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  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 21 Oct, 2018 | By BRIAN WALKER | Under appliances
    I love to cook.  One of the frustrations with cooking is losing utensils between the stove and counter.  Another is having to clean food debris from the same place.  These silicone covers eliminate those problems.  #RankBoost...
  • Posted 19 Oct, 2018 | By Sharon Newsome | Under appliances
    I like that this covers up the crack between the counter and the city. I do wish that it came with some double stick tape so that it won't slide around. Although it's a good deal
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 19 Oct, 2018 | By Theresa Manning-Jackson | Under appliances
    lays flat, easy to trim to size
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 15 Oct, 2018 | By Tamara dcosta | Under appliances
    I received these today and put them to use while cooking dinner. They are a absolute must. I love how the sides do not lift from the counter to the stove. I'm always dropping my spatula or cooking Spoons on the side. The material is very fir...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 04 Oct, 2018 | By Ramadasa Jivatma | Under appliances
    Simple idea that I am hoping works because I eat a lot of veggies and hate when they go bad after just a few days. I only needed two of these and they fit perfectly in my veg drawer. I also gave two to my mum. So far, they are working as described an...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 03 Oct, 2018 | By Harbatera Amz | Under appliances
    This is an excellent product. It is helpful and very well organize. I really like it because it is good for refrigerator shelf and it keeps the fruits and veggies fresh.  Great item and a good quality product. 
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 27 Sep, 2018 | By Jeanette Ramberg | Under appliances
    These honestly make a big difference in how well your vegetables last.
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 27 Sep, 2018 | By deepu | Under appliances
    Good quality and perfect size
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 24 Sep, 2018 | By Dorothy Johnson | Under appliances
    Works great and easy to clean.