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grocery & gourmet food

  • Posted 17 Aug, 2018 | By Conny Withay | Under grocery & gourmet food
    ~ What ~ Made of all natural ingredients, this pack contains 20 pyramid-shaped individual tea bags filled with organic oolong tea with a classic fragrance style from the high mountains of Taiwan. Although the packaging contains nutritional facts, no...
  • Posted 14 Aug, 2018 | By Bobbett Jascor | Under grocery & gourmet food
    I was nicely surprised that this tea is so delicious. Now, I'm not normally a hot tea drinker in the summertime, but our nights have been getting a little cooler and I've been a bit depressed, so I really needed a cup of tea with honey to...
  • Posted 13 Aug, 2018 | By Kimberly Jones | Under grocery & gourmet food
 I got this exquisite tea in excellent condition its ooglong black tea and it tastes great I like to drink it at the end of the night or mid day but I can also drink coffee and hav...
  • Posted 12 Aug, 2018 | By Tina Sicilia | Under grocery & gourmet food
    Has a sweet aroma and taste. It helps me to relax. I enjoy a cup before bed just to unwind from my day, I greatly enjoy this tea.
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 08 Aug, 2018 | By Stephanie Carter | Under grocery & gourmet food
    I like the taste of the tea, however, I would need more time to see what benefits come from it other than just a relaxing cup of freshly steeped tea. 
  • Posted 07 Aug, 2018 | By ting yee | Under grocery & gourmet food
    One of my favorite tea beside Oolong is this High mountian Ali Shan Lishan tea. I think this taste stronger than the regular Oolong and is benefits is endless. Price is ok which i think for this type of organic tea. Great for gift to your tea freind....
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 07 Aug, 2018 | By ting yee | Under grocery & gourmet food
    Great Oolong Tea. I love tea and am a tea drinkers for a long time. Chinese you know, without tea is like without having a rice for one meal. Tea is very good for you health. and paritcuiarly oolong, Chinese black tea, so many beneifits you can get i...