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grocery & gourmet food

  • Posted 18 Mar, 2018 | By Kimberly Jones | Under grocery & gourmet food
    Weight Loss Detox Tea - Best 14 Day Teatox By Zen Organics® Free eBook https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MDNCEC3?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf This tea works so far it does what it says its going to and I was surprised at the taste I thought it was going to have...
  • Posted 08 Mar, 2018 | By Glenda Mills | Under grocery & gourmet food
    This is a great product but you have to drink lots and lots of water. I love the product though it makes me feel less hungry and I fill like I am getting healthier. 
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 06 Mar, 2018 | By mike mike | Under grocery & gourmet food
    I have a keureg 200. These work perfectly! I had no idea the pre made didn't degrade and end up just filling up the landfills. Perfect if you want to reduce your carbon imprint. Much more practical as far as cost and you can pick your own coffee...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 05 Mar, 2018 | By Paul Dennis | Under grocery & gourmet food
    Feels really good drinking and knowing that this tea gives you health benefits including helping you lose some of your unwanted weight. The pack is designed to last for 14 days although your mileage may vary as you might consume more than it’s...
  • Posted 03 Mar, 2018 | By Trisha Smith | Under grocery & gourmet food
    I am not a huge tea drinker, but do enjoy having some every  now and then. When I saw that I could get the detox benefits AND weight loss in a tea, I figured I could try it out daily for two weeks and see how it goes.  I love the fact this...
  • Posted 28 Feb, 2018 | By Janet Wall | Under grocery & gourmet food
    The first thing I noticed when opening the tea pouch was how fresh and sweet it smelled. All of the ingredients were fresh looking ; it really is a beautiful tea blend. I love the silicone and metal tea infuser that comes with this tea. It is easy to...
  • YUM

    5.00 / 5
    Posted 27 Feb, 2018 | By Michelle Jenkins | Under grocery & gourmet food
    Just get some and eat it.  It's freaking delicious!  Ommmmm nommmm nommmm!
  • Posted 19 Feb, 2018 | By Sally Thompson | Under grocery & gourmet food
    This is just pretty delish! It’s not overly sweet, they’ve used the natural sweetness of the ingredients combined with honey and it works. Very filling. The clusters are not too large, so they’re not difficult to chew up. A nice amo...
  • Posted 18 Feb, 2018 | By Braxton Jensen | Under grocery & gourmet food
    This cereal is great! I absolutely love this cereal, it has so many different nuts and seeds and tastes amazing. For being paleo, gluten free and grain free you expect it to not taste that good, but it is really good.   More info: Ce...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 18 Feb, 2018 | By Michael Kidd | Under grocery & gourmet food
    Absolutely delicious and makes a great snack. A little serving of this really packs in a lot of nutrition, making it well worth the money. It’s also great in yogurt to make a lunch full of nutrition. I bought two deferent kinds of the clean pal...