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Product Information
ORBE Premium Wrist Brace: Flexible & Comfortable Wristband For Men & Women | Breathable & Adjustable Compression Support For Pain Relief & Injury Recovery | Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis & Tendonitis
4.74 / 5   (19 Reviews)
Price: $12.00


•PAIN FREE ALL DAY & NIGHT LONG: Whether you\'re struggling with chronic wrist pain or you simply just injured your wrist and you want to accelerate its recovery process, our premium wrist band is here to relieve the pain and help boost your productivity throughout the day!
•FLEXIBLE & COMFORTABLE: Our ergonomic wrist brace might offer stability to your wrist but it will definitely not immobilize it. If anything, you\'ll be able to carry on with your day as usual, carry out all tasks without any discomfort and move freely without pain!
•BREATHABLE & ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT: The ORBE therapeutic wrist brace has alleviated the wrist pain of many men and women since it can be adjusted according to the support you need. On top of that, it\'s highly breathable and washable which means it features no unpleasant odors and it\'s extremely easy to clean!
•ALLEVIATE PAIN & DISCOMFORT TODAY: The wrist is a fragile joint and leaving it untreated for an extended period of time can lead to a worsening of the symptoms you are experiencing. Invest in our specially designed wrist brace today and see how your irritating symptoms start to go away, day by day.
•REDUCE YOUR PAIN OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We invite you to give our snug and versatile wrist band a try and if you are not 110% thrilled with your purchase, just get in touch with us and we will make it right. After all, your purchase is covered under our Full Satisfaction Guarantee!


Very Comfy & Helps With Pain

09 Sep, 2018
I ordered this for my mother who has had carpel tunnel surgery twice and has a lot of built up scar tissue. Most braces are too tight or causes her hand to sweat and swell. She really loved this brace... more »

Very Handy

31 Aug, 2018
This wrist brace is perfect for any compression support needed.  It is flexible, very comfortable and adjustable.  It is made of breathable material and is very durable.  This brace is... more »

Great for sore wrist.

30 Jun, 2018
I have a ganglion cyst that keeps coming back and some days it hurts  I got this wrist brace for the lightweightness..its perfect. more »

Good wrist brace

22 Jun, 2018
I got this for my daughter cause she was having problems with her wrist, This little brace helps her a lot. It is flexible and adjusts to the size of your wrist. Can be used for either wrist. It is ea... more »

ORBE Premium Wrist Brace: Flexible & Comfortable Wristband For Men & Women | Breathable & Adjustable Compression Support For Pain Relief & Injury Recovery | Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis & Tendonitis

19 Jun, 2018
ORBE Premium Wrist Brace: Flexible & Comfortable Wristband For Men & Women | Breathable & Adjustable Compression Support For Pain Relief & Injury Recovery | Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis &a... more »

Wrist Brace Support

12 Jun, 2018
I am constantly looking for a brace that is comfortable to wear and provides great support.  This one is soft, does fit well, and it is comfortable to wear.  You can adjust it to fit your ha... more »

It is a nice brace!!!

11 Jun, 2018
I needed it more to flatten my left hand due to an injury. It stays curved which makes it hurt. This helps a lot, so anyone with wrist issues would be pleased. Nice material also!  more »

Not Quite Long Enough, but Decent Support

10 Jun, 2018
I purchased this OBRE wrist brace as I have carpel tunnel and I am regularly looking for a brace that is comfortable enough to use at work, but still provided enough support. The package arrived undam... more »

Very simple

10 Jun, 2018
Very easy to use, simple design. Fits on my skinny wrist and holds together well. Not itchy either. #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #Orbe more »

Wrist Brace

08 Jun, 2018
As a teenager, we all do stupid things.  My stupid thing was “attempting” to skateboard down a half pipe.  We all did it once, no problem and no injuries.  Since nothing hap... more »

Carpal tunnel relief

06 Jun, 2018
I got this for my husband. He has carpal tunnel in both hands really bad. He started to wear this to work provided  enough relief that he wants another one for his other hand. more »

Great support, quality and comfort

06 Jun, 2018
I bought this for my mom who is temporarily in a wheelchair for the past 8 months. She has pain in her hands from not only pushing herself in the wheelchair but also she has arthritis in her left hand... more »

Comfortable and adjustable wrist support

06 Jun, 2018
This wrist support is designed to fit any men's or women's wrist, left or right hand, and is actually quite comfortable. It is made of a neoprene material that is breathable and washable. It u... more »

Nice, Comfy & Adjustable

05 Jun, 2018
I was glad to try out this ORBE Premium Wrist Brace when offered the chance to get it at a discount so I could give my feedback.  My wrists have been getting achy when I work outside in the yard,... more »

ORBE Premium Wrist Brace

02 Jun, 2018
I got these for a gift for someone who has carpal tunnel.   he says theses do help , are comfortable and fits well.   That brace is well made.   A  great product more »

Provides good support without restricting movement

01 Jun, 2018
I often need to wear a wrist brace at night and sometimes during the day for my carpal tunnel, but I was always having to take it off because it was too restrictive to perform everyday tasks. I ordere... more »


01 Jun, 2018
This is a very simple design but it does the job if you need a wrist brace. It doesnt cut into your skin like some others. It breathes well and is easy to clean. more »

ORBE Premium Wrist Brace

31 May, 2018
As a wrist brace, it is comfortable and effective.  This one doesn't give a lot of support to your thumb or hand, but it is intended to be a support for wrists only and for that, it is very e... more »