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musical instruments

  • Posted 22 Oct, 2018 | By Patricia Soule | Under musical instruments
    This thing works really well! Perfect when you need to be heard! Excellent sound quality as well! A+ I definitely recommend. A+
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 22 Oct, 2018 | By Shanna Allen | Under musical instruments
    Very good quality. I love that it doesn't use batteries. Easier to just charge it. It comes with two mics. It gets really good sound. I am also albe to listen to fm radio. #rank-booster
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 21 Oct, 2018 | By Mark Wood | Under musical instruments
    I love this voice amplifier! It's lightweight, easy to use, has good volume ! It is just amazing. It's very loud and battery last for hours. Overall I am very satisfied with this speaker and I absolutely think this is the BEST voice amplifier...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 21 Oct, 2018 | By Toni Jensen | Under musical instruments
    If you are a teacher or a speaker of any kind this is great for you! This is a voice amplifier. It clips on your pants or belt and then the mic clips on your shirt. You turn it on and it amplifies your voice so you don't have to yell or try...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 20 Oct, 2018 | By Anastasia Kruh | Under musical instruments
    The device works very well. I just used it for a presentation in a fairly large room to a group of 80 people, and it boosted my weak voice nicely without feedback, which was my only concern. The device ran at full volume for an hour lecture, and seem...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 19 Oct, 2018 | By Sharon Farris | Under musical instruments
    This voice amplifier speaker has two microphones, a headset mic and a lapel mic.  It is a clever little device that is very loud and clear for any teacher, clergy or tour guide.  It is light weight so you would hardly notice it on and it wo...
  • Posted 19 Oct, 2018 | By Candace Penn | Under musical instruments
    This was a new instrument for me and so everything is something I'm experiencing for the first time. I'm not an expert at it by far but it's in tune and it doesn't take much to strike the keys  The sound was clear and not anno...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 19 Oct, 2018 | By Iryna Iryna | Under musical instruments
    I love this miniture design! It's great! Fits well and stays put really nicely. Produces great sound and I love cordless charger!
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 17 Oct, 2018 | By James K | Under musical instruments
    Very nice quality! Comes beautifully wrapped and packed, and will be a great addition to other musical instruments! #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #bindor
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 16 Oct, 2018 | By Karla Carter | Under musical instruments
    This is the first one I miss the size, because I was too excited.  All it good, just the size is smaller than what I thought. Please make sure it's the right size you want before you buy it.