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pet supplies

  • Posted 20 Jul, 2017 | By Heather Jones | Under pet supplies
    When I gave my dogs these rope bone toys they started playing with them right and have not stopped playing with them since. They throw them around, chew on it and love when you play tug of war with them. These ropes are made very well. They are reall...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 19 Jul, 2017 | By Jackie Wendt | Under pet supplies
    This dog / cat summer black t-shirt is perfect for  the smaller bred or for a puppy . Is durably made from a cotton blend with all the stitching  being very durably done as well . There is four different sizes this dog / cat comes ...
  • Ty

    5.00 / 5
    Posted 16 Jul, 2017 | By Buffie Henderson | Under pet supplies
    Very good  quality however my dog was allergic to it so he dident get to use it for to long. But smells like lemon and very sturdy comes in a little round tin that smells just like the product. 
  • Posted 16 Jul, 2017 | By Amelia Benton | Under pet supplies
    So in love with this fountain! More importantly, my cats love this fountain. I keep trying to get pictures of them being adorable with it, but they won't cooperate. Big surprise, right? I originally got a fountain from Petco because one of my...
  • Posted 15 Jul, 2017 | By Reneby | Under pet supplies
    I have a white and black pitt bull that loves to shed everywhere.  I always love taking him up north, but now I do not have to worry about my seats. I love love love this product.  Great for my car. 
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 14 Jul, 2017 | By Dawn Files | Under pet supplies
    I am so happy with this purchase! This leash is reflective for night walks, it stretches (bungee) so you don't hurt your dog when he/she pulls. The waist belt is adjustable. And, my favorite part is it's hands free! I love that I can take my...
  • Posted 13 Jul, 2017 | By Barbie Glass | Under pet supplies
    These are great for my hampsters teeth. They allow them to chew witout destroying their cage and or food bowls. These are a great natural way to keep their teeth from getting to long and causing health issues.
  • Posted 13 Jul, 2017 | By Barbie Glass | Under pet supplies
    These clippers are great. They make it easier to trim my yorkies nails without the hassel of fighting with them. They even have a locking mechanisim on them to keep little kids from getting hurt with them. I always use my clipper right after Allies b...
  • Posted 13 Jul, 2017 | By Cindy Rodger | Under pet supplies
    I bought this nifty thing on Amazon at Was a bit sceptical about getting this as we had an older vertion of something like this that the dogs just hated. To my surprise the dog...