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toys & games

  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Melissa Warren | Under toys & games
    We ised these for a birthday party. They lit up nicely and the kids loved them. The best part was when they accidently flew away. They looked beautiful flashing different colors in the night sky! 
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Shanna Allen | Under toys & games
    I love these. They are cute and I like the sounds it makes when they press together.  #rank-booster
  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Dale Fernandez | Under toys & games
     The kids absolutely love this hover ball. The dog likes it too, lol. This toy keeps them busy for awhile.  It hovers nice and glides across the floor. Great gift for your kids. I am so happy I bought it. Now all the neighbor kids want one....
  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Jeanette Ramberg | Under toys & games
    Kids think they are cool. Hope they lasts well. Fun to mess with.
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Jeanette Ramberg | Under toys & games
    Haven't heard from his mom yet, but assume he is getting a kick out of this toy.
  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Charli S | Under toys & games
    This Spanish- Lingo Playing Cards Language Learning Game Set is awesome it has a lot of useful words and phrases. You can learn while you play or use them like flash cards. They are standard size playing cards. The box is fun colors too. Good qu...
  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Donia Gonzales-Copeland | Under toys & games
    Pretend Play Makeup Vanity Set Little Girls Princess Fashion Toy 21 Pcs with Carry Case Birthday Gift for Kids above 3 Years Old,Pink .  This is going to be a Christmas gift.
  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Jackie Sandlin | Under toys & games
    This is so soothing to fidget with. The flipping action is very smooth and quiet. It’s lightweight and the colors are pretty. It’s great to fidget with while watching TV. Mindless but oh so soothing. Good thing I got the 2 pack because ev...
  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Carol Green | Under toys & games
    My grandkids love these rings. I showed them how to hold their arms up and have the hoops run down them, then gently put their arms slowly down and have the hoops run the other way to see them roll again. Then we got a broomstick and rolled the hoops...
  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Lisa Riemersma | Under toys & games
    Two pack Spring Toy comes in a rainbow color and a silver color. Very addicting to play with. Grandboy loves them!