I misread this item and thought it was going to make my phone spin. In actuality this is just a phone stand sort of thing. It’s good for its purpose and sticks to the phone very well without l... more »

Phone socket

17 Sep, 2017
I have not put this on a phone yet as it's going away for Christmas but I've been playing with it and it's quite addictive  more »


15 Sep, 2017
Great for your phone and brill for playing with. Keeps your phone securely when in use as well. Stick to back of phone and just spin it and when you receive or dial a call you can put your finger thro... more »

Fun and Useful

13 Aug, 2017
This hand fidget spinner knob is very useful for helping not to drop your phone. Its comfortable and fun to play with. Hold phone up great. Love it more »

Phone ring stand

07 Aug, 2017
This is a nice item for your cell phone. It just stic us onto your phone or phone case. You can use it as a ring to help hold onto your phone, or as a stand for your phone. This also is a nice little... more »

I love it

07 Aug, 2017
Awesome pop socket fidget spinner. spin it around while talking on the phone or texting and put your finger in it to keep from dropping your phone. i love it, its so much fun. its very sturdy and easy... more »

Nice but Sticky Wears Off

06 Aug, 2017
I really enjoyed having this on my phone. Lasted about 3 weeks and I played with it a lot. However normal carry and use of it on my phone caused it to fall off while I was at work and I did not even k... more »

Functional and cute!

06 Aug, 2017
This is such a cool little gadget!  I got it because I like to watch YouTube often and am tired of holding my phone or finding something to prop it up against only for it to fall. It holds great... more »

Pretty neat!

01 Aug, 2017
This is a pretty neat little device! I gave it to my nephew and he stuck it to his phone and has been playing with it non-stop ever since! It is easy to attach, just peel the paper off of the back, pl... more »

Love it!

01 Aug, 2017
This is a great phone stand and I love that it is a fidget spinner as well.  I am already putting it to use on my phone. It seems like it will stick much longer that the other item I bought to... more »