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Product Information
Antibacterial Silicone Sponges New Design Improved Not Stick Heat Resistant Dishwashing Brush Scrubber for Kitchen Supplies Multi Purpose Fruit Household Cleaning 2 square 1 oval Sponge (Pack of 3)
4.79 / 5   (14 Reviews)
Price: $11.95


OTHER SILICONE SPONGES TAKE MORE EFFORT TO CLEAN. While it is true that sponges with bristled sides require more scrubbing with antibacterial silicone sponges, the stripped side of this new silicone sponge is more effectiv and does not take as much effort as the other sponges.
100%ANTIBACTERIAL SILICONE SPONGE. Smell is a result of bacterie accumulates on the sponge, if there is no stink it also means a lot less bacterie. Just after a few uses you will realize that is no smell compared to the traditional sponge. It is definitely worth it because your health is at stake.
THE OVAL SPONGE IS DESIGNED FOR WASHING GLASSES. Its oval shape is optimale for washing glasses. It is thinner than usual silicone sponges, so there are no points of the glass, which could be unreachable.
MULTI-PURPOSE KITCHEN HELPER. Once you are done with the dish washing, you can safely use the silicone sponges as pot holders or put the dishes on them and leave them to dry.It doesn\'t absorb water, and also is heat resistant.
EASY TO CLEAN, DOESN\'T HOLD BACTERIA & SCRATCH FREE. It will take seconds for you to clean the silicone sponges after you can safely use it on your kitchenwares as the brushes on the sponge is soft and scratch free.


Will never a normal sponge again

09 Sep, 2018
Clearance Antibacterial Silicone Sponges Heat Resistant Dishwashing Brush Scrubber for Kitchen Supplies Multi Purpose Fruit Household Cleaning 2 Square 1 Oval Sponge (Pack of 3) by BaneM Markt &... more »

Antibacterial Sponges

14 Aug, 2018
Great for washing dishes. Easy to clean, no worries about germs.  more »


13 Aug, 2018
This product is so much cleaner to use than a rag or sponge. I no longer feel like i'm spreading moldy germs when I wash my dishes.  more »

great sponges

18 May, 2018
great sponges, good quality, works great, #rankbooster#siliconesponges more »

less messy sponges

16 May, 2018
the bristles are very soft hence good to use with nonstick pans. Can be used as pot holder too. It better works as a pot holder than scrubbing sponge. Only remark is it doesnot scrub as good as regula... more »

Good set.

11 May, 2018
This is a good set of silicone sponges with two different patterns one on each side. They are easy to dry out and do not develop a smell. They can be used on almost any surface and work great on pots... more »

Make the switch!

06 May, 2018
I used to love to cook but I hate to clean up.  I would throw everything in the dishwasher if I could.    And there is nothing more fun that coming home and finding a sink full of dishe... more »

Works great

04 May, 2018
I'm really loving these little sponges, allows me to clean my non-stick pots and pans without the worry of scratching the surface, cleans great, nice size also, very flexible more »

Antibacterial Silicone Sponges

03 May, 2018
Ok, you gotta move your cheese on this one...  They are nothing like your mom's sponges.  But, they work really well and I like them.  I especially like the oval one for washing dis... more »

Healthier way to clean dishes

01 May, 2018
I have been wanting to try silicone scrubbers for quite awhile now. I have tried a few different silicone types of products and have loved them for everything I have gotten them to do. Cooking. Storag... more »

Unique Design

30 Apr, 2018
These are very unique in their design ,So i was hesitant,but decided to try them. I am so glad that I did. They Work! THey hold soap really well and conform to whatever you are cleaning.  more »


28 Apr, 2018
these are great more »

More sanitary and last longer than regular sponges!

26 Apr, 2018
I get frustrated with regular sponges because after a few uses they hold in bacteria and lose their shape.  I wanted to try these silicone sponges because I had heard that they are more sanitary... more »