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sports & outdoors

  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 14 Aug, 2017 | By Eva Connover | Under sports & outdoors
    This bucket blew my mind, this is a must keep in the car just in case. It comes in it's own zippered bag, it collapses flat so it takes no space and the material is heavy-duty.  I just wish it was a couple of inches deeper, as is its no...
  • Posted 14 Aug, 2017 | By Oliver Capellan | Under sports & outdoors
      Comes in a case has a unique and beautiful design meets your specifications. It is lightweight and of good use. Its color I love and it is of good quality.
  • Posted 14 Aug, 2017 | By Kathy Robinson | Under sports & outdoors
    I am going to be spending some extended time with my Dad in West Texas. It is hot and sunny there. Having had skin cancer on my head, I needed a hat to completely protect my head, neck and face. This 360° UV protection Sun Cap, Dolida Flap Hat by...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 14 Aug, 2017 | By Emily A Aksamit | Under sports & outdoors
    These are a complete life saver! My daughter has very sensitive skin and I'm so leery of putting anything on her but dear lord if she get bit by a bug you hear about it for WEEKS. Why? Bug bites heal in just days?! Yes yes they do... But for my c...
  • Posted 14 Aug, 2017 | By Becky Espy | Under sports & outdoors
    This is a workout headband that I got to keep my ears covered while running.  I get earaches from the wind.  It worked perfectly for that and I like how it is reversible so matches more of my clothes.
  • Posted 13 Aug, 2017 | By Rachel Farrell | Under sports & outdoors
    This is a men's cotton pair of socks by Aiyuda .These are described as quarter length, I feel they are a crew length with a little extra. These come up to a very comfortable length on the ankles. These have lots of padding. The socks fit my husba...
  • Posted 13 Aug, 2017 | By Rachel Farrell | Under sports & outdoors
    I am glad I got these googles from Suwoic for my daughter to wear during her triathlon. She really likes the dual band to keep these secure on the head. There is a snap to keep these on the swim cap. These have a reflective eye area to help with the...
  • Posted 13 Aug, 2017 | By Rachel Farrell | Under sports & outdoors
    This is a set of two armbands from LENPOW for wear during your workouts. There is a lime green and ink one in this set. These fit my iPhone 7 plus and the phone works while it is in the armband. I can answer the phone and push the buttons. There is a...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 13 Aug, 2017 | By Jamie James | Under sports & outdoors
    This Fanny Pack, as ridiculous as it may look, is somewhat genius- the perfect buddy to hold all my stuff, & it can hold a quite a bit! I get the best use out of this when I go to my nephews baseball games. & It's the greatest thing to...
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 13 Aug, 2017 | By Chinh Nguyen | Under sports & outdoors
     It has a fun, very pleasant. It seems light and soft.we like it