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grocery & gourmet food

  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 26 Nov, 2017 | By Dreama Wallace | Under grocery & gourmet food
    Perfect quality set of Kcups for any coffee lover. If you love great tasting quality thrn grab these. They do not stop up like most and are amazing quality. Their made of stainless steel to keep down corrosion and build up from hard water. They are v...
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 25 Nov, 2017 | By Mary Hogencamp | Under grocery & gourmet food
    i like how you can reuse them and they are fba and they are easy to clean and reuse them 
  • Posted 25 Nov, 2017 | By Stephanie Mackey | Under grocery & gourmet food
    these k cups are the perfect stocking stuffer for my husband’s Christmas gift this year!!!! They seal well, work well, and are perfect for using our own coffee in our machine!
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 24 Nov, 2017 | By Kathy Schrader | Under grocery & gourmet food
    NICE FILTER PODS. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsered
  • Posted 23 Nov, 2017 | By w Sean | Under grocery & gourmet food
  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Samana's Goods This set of 4 Reusable Single Cups for Keurig, Breville, Mr. Coffee and/or...
  • Posted 22 Nov, 2017 | By Delilah Demeaner | Under grocery & gourmet food
    When I first wake up, the first thing on my mind is coffee.  I need it and don't want any conversation until I have had several cups.  If somebody around me hasn't finished theirs by the time I have downed mine, most likely their co...
  • Posted 21 Nov, 2017 | By Marion Botello | Under grocery & gourmet food
…/…/B0773BRJTR These reusable Keurig coffee filters are a great way to save money and still use you Keurig daily. These reusable Keurig cups are made very well of durable materials. I am ve...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 18 Nov, 2017 | By Sylena Williams | Under grocery & gourmet food
    works great for me
  • Posted 18 Nov, 2017 | By Jayson Williams | Under grocery & gourmet food
    If you are an avid coffee drinker like I am, then using the expensive pods all of the time can get costly. This is the answer to save you money. You are able to fill your own pod with your favorite coffee and drink to your hearts content. A note thou...