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  • Posted 07 Dec, 2017 | By Brandy Beayon | Under beauty & personal care
    First thing I noticed was the quality of the tweezers. I use tweezers everyday for my art and these tweezers have an amazing grip.  The scissors cut nice but are not super durable.  
  • Posted 07 Dec, 2017 | By Jaybe | Under sports & outdoors
    KingCamp Duck Down Ultralight Compact -4F & 10.4F Sleeping Bag Female Comfort: 7 Degree C / 44.6 Degree F  Male Comfort: 2 Degree C / 35.6 Degree F  Extreme (Not lower than this): -12 Degree C / 10.4 Degree F  This is an exce...
  • Posted 07 Dec, 2017 | By Holly Mergogey | Under home & kitchen
    Naisidier Naisidier LED Photo Clip String Lights With 50 Clips USB Powered Fairy Lights Home Decor Lights for Hanging Photos, Cards and Artwork(16.4 Ft, Warm White) This is USB powered 50 clips and it’s 16.4ft long, you can use to pictur...
  • Posted 07 Dec, 2017 | By Paul Dennis | Under musical instruments
    Small and very portable mini guitar amplifier with variable knobs to adjust the sound quality to your liking. You no longer have to disturb your parents nor your neighbor for playing your electric guitar at full blast as you can hear it yourself by u...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 07 Dec, 2017 | By Paul Dennis | Under electronics
    Very versatile screw driver tool kit to service any kind of device that you own whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic. You will be able to open it up with no problems and easily with the help of interchangeable screw drive...
  • Posted 07 Dec, 2017 | By Shirlee Hunter | Under health & household
    Silicone Cleaning Washing Brush Scrubbers.....   just got these today and had to try them right away.  they are WONDERFUL.  well worth the money.  
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 07 Dec, 2017 | By Dawn Johnson | Under clothing
    Love the color and the material of the dress. I love the hidden pockets. You can’t even tell there are pockets. The sell is great and shipped very fast. Will definitely buy from the again and the dress in another color. 
  • Posted 06 Dec, 2017 | By Michael Doll | Under cell phones & accessories
    This like another, "armor"cases for your phone, will protect your phone from life. This one does it cheaper. With a silicone rubber inner body and a harder, blue, outer body you dont have to worry about drops. The phone has dust protection...
  • Posted 06 Dec, 2017 | By gwenaelle kerrello | Under garten
    Ces petites pinces sont idéales pour la couture. J'en avais marre d'utiliser les aiguilles. Je me pique avec sans cesse ou elles se plient. Là J'ai pu faire mon ourlet de jeans a la machine à coudre sans que le tis...
  • Posted 06 Dec, 2017 | By Michael Doll | Under electronics
    These USB-C cables a great, fast charging and with the nylon coating should last for years. I hate when you use a cable only to find it broken. these seem much stronger then the standard plastic cables, I'm happy with this purchase. #Awire #RankB...