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  • Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By Natalie KLIMCHUK | Under electronics
    I bought this as a christmas gift, it comes in nice box, product if not too small not too big.
  • Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By JST2018 | Under electronics
    I have an 8 year old car and one of the major challenges I had was with the the handsfree feature no longer working. This was due to the bluetooth version in my car being older and not compatible with the newer phones. I got this product as a device...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By Melissa Tipton | Under electronics
    Really great quality airpod case, plus the price is competitive as well. #rankboosterreview 
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By SHARON Spellman | Under electronics
    I got these for my grandson for Christmas, I did check them out. They are lightweight and feel they are made well. I like that they are waterproof They provide a clear picture HIgh powered
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By Dawn Johnson | Under electronics
    this screen protector is a life saver. Getting this to replace the one that got ruined. Now sure what happened but if the screen protector was not on the iPad the screen would look like a baseball was thrown at it. 
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By Nichole Brezina | Under electronics
    It seems as if my 2 children are always needing headphones and not any headphones, they like earphones that are designed like apple headphones. So, when I came across these, I jumped on them. The day I received these, my daughter took one and used it...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By Lat Oya | Under electronics
    Great for various electronics!
  • Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By Pamela Logullo | Under electronics
    It's already getting cold enough here that I need my 360s.  I use them instead of ear muffs, that go over your head.  They don't mess your hair as bad.  These are designed like 360s because they go behind your head and cover yo...
  • Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By Pamela Logullo | Under electronics
    I use these for everything, not just wires and cords.  You can join several of them together to make a longer tie and can fasten a lot of different things.  I keep them in my decorating kit because instead of using a regular plastice wire t...
  • Posted 23 Oct, 2018 | By Amelia Frazier | Under electronics
    I love my mini fan it comes in handy on those nights when every one else is cold I’m from Florida where  we still have a fan running in the winter. Anywho it has 3 speeds and comes with a stand and a usb charger. It actually puts out a go...