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pet supplies

  • Posted 19 Jun, 2018 | By Heather Nelson | Under pet supplies
    These dog toys came in excellent condition. The amount was correct and the bowl was in excellent condition. Highly recommend this buyer. 
  • Fun

    4.00 / 5
    Posted 19 Jun, 2018 | By Eva Connover | Under pet supplies
    I got this so the dog gets some fun out of getting snacks, she is motivated to play because she knows she will get a goodie at some point in the game. As she is getting older this keeps her active and playful. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Petgin...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 18 Jun, 2018 | By Teresa Kick | Under pet supplies
    This should really help with our grooming bills once we get the hang of it. The clippers have a guard so you don’t cut too far, and the grinder to smooth the nail.  #Rankboosterreview. #Sponcered. #Wowgo WOWGO Upgraded Pet Nail Grind...
  • Posted 18 Jun, 2018 | By Michael Knutson | Under pet supplies
    Animals are like children, they need to be entertained.  My dog loves playing with her toys.  She has a pink flamingo with a squeaker that she has had since a puppy, that thing goes everywhere with her.  One thing we have not given her...
  • Posted 17 Jun, 2018 | By ANGEL MCH | Under pet supplies
    Dogs really like them. . .  But we keep needing to tie the ends back up. #rankboosterreview  #Sponsored  # WOOF EXPRESS Dog Rope Chew Toy for Pets
  • Posted 16 Jun, 2018 | By Trisha Smith | Under pet supplies
    My dogs are heavy chewers. They can destroy almost any dog toy in a few seconds. My giant breed English Mastiff normally is good with her toys and will take care of them for a few weeks before she gets the uncontrollable itch to chew them to shreds....
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 16 Jun, 2018 | By Sally Thompson | Under pet supplies
    A good set for the most spoiled dog in the world. My little guy is only 9 pounds, so these are going to last him a long time. However, my dog has a lab that weighs nearly as much as me. He tears through everything I give him. These are doing alright...
  • Posted 16 Jun, 2018 | By Dorothy Johnson | Under pet supplies
    First of all, it's a set of 5 and comes with a pop up bowl.  So ou really get a lot for yyour money.  The rope is surdy and everything is made well.  Most important my dogs love them.
  • Posted 16 Jun, 2018 | By Jessica Spurr | Under pet supplies
    I have a leonberger which is a VERY large dog and the collar fits nice on him.  It is thinner in width that some larger collars, which I like, since it is used more to show he is owned, rather than for something to walk him with.  I like th...