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household supplies

  • Posted 02 Feb, 2019 | By Mit Patel | Under household supplies
    The rollers are really nice and sturdy. It came with multiple replacement rolls to. It removed lints really well. Quite happy with the purchase.
  • Posted 01 Feb, 2019 | By Trisha Smith | Under household supplies
    When you have pets, you have a lot of hair. I thought that having short haired dogs would be better than long haired dogs because they didn't need as much grooming, hence less hair. WRONG. I feel like some days I can sweep the floor and make a wh...
  • Posted 30 Jan, 2019 | By Kay Bow | Under household supplies
    These straws work great. I'm trying really hard to elimate single use plastic items from my life and plastic straws are a big one. 8 of them come in a pack, which is awesome. Because I can stash them everywhere. I keep a couple in my car, house,...
  • Posted 29 Jan, 2019 | By Stacey Caris | Under household supplies
    These are really thin- about 1/4 smaller than normal straws as far as width. The color is nice, but I'm thinking it will chip off quickly when washed. The concept is great, but when you drink something cold, the straw gets SO cold it hurts. 
  • Posted 24 Jan, 2019 | By Marlene A Green Cooper | Under household supplies
    I purchased this set of 8 stainless steel 8.5 inch straws by LKZAIY as a way to help the environment. These come in a nice reusable drawstring muslin cotton bag with 2 cleaning brushes. You get 4 straight rainbow colored stainless steel brushes and 4...
  • Posted 23 Jan, 2019 | By Sherri Jackson | Under household supplies
    I don't know about anyone else but my black pants just suck up every piece of lint within 20 miles of me. It's a problem that drives me crazy. What I needed was a good lint remover but everything I'd purchased to date just didn't do t...
  • Posted 19 Jan, 2019 | By Tommy Simmons | Under household supplies
    This will be the future of straws, they are going to do away with the plastic straws all together. This is your solution. Comes with cleaners too!! Awesome,!!
  • Posted 13 Jan, 2019 | By Marlene A Green Cooper | Under household supplies
    I absolutely love, love, love this wet dry mop by Boomjoy. First of all putting this together was very simple. I also absolutely love that I'm no longer throwing away pads by using the reusable microfiber pad. I also love how well it sprays...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 11 Jan, 2019 | By Bonnie Cole | Under household supplies
    Fast shipping on this high quality spray mop. It has multiple uses and is wasy to use!. I am very pleased with my purchase. https://www.amazon.com/BOOMJOY-Microfiber-Hardwood-Professional-Reusable/dp/B07GPMWMQ5 #rankboosterreview #sponsored #...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 10 Jan, 2019 | By Melissa Tipton | Under household supplies
    So much better for the environment! I hope more people start using this type of straw and cut back on plastic products! #rankboosterreview