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home & kitchen

  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 21 Mar, 2019 | By Sara Martinez | Under home & kitchen
    Geniales porque aguantan un monton
  • Posted 21 Mar, 2019 | By Celines Delval | Under home & kitchen
    well I opened the package and place little corn on the bottom and followed instructions. And wow it worked fine. I put 2 minutes and it came perfect. The ones I used in the past were in bags and they burned all the time, but this product cooked the c...
  • Posted 21 Mar, 2019 | By Liza Beth | Under home & kitchen
    My daughter loves to help me cook so these small silicone spatulas are the perfect size for us. They are made from food grade silicone and are a one piece design so there are no seams for food to get stuck in which makes it easier to get them clean....
  • Posted 21 Mar, 2019 | By Claire Cox | Under home & kitchen
    I have got a kitchen full of cookery gadgets, I bought this as I thought it would be a fun present for my daughters birthday.  I am so pleased by how small and neat this is when it’s packed away, and it is good to know that the snacks made...
  • Posted 21 Mar, 2019 | By Darlene Jackson | Under home & kitchen
    Very great product and I love it,  these Frozen Ice Ball Maker are great for entertaining and great for parties. I Love It 
  • Posted 21 Mar, 2019 | By Glenn Dunlap | Under home & kitchen
    Make your home look good with these while they work to give you a pleasent  aroma. The lavander is great for the bedroom as it provides a relaxing effect to aid in a better sleep. I fall asleep so much easier since I started using them. I l...
  • Posted 20 Mar, 2019 | By Jack Brown | Under home & kitchen
    I used to be the "Garlic Press and Peeler Kit" for my wife, cause she doesn't enjoy doing that too much(actually, no one likes to do that, because it's time consuming by just using hands and knife). This kit saves my life, gets the...
  • Posted 20 Mar, 2019 | By Alan H Snider | Under home & kitchen
    A wonderful device that tells you temperature and humidity, both indoors and outdoors, by using a battery operated outdoor sensor. The sensor is NOT weatherproof, so it must be mounted where it will be protected from rain, etc. Still, it works great....
  • Posted 20 Mar, 2019 | By katie price | Under home & kitchen
    No batteries or charging - makes it convenient to take with you on the go or keep it in your car or RV!
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 20 Mar, 2019 | By Sylena Williams | Under home & kitchen
    this holds my bags in place until I need them ...