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toys & games

  • Posted 11 Jul, 2017 | By Tina Berry | Under toys & games
    This is a great fidget spinner, love they style and the color of it. It spins very well and is easy for the kids.  It really helps with anxiety it keeps you busy and for adhd. Spins smoothly and fast and keeps its spin which is great .
  • Posted 11 Jul, 2017 | By Kathy Robinson | Under toys & games
    My pre-teen grandson has started collecting different fidget spinners and only has the plastic ones.  He was thrilled to get this one. Sold by ValueDealGift, this Tri Fidget Hand Spinner is one of the better ones.  It is made of brass and i...
  • Posted 11 Jul, 2017 | By Wendy Hogan | Under toys & games
    I got my nintendo switch case today in the mail. Its perfect. The switch fits perfect in the case. You have room for your games an extra room on the top of the case for extra pieces. The case is heavy duty an seems like If you drop it your switch wil...
  • Posted 10 Jul, 2017 | By Jamie James | Under toys & games
    Very interesting spinner! This is hands-down the coolest spinner I have.   Beautifully constructed, very light-weight gear spinner. Wonderful craftsmanship. I get easily mesmerized watching it spin. At a certain angle it looks like a flowe...
  • Posted 10 Jul, 2017 | By Wendi Trevino | Under toys & games
    #ad cute Christmas gift for the little ones almost identical to the game I use to play as a kid except the shape and cute penguin 
  • Posted 10 Jul, 2017 | By Wendi Trevino | Under toys & games
    Very good quality spinner great price
  • Posted 09 Jul, 2017 | By Samantha Luecke | Under toys & games
    This spinner was packaged great and got here fast. The light really pops under a black light. It spins extremely well and size is perfect. You cannot go wrong with this aweosme looking spinner! My nephew is going to love this! Now to find a glitter o...
  • Posted 09 Jul, 2017 | By Michelle Hardisty | Under toys & games
    My daughter collects squishies and we've had some good and bad experiences with our online purchases. first let me say, this is now my daughters favorite squishy. When itt arrived we prepared ourselves for a strong chemical  smell, what...
  • Posted 08 Jul, 2017 | By Christopher Hinampas | Under toys & games
    After reading all the reviews I must admit I was concerned about the quality of the item I was going to receive, but then they came (I ordered 2, one for my hubby and one for me ), the spinners were the new updated product, auto lights up, which turn...