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Product Information
Mugig Guitar Picks Plectrums (Delrin) with Leather Pick Holder Case, Contain 12 Picks Thickness 0.5 / 0.8 / 1/ 1.14 / 1.2 mm
4.96 / 5   (47 Reviews)
Price: $6.49


Various Colors - 6 different colors and each solid colored ones indicated the thickness in millimeters.
Multifunction - different thicknesses can meet any players style or need. In addition, it allowed you to fill a bowl and decide what pick was right for you
High quality materails - Made of Premium Delrin, well designed and good hand feeling make the pick durable and lasted
Universal pick case - Portable triangle keychain design Leather pick case,Fashion and Convenient
Additional leather holder - Packge include 5 pcs Big Gauges Thickness 0.5/0.8/1/1.14/1.2 mm + 1pcs mm Small Gauges Guitar Picks in a leather pick holder case.perfectly good for a guitar learner.


Great Pick Set

01 Apr, 2018
These Guitar picks by Mugig are great they are made of a durable plastic. look nice and play great. the pack comes with 12 picks so it's a great value for the price. The leather case is really nic... more »

We have several guitar players in the family, so this was a must have for us

06 Feb, 2018
My family all enjoy music and almost everyone in my family plays at least one instrument. We have several guitar players in the family, so buying this leather pick holder case full of guitar picks was... more »


24 Jan, 2018

Excellent Picks!

20 Jan, 2018
From my experience, all Mugig products are top quality. Even the smallest of products, their guitar picks! Mugig Guitar Picks Plectrums (Delrin) with Leather Pick Holder Case is an awesome set of... more »

Love these!

13 Jan, 2018
Great for practicing on my guitar. Great value so I don't feel back when I lose one. more »

Picks That Are Going To Last

09 Jan, 2018
These guitar picks are not only bright in color, but they are sturdy plastic that will last. I do not have to worry about them breaking or cracking after just a few uses. I can easily fit all 12 in th... more »

Great quality guitar picks

02 Jan, 2018
Great quality picks. A great gift for that musician in your life. These picks came in a nice small leather case with a key ring for easy keep up. The picks come in various bright colors and have diffe... more »

The perfect gift!

27 Dec, 2017
My Dad loved these! I got them for him as a gift, and he says they are some of the best picks he has ever used. Very durable, colorful, and the perfect size. more »

Sturdy and super handy

26 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Mugig I picked these up for my husband, who is an avid guitarist and can be picky on supplies. He approved of these ones! He loved the variety and absolutely loved th... more »

so cute

26 Dec, 2017
these guitar picks are so cute! they come in about six colors and a few different sizes, some thicker and some small. for 7 dollars for 12 picks and a case, i think thats a steal!!! my favorite i... more »

Gotta Love Options!

26 Dec, 2017
These Mugig Guitar picks are super handy.  I love the option of having so many options of thicknenss and flexibility and keeping everything together is one tiny portable case is the icing on the... more »

Nice Selection of Picks

26 Dec, 2017
This set is a nice collection of picks with a handy leather keyring case. They're color coded by size. It was a great stocking stuffer for my student guitar player. https://www.amazon.com/Mugig-P... more »

My own picks

25 Dec, 2017
I love the idea of all the guitar picks has case and made from different thickness, i will never get lost of picks again more »

Perfect for on the go!

23 Dec, 2017
Guitar picks are a necessity when your daughter is learning to play.  She loses hers constantly.  She just seems to misplace them or they get lost somewhere in the house.  She never rea... more »


23 Dec, 2017
Love the different colors tried them out on the daughters guitar worked good. more »

Great stocking stuffer for a Musician!

22 Dec, 2017
Hubby has nearly a dozen stringed instruments, and is always losing his picks.  I find picks on the bathroom floor, in the washer, the dryer, in the driveway, etc.  I try and return them to... more »

Great item

22 Dec, 2017
My son is very happy with the picks. Love the different sizes and the case so he doesn't lose them.  more »

Very nice guitar picks with leather case!

20 Dec, 2017
I purchased these Mugig guitar picks as a gift for my brother. He has been playing the guitar in church and at family events for many years. I've have heard him say many times that a guitar pick m... more »

Mugig Guitar Picks

19 Dec, 2017
Mugig Guitar Picks are a good quality guitar pick. In this pack you get a variety of thickness and they are color coded for your convenience. You get 12 picks in total two of each thickness. You also... more »

Nice Guitar pick with carrying case!

18 Dec, 2017
Nice Guitar pick with carrying case! more »

Guitar Picks

17 Dec, 2017
I bought this for my nephew for his guitar and it works great and he loves it now he is able to pick away on his electric guitars. more »

Fun Guitar Picks

15 Dec, 2017
This is a very nice set of guitar picks.  It comes with a nice leather keychain pouch to hold them in.  My guiter playing son was excited to recieve them.  I believe they are sturdy for... more »

Guitar Picks

15 Dec, 2017
Guitar Picks are perfect for the musician in your life. These are from Mugig. They come with a triangle leather key chain holder case. Just add them to you key chain and take them with you. You get 12... more »

A must have item

12 Dec, 2017
This is a must have item for any guitarist. The convenient leather case can hook to your key ring, strap, or case for easy access. This set comes with different sizes to accommodate everyone. Very str... more »


12 Dec, 2017
great quality!  more »

Great pricing

11 Dec, 2017
Great pricing- cannot wait for them to arrive more »

Perfect gift for the guitarist!

11 Dec, 2017
These Mugig Guitar Picks make a nice gift for the guitar players stocking. There are twelve of them. They are made of good quality plastic. They are many bright colors, and are of various sizes and t... more »

Really nice set and the case is awesome!

11 Dec, 2017
I am constantly losing my guitar picks and I am pretty sure that is a universal thing. They are just so tiny that they are easily misplaced. This is an awesome set of a bunch of different colors and y... more »

Mugig Guitar Picks Plectrums (Delrin) With Leather Pick Holder Case, Contain 12 Picks Thickness 0.5 / 0.8 / 1 / 1.14 /1,2 mm

10 Dec, 2017
The Mugig Guitar Picks Plectrums (Delrin) come in a set of 12 and includes a nice leather case that snaps shut and has a key ring on it. With six different colors the picks vary in size and thickness... more »


10 Dec, 2017
I was worried that these would come in a bag and be every where but nope they came in a small box when you open the little box their was a key chain and they were all inside of it ..very bright colors... more »

Mugig Guitar Picks Plectrums (Delrin) with Leather Pick Holder Case

08 Dec, 2017
Mugig Guitar Picks Plectrums (Delrin) with Leather Pick Holder Case - This is a must have for any guitar player and would make a great gift.  This guitar pick case is made of leather and is a key... more »

pick holder

07 Dec, 2017
its cool i like it can hold a lot of picks and i easily get to them more »

Great product

07 Dec, 2017
I love these new pics, I like that they come in different colors and thickness so I can experiment with the different tones, they are made from a good sturdy plastic and are labeled to tell you what t... more »


05 Dec, 2017
This is by far the best and well packaged Guitar Picks Plectrums that I have seen.These came beautifully packaged in a leather case which is also a keychain.Inside you will find 12 picks of different... more »

Pic Set With Case

05 Dec, 2017
This is a smart way to purchase your picks, with a nice little carrying case/keyring. With this set of guitar picks you will be sure to have the right size pick with you at all times, there is a set o... more »

So convenient, great for guitar or ukelele players

05 Dec, 2017
This is a great present for my husband who loves to play his guitar. I have a ukelele and these picks are so convenient to have. There are different sizes and mils so lots of choices of picks.  I... more »


04 Dec, 2017
these guitar picks are nice  my son is wanting to learn how to play so this 12 pack is good for him  more »

Perfect to go with ukulele

03 Dec, 2017
Great leather case, and variety of picks and sizes. Love that its a keychain too! My son will just love it to go with his Ukulele. more »

Great Variety

03 Dec, 2017
My son finally found the perfect picks. He likes to change the differant picks to make new sounds. My favorite part is the cute little case that holds them. I am going to clip it to his gutar strap so... more »

Great picks.

03 Dec, 2017
These picks are a very nice quality. I love the leather keychain holder! You cannot go wrong when ordering from this company. The quality and price are outstanding.  more »

Pick Away

03 Dec, 2017
Love the little case that come with the picks.  The picks are just the right assortment for playing a variety of guitars. more »

A Case for All Picks

02 Dec, 2017
This leather pick holder is really neat.  It is made of high quality material.  Looks really nice and works really well.  Comes with 12 picks and holds them nicely.  The pick holde... more »

Great picks for a great price

01 Dec, 2017
  Mugig Mugig Guitar Picks Plectrums (Delrin) with Leather Pick Holder Case, Contain 12 Picks Thickness 0.5 / 0.8 / 1/ 1.14 / 1.2 mm I like the different colors (6 colors 12 picks) they... more »

Great set!

29 Nov, 2017
Awesome set of various guitar picks in a unique and durable holder.  These were perfect for my son.  He loved them.   more »

great buy

28 Nov, 2017
This little package of guitar picks is great. Easy to keep different sizes handy. Will fit easily into pocket or guitar case. Case is sturdy. more »