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Product Information
Kitchen Knife Sharpener, 3-Stage Knife Sharpening with Non-slip Handle Tool for Straight/Ceramic/Pocket/Fruit and Chef Knives Helps Repair Restore and Polish Blades
4.60 / 5   (15 Reviews)
Price: $12.99


【NO NEED TO BUY NEW KNIVES】Thanks to this knife sharpener, your old, dull knives can become even sharper than when you first bought them. You can use this professional knife sharpening tool to sharpen the blades of your kitchen knives, pocket knives, chef\'s knives, carving knives, cleavers, fillet knives, cook knives, utility knives, boning knives and more.
【EASY 3-STAGE SHARPENING SYSTEM】The Koro&CC pocket knife sharpener has a 3- stage sharpening system. First, you need to place the dull blade in the diamond steel slot and pull it out 3-4 times in the SAME direction. Then do the same in the coarse-tungsten steels slot. Finally, place and pull out the blade of your knife in the fine-ceramic slot. Your knife will now be able to cut even the hardest foods!
【COMPLETELY SAFE TO USE】The butterfly knife sharpener is the safest way to sharpen your dull knives. Thanks to its ergonomic design, your fingers won\'t be near the blades of the knives you\'ll be sharpening. In addition, the nonslip handle and base will make the procedure much safer and easier, since they will hold the chef knife sharpener sturdily in place.
【TRUSTED AND PREFERRED BY PROFESSIONAL CHEFS】Made to last with a quality stainless steel rod and premium sharpeners for razor sharp sharpening on even the dullest blades. This manual sharpener restores dull blades within seconds and is made to handle thousands of strokes. Made to sharpen standard knife blades.
【100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE】Did the 3-stage utility knife sharpener fail to sharpen, repair and polish the blades of your dull knives? We will refund you. Thanks to our 3-month money back guarantee, this is a completely risk-free purchase, so don\'t hold!back! Get the knife sharpening kit and try it out today!


Knife Sharpener

12 Aug, 2018
It worked as it was intentended it sharpened my knife's just like I needed it to, and it was not hard to use at all. Love how the bottom just latches on to the surface so it is non-slip when I am... more »

I am an amazing home cook, and everybody knows...

09 Jul, 2018
What helps to make a great home cook is our set of knives. I have all kinds of knives, but what I lack are proper sharpeners. I have stones, I have a hand held thing-a-ma-bob, but this gadget works. I... more »

Works great

25 Jun, 2018
Works great. I was able to sharpen my chef knives my fruit knives and all of my other ones. It came on time package was in good condition. It works great I've used it about 4 times already with di... more »

Knife Sharpener

21 Jun, 2018
This is so easy to use.  No more dull knives or shopping for new ones more »


12 Jun, 2018
Works as needed. Sharpens knives pretty well. Is very light weight. But works good more »

Well made

12 Jun, 2018
Kitchen Knife Sharpener, 3-Stage Knife Sharpening with Non-slip Handle Tool for Straight/Ceramic/Pocket/Fruit and Chef Knives Helps Repair Restore and Polish Blades  Price: $12.99 more »

Sharpen it up

06 Jun, 2018
Very nice, sturdy, well made and stylish sharpener. I would recommend this for anyones kitchen.  more »

works perfectly, awesome find...

03 Jun, 2018
It works wonders. I usually buy new knife once my knife edge get blunt. When i saw this product on amazon I really wanted to give it a try. I was very happy about the purchase. All my blunt knives are... more »

Great kitchen Knife Sharpener!

29 May, 2018
This is a great kitchen Knife Sharpener. It increases the life of my knife. In addition, its handle makes it easier to use! Highly recommend! https://www.amazon.com/Kitchen-Sharpener-Sharpening-Non... more »

works but

24 May, 2018
it does sharpen your knife but you will have to use pressure and run through course and then fin so its not a quick sharpen  more »

This is a great kitchen knife sharpener!

14 May, 2018
I love this sharpener! It works well for me in my kitchen. Thank you for a great product. Highly recommended. This is a great tool for everyone!   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #kitchenknif... more »

Kitchen knife sharpener

07 May, 2018
Nice and compact. I like that it has different slots for course, fine, and medium sharpening.  more »

Knife Sharpner

07 May, 2018
This knife sharpner does have a non slip bottom which is nice so it is less prone to slip when being used. It has three slots. I'm not sure if you should start the knife in one slot and progress a... more »

Why keep buying new knives?

07 May, 2018
With this knife sharpener, dull knives will become sharp within just a few seconds. This knife sharpener is perfect for: kitchen knives, pocket knives, carving knives, cleavers, utility knives, fillet... more »

The best sharpener so far in that price range.

07 May, 2018
This sharpener has a removable insert that holds the sharpening devices. It had three grades, fine, medium and coarse. So depending on how much grinding you need to sharpen your knives, you start at t... more »