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  • Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Chastity Johnson | Under tools & home improvement
    Easy to install. Just as the picture, it's going to captivate and spark conversation from all who see it. High quality, it's gonna last. Ive so many ideas, im redecorating my room around this light fixture. 
  • Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Louise Bermingham | Under home & garden
    I love this thermometer.  I am one of thoes people that when cooking poultry or meat i always slice into to it to ensure its cooked properly, now i dont have to as i can easily prob them.   The probe is very easy to use with a very cl...
  • Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Chastity Johnson | Under home & kitchen
    It's amazing what having the tools on hand for the task can make a difference in quality as well as enjoying the process. Cupcakes used to be tedious, mundane, and very time consuming. Not anymore. Everything you need to make basic or filled and...
  • Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Chastity Johnson | Under patio
    I am so excited i found this pump. Water and electrical components, had stopped my backyard fountain progress. Since purchasing this i have set it up twice now. Im amazed at the quality and the ease of use. It may appear small however it is very powe...
  • Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Ashley Burgess | Under beauty & personal care
    So I want to start with a little back story. I have had migraines since I was six. I have recently developed some scary new symptoms. It always happens at night. I wake up with excruciating pain, I am extremely hot, and nauseous. I read online that t...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Debra Young | Under home & kitchen
    This is a really large Ultra thin and if used as a mosquito net you do not have to worry about any bugs flying through the screen. It is very well made and is beautiful hanging around or even over the bed. I use my nets with Hammocks, so when we are...
  • Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Angelique Drenovas | Under electronics
    this is very nice. my son loves to watch videos on you tube so i got him this 10 foot cord for his headphones he can sit on the computer and still be able to move around without having to  pull the cord out of his headphones. 
  • 3.00 / 5
    Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Angelique Drenovas | Under health & household
    it's ok but it only fits on my little finfer and the cigarettes fall out very easly 
  • Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Dominik Gold | Under küche
    Ich habe ein Netz für meine Feinwäsche gesucht und bin hier fündig geworden. Das Netz ist qualitativ sehr gut und die verarbeitung ist sehr hochwertig. Anfangs richt es leicht was aber in ein paar Stunden im freien vergeht. D...
  • Posted 22 Jul, 2017 | By Viacheslav Fursa | Under cell phones & accessories
    Hello! This is my opinion on Bluetooth Headphones. Delivery was fast. I liked the packaging and quality of cardboard. Nice design. Inside the case is a convenient instruction and feedback from the seller. In the case are two sets of rubber tabs. They...